Top 10 Best ADIDAS Men’s Tennis Shoes – Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021

You should compare many products together. For example, how is the difference between ADIDAS, NIKE, or other brand’s products? The best way to find out the answer is to buy and try one by one, however, it takes a long time and costs a lot of money. Therefore, to save your time and money, you should check the list of top 10 ADIDAS tennis shoes below. If you can’t find the best shoe for yourself, you still know to compare it with other products.

List of Top 10 ADIDAS Tennis Shoes

1. adidas Men’s Gamecourt Tennis Shoe

adidas Men's Gamecourt Tennis Shoe

This product looks amazing from outlooking to quality. Let’s check it.


  • Materials: 100% Textile and synthetics
  • Rubber sole
  • Cloudfoam midsole
  • Regular fit and lace closure
  • TPU reinforcements
  • Adiwear outsole

This product is made of 100% textile and synthetics. The Cloudfoam midsole is made for extra comfort and superior cushioning. It also provides breathability for tennis players. This Adidas tennis shoe also has an Adiwear rubber outsole which offers excellent high-wear durability.

2. adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Tennis Shoe

adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Tennis Shoe

Have you try this Adidas tennis shoe? It has an attractive design.


  • Materials: synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Wide fit
  • Barricade mesh upper
  • Adituff wrap and Adiwear outsole
  • Adiprene under heel

The highlights of this product come from the Adituff wraps and Adiwear outsole. The abrasion-resistant Adituff wraps around the toe and medial forefoot to protect against foot drag which occurs during serves, volleys and extreme lateral movements. The Adiwear outsole has the role of creating the ultimate in high-wear durability. Besides, the Barricade mesh upper with synthetic overlays enhance stability, comfort and create breathability for foot. Adiprene under the heel and in the forefoot will maintain propulsion and efficiency.

3. adidas Men’s Adizero Club Tennis Shoe

adidas Men's Adizero Club Tennis Shoe

How’s about this product? Let’s check its features.


  • Rubber sole
  • For elite professional athletes

This product is made especially for professional athletes. The highlight is outsole which provides the best bounce support for each movement, especially improve the speed in the court. Besides, it is designed to be breathable, because professional tennis always have to practice or have competition with high intensity.

4. adidas Men’s Courtjam Bounce Multicourt Tennis Shoe

adidas Men's Courtjam Bounce Multicourt Tennis Shoe

Is it look special? You should check its features to know all how it is good.


  • Materials: 100% textile, synthetics
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible bounce midsole

This Adidas tennis shoe is amazing by 2 layers of the outsole. With special design, the midsole combination perfectly with the outsole to increase the bounce rate. Therefore, it provides good support for the movement and speeds the tune of playing. Besides, there are flexible mesh upper that is for breathability, and it is lightweight to be used for a variety of courts.

5. adidas Men’s Solematch Bounce Tennis Shoe

adidas Men's Solematch Bounce Tennis Shoe

Do you like this product? It is suitable for both for playing tennis and fashion goals.


  • Materials: textile and synthetics
  • Rubber sole
  • TPU chassis
  • Textile upper
  • Flexible bounce midsole and durable non-marking rubber outsole

This product is amazing, for the sole it has. The flexible bounce midsole cushioning and the outsole provide traction. Besides, the TPU chassis for stability and the abrasion-resistant textile upper provides soft comfort.

6. adidas Men’s Courtjam Bounce Tennis Shoe

adidas Men's Courtjam Bounce Tennis Shoe

Have you check this product? If not, let’s look at its features.


  • Materials: textile and synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Mesh upper
  • Adituff toe area
  • Adiwear outsole and bounce cushioning

This Adidas tennis shoe is special by many features. For example, the mesh upper provides breathability. The outsole is made for ultimate in high-wear durability and bounce cushioning provides improved comfort and flexibility.

7. adidas Men’s Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoe

adidas Men's Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoe

If you are tennis player who not only play tennis but also want to collect products for your collection, this product is worth.

  • Seamless Forged mesh upper
  • Bootee and Geofitconstruction
  • Adiprene+ in the forefoot
  • Barricade chassis

This product has seamless forged mesh upper designed with areas of support and stretch to fit and adapts to every move. The bootee and Geofit construction are for snug anatomical fit and comfort. Besides, the Ghillie at top of lacing delivers a locked-down fit and the Adiprene+ in the forefoot maintains propulsion and efficiency.

8. adidas Men’s Solecourt Boost Tennis Shoe

adidas Men's Solecourt Boost Tennis Shoe


  • Materials: synthetic with mesh
  • TPU chassis
  • Responsive boost midsole
  • Durable non-marking rubber outsole

The highlight of this product comes from the midsole which is made of Responsive boost technology to provide the comfort and boost in each move players take. Besides, the durable non-marking rubber outsole provides traction to increase the movement’s speed.

9. adidas Men’s Gamecourt Tennis Shoe

adidas Men's Gamecourt Tennis Shoe

This Adidas tennis shoe is special product that you should try it once if you play tennis.


  • Material: Fibers
  • Synthetic sole
  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure
  • TPU reinforced mesh upper

This product is designed as different as other Adidas tennis products. The material is fiber and the sole is made of synthetic, not rubber. The advantage of synthetic is durability. It means it can keep the bounce after a long time used. Otherwise, the TPU reinforced mesh upper provides good breathability for foot.

10. Adidas Men’s Adizero Ubersonic 3 Tennis Shoe

adidas Men's Adizero Ubersonic 3 Tennis Shoe


  • Materials: textile and synthetic
  • Synthetic sole
  • Sprintframe construction
  • Regular fit
  • Supportive and lightweight

How To Choose Good Adidas Tennis Shoe

You will not worry if you buy Adidas tennis shoe, because they only provide high-quality products. However, you should notice some elements below to find a suitable one easier.


The price is the first element that you should pay attention to. However, don’t try to save your money if you want good Adidas shoes. The Adidas shoe is worth to buy for high-quality and excellent features they have.


Sole is one of the elements that affect how you feel in wearing the shoe. For example, synthetic is as different as a rubber sole. Just try it and find out which you feel comfortable to play tennis


In tennis, breathability is important. With high intensity, you will be sweat on your foot, and it is special harmful to yourself. Therefore, you should buy Adidas tennis shoe which has good breathability


Adidas is a well-known brand that you can trust to buy any sports equipment, especially shoes. If you have a good tennis shoe, your experience of playing tennis will be improved. Therefore, you should check all the products above, and this list will help you save your time and money in choosing your suitable tennis shoes.

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