Top 7 Best Baseball Bats (2022 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Buying the best baseball bats are not as simple as it sounds. You need to be thoroughly aware of what kind of best baseball bats you want because there are literally hundreds of different baseball bats available in the market.

They differ from each other on the basis of a number of things which are listed below. When buying a bat, you must consider these things.

Types of Baseball Bat

There are a literally hundreds of different types of baseball bats. They are categorized on the basis of their manufacture material, their shape, size, length, brand and many other factors.

Still, in a more general way, it can be safely said that there are four main types of baseball bats: bats made of wood, bats made of aluminum, bats manufactured from a composite material and hybrid bats.

Wood bats are the oldest and original type of baseball bats. Originally, baseball bats were made from hickory wood but today they are made from many different types of wood. It is interesting to note here that most major league matches involve the use of wood bats.

Aluminum bats are lighter, swing more easily and offer a trampoline effect which makes a strike more forceful. They are ideally used by pre-high school and high school students who can get more out of their strikes by using light-weight aluminum bats.

Composite bats use a combination of different materials in manufacture. They are light-weight and high-performing but are quite expensive and not allowed at many leagues. A hybrid bat typically uses aluminum handle and a composite barrel.

Youth Baseball Bats

Youth baseball bats refer to a specific category of such bats which are usually meant for the younger players. They range between drop 8 and drop 13 in terms of weight and are equipped with a 2 1/4 inch barrel. It is often a requirement for youth baseball bats to carry the right certification.

The most popular certifications for youth baseball bats include USSA and ASA. Two major types of youth baseball bats are Tee-Ball bats and Little League Bats. Tee Ball bats are meant for very young players, aged between 5 and 7.

They are usually made of aluminum or alloy, and are light enough to be wielded by kids in this age bracket. Little League bats are slightly longer and are meant for kids aged between 7 and 13.

Little League Baseball Bats

Little League baseball bats are a type of youth baseball bats. These bats are typically meant for young kids aged between 7 and 13. Theycome with a diameter of 2 1/4 inches and the manufacturing material is usually aluminum or alloy.

Since Little League bats are usually used in Little League matches and series, they have to be appropriately certified and approved. This typically requires the bat to be legal in one of the most notable baseball associations such as USSSA, AABC, Babe Ruth or Pony.

Little League baseball bats are mostly light-weight and offer a good strike power. Since they are a precursor to Senior League matches, players often tend to make use of such bats which will help them easily transition to the Senior League bats in the future.

Drop 5 Baseball Bats

Weight drop is a measure between the weight of a baseball bat and its length. A bat with a higher weight drop is light-weight while a bat with a low weight-drop is heavier. Drop 5 baseball bats are typically made of aluminum, alloy or a composite material.

They come with a barrel of 2 5/8-inch diameter and have a large sweet spot for the perfect hit. A large sweet spot ensures that the maximum number of hits can be scored with it.

Drop 5 Baseball Bats

These bats are typically suited for pre high school baseball. In the Senior League baseball matches, typically a bat with a drop weight of -8 to -10 is used. So using a drop 5 bat in pre-high school lets a player transition smoothly to the high-school range.

That’s because when switching from a drop 5 bat to say, a drop 8 bat, the weight difference is not so significant as to affect performance. If, however, the player has to shift from a drop 3 bat to drop 8, he will have considerable trouble in making the transition.

Drop 5 bats are generally considered a fine balance between the weight of the bat and its speed, so that the player is able to hit a strike with sufficient power without losing on the speed.

Drop 3 Baseball Bats

drop 3 baseball bat is one which has a weight to length difference of 3. This is one of the rather heavier varieties of baseball bats. These bats are typically used in high school and college matches. These bats are available in wood as well as in composite and alloy materials.

Most drop 3 bats that are used in league matches are required to be BBCOR certified. This certification means that they must have passed the restrictions on the trampoline effect of non-wood bats.

