Top 10 Best ADIDAS Boxing Gloves

Adidas is a globally renowned brand that anyone who is passionate about sports and interested in fashion knows. For more than 100 years, Adidas has always stood firm in the world market because of the characteristics that only Adidas owns. Adidas offers products and sports apparel for all 3 groups of men, women, and children. In particular, the product line is distinguished with “3S”: Sport, Street, and Style.

For boxing, choosing a pair of gloves is an easy task to understand. Among the thousands of brands today, you need to experience and learn to find the best pair of gloves. So let Gondeee help you make a quick decision with the list of 10 best boxing gloves of Adidas today.

Introduction of ADIDAS

Adidas is one of the most famous brands in the world that provide clothing, footwear, accessories for both casual and sport. They also release many products for the Golf market which attracts many people not only for their reputation but also for their quality of products.

Adidas is known as a long-history brand having a world reputation, and their service also is one of the best things you should have when buying their products.

Why Should You Choose Adidas boxing gloves?

In this part, Gondeee will give you the reason why you should choose ADIDAS boxing gloves. After that, you need to compare Adidas boxing gloves with others to make the right decision and have the best product.


#1: The reputation

Most people confirm that they just buy Adidas because of their reputation. The reputation of ADIDAS comes from the good service and guarantee, some from the quality, and actually, the reputation comes from a long-history brand that whenever someone mentions ADIDAS, no one doesn’t know it.

#2: The quality

Even ADIDAS boxing gloves’ quality cannot be considered as the best boxing gloves quality. However, they’re deserved to have the honor of top quality of boxing gloves. They are really serious in focusing on the quality to keep the boxers in purchasing their boxing gloves. We don’t have many things to talk about it because it is very clear, just try one and get the experience.

#3: The design

ADIDAS is attracted by its design for sport fashion. People always are confident when they use ADIDAS boxing gloves. If you can check the list of 10 best ADIDAS boxing gloves below, you will realize their product design is simple but modern, attractive, and easy to use. These three things make people like to use it.

Let’s take a look at our list below and get your best one soon.

List of 10 Best Adidas Boxing Gloves

1. Adidas Hybrid 100 Boxing Gloves 

The Adidas Hybrid 100 Boxing Gloves are made of 100% high-quality PU leather so, they are easy to maintain PU Outer Shell. Having the multi-layered foam means they can absorb the shock. A mesh finger area and a full moisture wicking palm provides the perfect golves for fitness. These gloves have an 8cm wide velcro elastic wrap aroung closure for a tight fit with an IMF foam padding and the integrated gel. They can be used in pad work, sparring or bag workout. They are rated 4.4 out of 5 stars from 165 ratings with available in various colors. 

2. Adidas Speed 50 Boxing Gloves

ADidas SPEED 50 boxing gloves are made of PU leather for high-performance and speed. With the impact-dipersing injection molded foam, they can protect your hands and your wrist while punching. They feature the durable leather exterior and comfortable smooth inner lining with the technology of Flexo-Curvex. The PU Flexo-Curvex provides the heavy shock absorption. Besides, the integrated 3D-mesh can enhance the strength and the durability. These gloves are equipped with the quick-wrap design and the proprietary molded design for fast transition and high-performance. This item is available in 5 different colors.

3. Adidas FLX 3.0 Speed 50 Bag Gloves

The impression of this product is the attractive color. Although not so prominent, but with the color of the product makes customers can completely feel what their material is. Adidas FLX 3.0 Speed 50 Bag Gloves is made of PU outside leather for the durability while training. The new technology of developed high-compression IMD provides the homogeneous level of shock absorption. The mixed rigrid Velcro strap and elastic closing system will help you have a quick adjustment of gloves. This construction of the item was designed for optimizing the speed of boxers. These gloves are available in 7 colors, including Orange/Silver; Red/White; Solar Lime/Silver; Shock lime/Silver; Solar Yellow/Blue; White/Gold; Black.

4. Adidas Hybrid 50 Boxing Gloves

The Adidas Hybrid 50 Boxing Gloves is made of PU overlay materials for the durability. The hook and the loop elastic closing system provide the safety and the adjustment for boxers. The IMF foam allows a consistent level of absorption. These gloves are created to move with the high speed. This item is great for boxing, kickboxing, bag work and all boxing workouts. The contoured SDX molded foam provides the comfort and wrist support, the resistance with shock absorption. They are available in 3 colors and 4 sizes

5. Adidas Speed 100 Boxing Gloves

Series of Adidas Speed is known as the durable gloves. These gloves are made of FLX PU outer leather for durable training. The newly IMF foam provides the homogeneous level of shock absorption and ventilation. Your hands are always kept dry and cool with the ClimaCool mesh. You can adjust easily with Rigid Velcro strap closing system. The system supports your wrist and protects you against injuries. The glove construction is designed to optimize the speed and performance of movements.

