Top 6 Best 2015 Fastpitch Softball Bats (Reviews & Buying Guide)

If you are a parent you should know to buy best 2015 fastpitch softball bats for your daughter. It will allow her to do her best game. A more expensive bat means more flexibility, durability, more power in the hit and a better game. Fastpitch softball bats 2015 are usually used in Fastpitch Leagues by girls from age 5 up to professional players (this is why they are also called girls softball bats). They can be made from aluminum, composite materials and a combination between these two which is usually called Half and Half.

Regardless of which type of bat you choose to use , you always need to check if the bat is approved by the League your daughter or you are playing in. I am sure that you already know by now but in case you don’t the bat needs to fit the player’s height perfectly. The bat needs to fit perfectly in your hand as a player and it doesn’t have to feel heavy or out of balance. Only when you found the perfect bat that you can consider an extension of your body, you will be able to take some amazing swings and hit that ball far and strong. Even the best fastpitch softball bat needs a little bit of breaking in from the player. This means that you need to use the bat during practice so you get used to it and find its sweet spots before bringing it into a serious game. There are bats that don’t require a lot of practice before a game and there are bats that need more attention from you in order to break it in. It all depends on the bat and your will to use the bat as fast as possible in a game. 2015 marked the birth of softball fastpitch bats, right? Let’s explore with Gondeee

Types of Fastpitch Softball Bats

According to the material they are built from, there are 3 types of bats:

  • made from aluminum which are great for beginners and practice.
  • made from composite material which are usually kept for big games and professional players.
  • half and half bats which are made from a combination of aluminum and composite material. These are actually the new hit in the world of softball bats.

Besides being a difference between the materials they are built from, bats also can be categorized in two other classes according to the way they are built:

  • One piece softball bats
  • Two piece softball bats

The one piece bats are made from the same material from the barrel to the handle which allows the bat to be stronger and stiffer. This bat is generally designed for power hitters who don’t need any flexibility in their bats and can cope with the vibrations in the handle.

A two piece bat is actually made from two pieces: the barrel and the handle. This is a bat with a lot of flexibility at the point of impact and it creates the most amazing trampoline effects ever. They also have fewer vibrations when the ball hits the bat due to this separation. As you can imagine, one piece bats vibrate pretty hard and they need a sturdy hand to keep them in place.

What Customers is this Product for?

Best 2015 fastpitch softball bat reviews recommend this type of bat for girls who developed a passion for softball. This type of bat can be used from the age of 5 up to college age and even further.

Players say that once you get used to a certain type of bat it’s hard to switch sides especially that these are the best fastpitch bats to use. Select the bat according to your needs and size you will not regret the choice you made.

Advantages of using the Best Fastpitch Softball Bat

More than 36 million U.S. kids are engaged in sports activities every year. Baseball and softball are top choices for kids across the country. With so much competition, many kids are looking for ways to help improve their performance. During practices, shaved bats can help kids vastly improve their overall game skills. Here are three main advantages to using fastpitch softball bats

  • You will see an improvement in your game as soon as you manage to break in the bat. You will be able to hit the ball with much more force which will lead to a longer flight of the ball.
  • A good fastpitch softball bat is going to challenge you to improve your swing and your hits. You are going to want to make that perfect hit as many times as possible.
  • Durability: a good fastpitch softball bat is durable and you won’t see it break in two pieces on the field while you are playing. They are made to be resistant and they can sustain great forces.
  • Big sweet spots: on a fastpitch softball bat you must have massive sweet spots. This way the bat has its own role in making that hit so great.

How to Choose the Best Fastpitch Softball Bat for You

There are a few things you need to take in consideration when choosing the softball bat for your activity:

  • Weight: you need just the right weight for you and, in order to determine this, you have to swing a few bats. Choose the one that you feel more comfortable with. As a rule of thumb, stronger players should use heavier bats that maximize their strength and smaller players should use lighter bats which allow greater speed.
  • Length: this is the other factor that if you get right will make your bat the most amazing one of all times. A longer bat gives you the possibility to reach the ball better but longer doesn’t always mean better. A longer bat will be heavier so just like when you choose the weight test the length with a few swings.
  • Is it good enough for the League? Each League has its own requirements so read them first and then go bat shopping
  • Feel: the bat needs to feel right in your hands. It’s not an exact science but you must trust your feel in order to choose the right bat for you.

I know that when buying in any industry, customers often set criteria for their target products, perhaps you are no exception. So do you evaluate similar to the criteria set by Gondeee? Let’s watch:

  • Brand: This is the first factor that comes to mind when choosing the best softball bat. We have to evaluate which are the big brands in this market. Because big brands are often given priority over their branding and build customer reputation over the long term. That is why we choose brands as the first criterion to buy a product.
  • Price: many will probably be very interested in this. Because a low-value product cannot have a high price tag. We are all wise customers, can we not turn ourselves into puppets of uncivilized sellers and deceive the value of products? Rest assured because Gondeee has selected products with different prices so you can choose to buy suitable for your budget.
  • Quality: Quality is the top factor that you will care about. We are looking for the best softball bat, the effect is certainly huge.
  • Materials: It is important to find out what materials the products are made of, whether they are safe for the user, and how durability is assessed.
  • Appearance: Sometimes shoppers are interested in both the design and design of the product, not the whole house.