The BBCOR certification is considered important because drop 3 bats are heavy, and they can strike very hard if the trampoline effect is not controlled.

By controlling the trampoline effect in league matches, drop 3 non-wood bats are brought closer to wood bats and the chance of an injury to the player is minimized.This limitation on the trampoline effect of drop 3 baseball bats is often referred to as 50 BBCOR.

BBCOR Baseball Bats

BBCOR bats are mostly used in High School and College leagues. BBCOR certification ensures that these bats are safe for use in such matches and are comparably at par with the wooden bats being used. Matches held by Youth Baseball organizations related to older players generally make it mandatory that BBCOR bats are to be used.

Usually, only bats made from non-wood materials need a BBCOR certification. When it comes to wood, only such wooden bats which are made from composite wood material, or bamboo wood, are required to pass the BBCOR test. The rest of the wooden bats, since they offer no trampoline effect, are exempt from the certification.

List of 7 Best Baseball Bats Reviews

1. Marucci Cat 6 BBCOR Baseball Bat

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The Marucci Cat 6 is a BBCOR-certified bat for both collegiate and higher school players. It’s a 2 5/8 inch barrel and -3 fall. Additionally, it comes with a single-piece aluminum metal structure and ring-free barrel technologies.

With the accession of this new patented anti-vibration knob technologies, this bat is made specifically for faster swings and maximum energy translation whilst eliminating that awful bite. This version also sports a soft-touch grip and coated with a micro-perforated substance for a secure and comfortable hold.

The Marucci Cat 6 has been a better iteration of this Marucci Cat 5 Squared. This newer version comprises all of the crucial attributes of its predecessor, and an elongated barrel layout and optimized cone finish thickness for faster swing speed, greater effect, and a bigger sweet spot.

2. Easton S3 2 3/4″ Big Barrel Baseball Bat

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It’s a hybrid two-piece structure bat. That signifies the body of the bat consists of two distinct pieces. Furthermore, a hybrid bat suggests a bat with a couple of different substances. To shape this particular bat, Easton has employed Hyperlite Matrix metal with a smooth mixture of SIC Black Carbon fiber. Hence that the technology and amazing methods have obtained this bat to quite a fresh and iconic degree.

The amount to weight ratio of the bat is dropped. This implies it’s not a relatively very lightweight bat. But it’s a huge barrel bat along with the barrel of the bat is 2 5/8 inch diameter. It’s crafted with Z-CORE technology using the magnificent HMX (Hyperlite Matrix) metal aluminum. So regarding its durability, there should be no issue left. About its more sweet place, ZCORE Internal Core Technology remains here in order to guarantee you.

The deal is coated by a fresh TORQ TAQ grip. It’s extremely excellent to guarantee equilibrium. A lasting knob is attached so that it could satisfy with the conclusion of the bat. So that your hit will confront the perfection with no feeling of trembling in addition to no dead spots.

3. Rawlings 5150 USA Baseball Bat

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This bat is super light-weight and has obtained outstanding positive testimonials. It’s created using a fall -11 balance complete, a considerable advancement from the 2018 variant of this bat.

Rawlings also assembled this bat using Aircraft-grade 5150 metal and patented pOp 2.0 technologies for high responsiveness along with an enlarged sweet spot.

The 2019 model is created for a faster and more effective swing so that more electricity could be generated via the sweet spot (the ideal place on the bat to hit a baseball – it is around the center). The additional Hyper-Lite Rate Cap helps you to control the swing rate but does not add too much weight.

Weighing in at just 9.6 oz, players are going to feel more comfortable trying out many different methods and introducing greater technicality in their swing. This bat is 32 x 3 x 3 inches, and it can be a medium-sized bat.

This baseball bat has trended among the latest new products now listed on the industry. Rawlings has earned its reputation for a brand that makes durable baseball equipment.