6. Adidas Washable Boxing Gloves

If you are looking the slim and small boxing gloves, this will be what you need. These gloves can fit every size of hands even the smallest. They are lightweight and well-paded. The fact that they are also washable as the name of them. You can easily put on and not bulky. They are made of tear resistant and washable exterior leather for the durability and flexibility. Having the thick impact-absorbing foam and the moisture-wicking inner lining for comfort. Besides, the fastening system provides the easy adjustment and the safety for boxers.

7. Adidas Hybrid 65 Boxing Gloves

Adidas Hybrid 65 Boxing Gloves is constructed with the tough and high technology for the durability and long life. The SDX foam padding allows the superb comfort, the wrist support and the excellent shock absorption. You can feel comfortable with the full satin nylong inside hand liner. Besides, they have moisture-repellent lining for more correct position while punching. The ClimaCool mesh keeps the athlete cooler and drier.

8. Adidas Speed 175 Boxing Gloves

Adidas Speed 175 Boxing Gloves is available in 2 basic colors, black and white. So, both men and women can also use them. They are created gor the athlete who demands the high quality at the good price. They are designed for the fast speed and the combinations on the heavy bag and more. These gloves are equipped with the Adidas SDX foam padding and one-piece molded foam. They allow the comfort, the support for wrists and the shock absorption for boxers. They are made of high-quality cowhide leather for the durability. Besides, having the Velcro closure means that you have extra comfort and the perfect fit.

9. Adidas Speed 75 Boxing Gloves

With 2 completely opposite shades, one side is personality black and the other side is an outstanding neon color, Adidas Speed 75 Boxing Gloves will be a perfect choice for your day.

  • Your knuckles can be protected with the layers of foam.
  • Your hands and your wrists will be always cool and dry by CLIMACOOL Technology.
  • They are designed to accelerate the execution of movement.
  • Unisex gloves for all levels
  • The fastening system
  • 5 sizes: 8oz; 10oz; 12oz; 14oz; 16oz
  • Material: Synthetic

10. Adidas Hybrid 100 Boxing Gloves for Women – Kickboxing, MMA, and Boxing Speed Training and Sparring Gloves – Dynamic Fit

This is one good choice for women that constructed with a tough PU leather. They last and perform for the long life and the durability. The SDX foam padding and one-piece molded foam from the design of Adidas Women’s FLX Speed 100 Boxing Gloves allow the comfort, the protection and the shock absorption for the boxers. The hook-and-loop closure and the extra-wide wraps around the wrist strap are created for more safety. The lining inside hand liner is made of nylon that assures a comfort and durability for hands.

Tips to choose the best ADIDAS boxing gloves

There are a lot of tips that we make, but for ADIDAS, it is different. We will talk about them in the part below, and if you check it, you get the information that can help you a lot in choosing the best ADIDAS boxing gloves.

Tip 1: The design

ADIDAS design is simple, so your option is to choose the color. It’s better if you can figure out your style, and it will be easy to choose the best design of ADIDAS boxing gloves

Tip 2: The materials

As we said a lot in many posts related to any products, the materials are one of the most important elements to assess how good your products, especially for ADIDAS boxing gloves. Even products are all from ADIDAS, but with other generations or different products will have different quality. Therefore, just by imagining, we think you can know the importance of materials and choose ADIDAS boxing gloves more carefully by checking the materials.

Tip 3: The fit

Fit always is important to get the best product. There are many cases reported to be tight or loose that make boxers uncomfortable and lower their both performance and experience. Therefore, paying attention to the size of the gloves is necessary.

With only the 3 tips above, it is quite easy to get the best ADIDAS boxing gloves. You just need to remind yourself that when choosing a product, you need to assess and compare it with other products. If it serves all of your requirements, it’s your best choice.


Adidas is a multinational sports fashion corporation from Germany, famous worldwide and considered as a powerful symbol of the specialized sports field. For a long time, Adidas has always done a good job in the global market. Hopefully, 10 pairs of boxing gloves from Adidas that Gondeee gives you with the most general comments will help you decide. Choose to buy and choose for yourself the best pair of boxing gloves


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