List of 6 Best Fastpitch Softball Bats 2015

Top 6 Best Fastpitch Softball Bats below are what you need and are the luggage for you to have an item to assist you in your upcoming softball practice sessions. Experience them today and leave a comment below the post if you find our post useful to you. Hope you enjoy this article and continue to accompany Gondeee in the coming topics!

1. DeMarini CF5 Fastpitch Softball Bat (-10)

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One of the best 2015 fastpitch softball bats at the moment, the DeMarini CF5 has the following features:

  • Composite material and great strength
  • A revolutionary two piece hitting system that allows you to hit without feeling the vibrations of the hit
  • Clutch End Cap for exclusive use with DeMarini barrels. These Clutch End Caps were designed to return impact energy straight to the barrel to add extra pop to the hit
  • Optimal balance
  • Durability

The DeMarini CF5 is considered to be the queen of its series due to increased balance and force that can make you the best player in your team. People who purchased this bat consider it to be amazing especially for little girls who don’t have that much power in the hit. The bat takes over and increases the power of the bat allowing your children to hit that ball further away.

This is the perfect bat if you want your daughter to improve her game and climb the ladder to fame.

2. Easton FP14MK MAKO 2-Piece Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat

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This bat could be the answer to the question “what is the best fastpitch softball bat 2015?”. Thin and light, this is the perfect bat for a little girl with a great passion for softball. The bat features the following:

  • Two piece design made from composite material
  • An extra long barrel for better hits and extra speed
  • Massive sweet spot due to the TCT Thermo Composite Technology
  • Amazing feel in your hands
  • Ultra thin composite handle that can easily fit in the hands of a little girl
  • Certified by several Leagues

This bat was designed for a maximum flexibility on contact which allows your daughter to send those balls farther away. If your daughter is small and frail then this is the perfect bat for her. You will see the difference right away and because of the huge sweet spot it doesn’t need a lot of practice before you get to know each other. The price may be a little steep but it’s worth it.

3. DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFS Fastpitch Softball Bat (-11)

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One of the best fastpitch softball bats in 2014 is the DeMarini CF6. With a lot of history in creating softball bats, the DeMarini created this bat with your kid’s need in mind. It’s a great bat, perfectly balanced and easy to hold even if you have small hands.

It’s also a great looking bat which will give an extra boost of confidence to your daughter on the field. When everyone is admiring your bat you must do the best swings and hit the ball as perfect as you can.

You will get an amazing bat at a great price.

4. DeMarini 2014 Bustos WTDXBFP Fastpitch Softball Bat (-13)

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This bat has the following features:

  • Handles made from composite reinforced with fibers material to eliminate the vibrations
  • Optimum flexibility obtain by the perfect match between the barrel and handle
  • Great grip so the bat sits perfectly in your hands
  • Perfect balance and high strength on the hit
  • Durability due to anti-fracturing revolutionary system used

Girls absolutely love this bat because it offers them extra confidence on the field and extra strength during the hit. You can make some amazing hits with this bat because it has some huge sweet spots allowing you to catch that ball right in place.

It might be a bit expensive but your daughter’s game will improve in just a few games. We say it’s worth it!

5. Easton FP13S3 Fs3 1-Pc Composite-11.5 Fastpitch Softball Bat

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Another great bat that we consider fit for any girl that is passionate of softball. Features include:

  • Increased balance and bat control due to the Single System Technology they used
  • Composite barrel which gives a great sweet spot for an increase in performance
  • Composite handle with performance diamond grip that is fit for smaller hands
  • Improves the player’s swing speed and performance due to an evenly balanced design
  • Certified by most Leagues

This is also one of the best bats that your kid could have. The pop is fantastic and it doesn’t need that much practice in order to get used to it. It’s great for both young girls and older girls. For young girls is great especially because it has an ultra thin handle which makes it fit better in smaller hands. The balance and great pop makes it good for older girls who need a bit of extra strength in their game.

6. Louisville Slugger 2014 Lxt Comp -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat (-10)

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Light and durable due to the Pure 360 Compositetechnology used to make the barrel. There are a few layers of thin and high-strength graphite fibers put together to provide a better durability and a lighter feel. The bat also features a dramatic reduction of vibrations due to the strong link between the barrel and the handle.

This bat is a bit more special than other bats because it has a 3 piece design for an exceptional feel. The barrel flexibility is great and sweet spots are massive so any kid could hit the ball. A girl with a bit of talent at softball will manage to make a great game using this amazing bat.

The bat is definitely not cheap but it’s worth every cent. You’ll see your daughter evolve on the field and if she hit singles by now she’ll move on to hitting doubles and triples in no time.


The main conclusion everyone can make is that there are great softball bats out there. Still the best 2015 fastpitch softball bat is the one that feels right in your hands.

All great softball players recognized that the bat is the one that makes the game. If you don’t have the right feel with the bat you have right now you need to change it. There are many options out there and in the end you’ll manage to find the one that is worth your money.

Softball can be an expensive sport and parents need to support their children from the age of 5 up until college. Still there is no greater reward for a parent than the achievements of his child that he helped realize.