4. Louisville Slugger BBCOR Omaha Baseball Bat

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The Louisville Slugger Omaha Baseball Bat comes with a synthetic grip along with a body created out of advanced ST +20 aluminum alloy for improved durability and functionality. Additionally, it has the typical -3 fall and 2 5/8 inch diameter. This equipment meets all BBCOR bat criteria and can be accepted by the 2012 NFHS and the 2011 NCAA.

This bat includes a huge sweet spot, rank it above average in comparison with other bats inside precisely the exact same budget. The Omaha Baseball Bat can also be a little optional in the end, which makes it a great selection for power hitters. The end weight and also the enormous sweet place readily allows the hitter to learn more momentum and also soil a satisfying pop onto the ball.

Better balance and managing can be accomplished with the tapered handle synthetic grip along with its own patented Pro Cup End Cap. This exceptional equilibrium of this Louisville Slugger makes it among the best baseball bats concerning hitting consistency.

5. Easton Mako Beast Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat

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This monster is quite light to perform. You’re provided to possess three distinct sizes with fitting weights and people are 25 inches using 13 ounces, 26 inches with 14 ounces and finally, 27 inches with 15 oz. Hence that the bat fall that means the amount to weight ratio of the bat is 12. This bat is quite great for those who are searching for a lightweight bat.

This bat is a 1 piece building bat and it’s crafted with entirely composite materials. So it’s a mix bat. You understand these recently formulated materials, carbon or composite fiber or glass fiber is extremely popular because of it’s very mild and magnificent.

Easton Mako Beast 2 3/4 (-12) Junior Big Barrel Bat includes a two 3/4 inches diameter hose as its name says. This massive barrel has to guarantee a giant sweet spot too since it will expand rate. The IMX Advanced Composite technologies are utilized for this particular bat simply to maximize the performance quality and also to maximize the sweet place. Hence that the barrel of the bat is going to be a benefit for those users.

Together with the incredible barrel, an iconic manager can be set that you hold it flawlessly. The barrel is ultra-thin and quite excellent to boost the fastest swing rate and at precisely the exact same time, it can help to balance the swing perfectly. The handle is approximately 29/32 inches and the normal dimensions of it have to appear like fantastic assistance.

6. EASTON Project 3 Alpha -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

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Now it’s time to have a comprehensive look in the EASTON 2019 Project 3 Alpha BBCOR Baseball Bat. It inherits a whole lot of innovative features that produce a bigger quantity of accuracy and control for gamers to use during their swing.

The Job 3 Alpha includes a fall of -3 and can be BBCOR accepted for high school and college players. The barrel diameter is placed at two and 5/8th; an optimized cone layout can create a higher launch angle and more management of this baseball through an effect.

The balanced atmosphere from the weight of the bat isn’t just comfortable, but also more effective when powering via a swing. This is unquestionably a respectable baseball bat in the premium excellent brand in the game of baseball.

This bat comes as a 33 or 30-inch bat. Made with a solid, cloth alloy (all as one bit ), you may be sure that this bat won’t only survive, but may even take your game to another level.

7. Louisville Slugger Solo 618 USA Baseball Bat

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Like most other brands bats, nearly all of the Louisville Slugger’s bats have two or more choices of their dimensions and weight mix. With this bat, you’ve got some choices also. It usually varies in its own dimensions such as 28 to 32 inches in length and 17 to 21 oz. In fat sensibly. So you’ve got choices to decide on the ideal size bat to you in accordance with your age, height, and weight reduction. This bat length to weight ratio is 11 so it needs to be clear it is a really light-weighted bat.

A participant has to have a selection of some particular stuff of a baseball match. If you’re a metal bat enthusiast then it may be your favorite pet. This bat is actually made with the SL Hyper metal. It’s really designed with all the one-piece structure that means the whole bat has just 1 part within it. So it’s a durable bat and also you do not have to worry about its performance quality.

Louisville Slugger Solo 618 USA Baseball bat is featured using a 2 5/8 inches diameter. It’s again crafted using the 1 piece weightless metal. This barrel begins with a new rate Ballistic (SBC) end cap. It will help to have a giant sweet place and also allow you to disperse the swing weight flawlessly. But this huge barrel bat will not allow you to be disappointed onto it.

How to Choose a Baseball Bat

Below are things to look when you choose a baseball bat


Originally, baseball bats were made with hickory wood. Over the years, different companies have started using many different types of woods for the manufacture of baseball bats. These include bamboo, maple and ash among others. More recently, other materials have also been used in the manufacture of bats.

Notable among these are alloy bats which comprise of aluminum mixed with another metal. Pure aluminum bats are also available. Composite bats, which are another type, avail a combination of carbon material and graphite as the manufacturing material.


The barrel of a baseball bat is its decisive part. It is the thick part at the far end of the bat which is used to actually hit the ball. So on the strength, material, thickness and overall shape of the barrel depends the strength and effectiveness of the hit you strike with it.

Baseball bats have varying barrel thickness. Some bats carry a big barrel, others come with a slim barrel. A big barrel puts force in the strike but is heavier. A smaller barrel swings lightly and quickly but does not offer a very solid hit. The exact area on the barrel which is ideal for hitting the ball is called the sweet spot.


Taper generally refers to the handle of the baseball bat. It includes the shape, length and diameter of the taper.Normally, the diameter of a baseball taper is limited to 31/32 of an inch.

But a player may prefer a different size. A thicker taper, for example, will not carry a lot of vibration and sting to your hands if you hit the ball poorly.

A thin taper, on the other hand, allows greater speed and allows the player to turn his wrists rapidly. So both types have their uses and disadvantages.

How to Choose a Baseball Bat

Grip (handle)

The grip of a baseball bat is the covering at the handle. It is usually used only on aluminum bats, although some innovative forms of grips have recently been used on wooden bats as well.

For aluminum bats, grips made from different sorts of materials are available. Most popular is the rubber grip which can easily absorb the shock of a strike. Others kinds of grips include the leather grip which allows the player to get a better hold of the handle when striking.


The baseball bat ends in a wide and thick portion which is called a knob. A knob serves a number of purposes. It allows a player to keep a grip at the bat and to stop the bat from slipping out of his hands.

It also ensures that when a player is swinging the bat, it doesn’t simply escape out of his hands. Different types of bat knobs are commonly used. These include the oval knob, the rectangular knob, the tapered knob and many others.


The weight of a baseball ball is one of the most important characteristics. The famous calibration of baseball bats in categories such as drop 5, drop 3, drop 10 is based on their weight.

Typically, the weight of a bat is directly linked to its length. So if a bat is of a particular length, there will be a standard corresponding weight related to that specific length.

A heavier bat of course comes with great solidity and more power but it is slow. A light bat is quick to swing but may not strike with the same amount of impact.


There is a quick way of determining what bat length suits you. Place the knob of a baseball bat near the root of your arm. Now hold out your arm straight in front of you. If with the bat’s bottom rested against the bottom of your arm, you are able to hold the barrel of the bat, then it is of the right size.

If the barrel is too close or too far from the hand, then you need a different length. Length is critically important because it directly affects your swing, your strike and your performance. So be sure to find a bat with length that suits you perfectly.

Typically, adults above the age of 17 can generally work fine with a 34-inch long bat. 36 inches is the length limit for BBCOR bats.


Different leagues may require the bats of the participating players to conform to certain certifications. The most notable among these is the Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) certification. For baseball matches on the High School and College level, it is absolutely essential for all players to carry a BBCOR certified bat.

A BBCOR certified bat is usually a drop 3 or heavier bat, with a maximum barrel size of 2 5/8 inches and it limits the allowable trampoline effect on any given bat.

The key aim of BBCOR certification is to bring non-wood bats closer to wood bats in performance by such restrictions and to ensure that no bats can hit too fast in high school and college matches to seriously injure anyone. Other major certifications include the Accelerated Break-In Test (ABI). Bats are tested for ABI and certified by NCAA.