Top 9 Best Baseball Gloves For 4 To 5 Year Old Kids – Reviewed in 2020

It’s not easy for parents to pick out the best baseball gloves for 4 to 5 year-old kids. Because there is a staggering amount of available gloves about brands, sizes, materials, etc, choosing the suitable baseball gloves for first-time players is essential to help them create motivation and perform well on this field. 

The below picks represent our choices for the Top 9 Best Baseball Gloves For 4-5 Year Old Kids. 

List of 9 Best Baseball Gloves For 4 To 5 Year Old Kids

1. Rawlings Players Serires Youth TBall/Baseball Glove

The glove is perfect for any position with 9 inch players series. Thanks to the durable and lightweight of vinyl design, kids can learn the fundamentals of defensive construction easily. This structure of the glove helps baseball players keep optimal balance, add more quickness and close feel easily.


  • Fit for the first-time baseball players.
  • Made for left-handed and right-handed throwers.
  • Includes a soft core training ball.
  • Friendly price.


  • There is no more size added. ( Only fit for kids under 5)


2. Franklin Sprots RTP Teeball Performance Gloves

The glove is made to support the best fit for left-hand and right-hand players with an included wrist closure model. Soft material is used on the baseball to supportive and comfortable for kids. Made from synthetic leather, it is easy for beginners to get away with more actions, and this is the reason kids will love it at the first time. Unlike other gloves, these don’t need to be broken in, thanks to their RTP II construction. Besides, both boys and girls have more choices with the mass of options in color. 


  • Suited for left and right-hand players.
  • Supported by synthetic leather.
  • Fits the left of the right hand.
  • Comes with a soft foam ball.


  • Can’t be softened further

3. Mizuno GPP1075y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

The glove is made for the first-time players with a patented Power Close design, which supports kids catch more easily. Pigskin leather material not only is the one of the best impressive choices in its class but also represents a valuable model compared with other materials. At the same time, there is no color options except the brown color design with a power lock closure instead of classic straps. With a premium feel, the glove is fairly priced and it may as well be in easy reach for players. The glove is perfect for not only beginners but also all young players. 


  • Made from unique material with pigskin
  • Includes a patented Power Close design.
  • Requires short break-in
  • Power Lock Closure helps the glove fitted to hands.


  • Only available in brown.

4. Franklin Sports Air Tech Soft Foam Baseball Glove

One of the best attractive point is mixed-color design including red, blue and white. Kids tend to be excited about the colourful gloves which get kids into baseball faster. Moreover, it comes with a durable shell with extra protection to reduce the sting. The glove wears easily as well with the Velcro strap. Although the glove requires no break-in, it would not hurt to get a few games going before starting to go for the next personal best.


  • Designed with various colors
  • Made with synthetic leather
  • Made with a durable Air Tech outer shell


  • Not available for left-hand players

5. Franklin Sports Baseball and Softball Glove


Franklin Sports Baseball and Softball Glove seems to be ever ready to offers an extensive line of quality syntheticleather baseball, softball and tee-ball gloves for the recreational player. The glove’s lining is one of the most popular sizes, shapes and web designs with superior fit and feel.


  • Reasonable price
  • Easy break-in
  • Available for left-hand and right-hand players
  • Unisex color design
  • Customizable fit due to contour system


  • Pocket is not reliable.

6. Mizuno Prospect Finch – Youth Utility Mitt

The glove comes with high-quality comfort and fitting. Player’s hands will be protected from any effect gotten from a catch of a high-speed ball with the Mizuno Para shock palm pad technology. Similar with other products made by Mizuno Manufacturer, The Power lock closure technology keep the glove fitted to the hand and removes any fear of slipping. Besides, it helps users to remove any form of perspiration or sweat from the skin. This is one of the best choices for young players to help him to adapt from basic skills at first time.


  • Very friendly price
  • Power Close technology to catch is always simple.
  • Highly protected hands with Para Shock palm pad
  • Better fitting with Power Lock Closure
  • Wrists lock to adjust easily.


  • Only one black-pink version.

7. Louisville Slugger 2019 Genesis Baseball Glove Series

The glove products from Louisville Slugger are made out of mesh is suitable for kids. The lightweight and high quality material brings comfortable feelings for players and make it easy to use. If you are looking for the glove that meets the needs for beginners and comes at a reasonable rate, this product is a good choice. 


  • Suitable for both left and right hand players
  • Bringing the comfort in use.
  • Amazing durable Ethernet
  • Using easily with the lightweight
  • No break-in required. 


  • Only one version with grey, black and white color. 

8.  Franklin Sports Air Tech Adapt Series 8.5” Teeball Glove

This amazing glove is made for girls just beginning in baseball with the pink version only. It brings satisfied feelings with the lightweight and a self-adjustable wrist wrap. Their profile is lightweight and for this reason, they are going to be held up easily. The glove is ready to be used as often as needed with a self-sticking wrist wrap. These gloves also include a practice ball which is everything needed for girls and the parents to start and improve the basic baseball skills.

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable with wrist wrap.
  • Friendly price.
  • A special version for little girls
  • Available in vivid pink
  • Made with synthetic leather


  • Designed for only left-hand players.


9. Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball Glove. Regular, Basket-Web 9 Inch

With the full-synthetic design, the glove needs no type of special attention. It is a becoming option for those planning an easier route towards baseball performance with its pliable shell. With molded polyurethane, it increases sting and it helps players to achive a top-level performance on a budget easily.
Being already broken in from the factory, it might be ready for action sooner. Some throwers break-in is required as the synthetic leather need to follow the contour of the hands.

  • Suitable for 9” youth players
  • Made from PU materials
  • Requires minimum break-in
  • Easy wrap closure
  • Only available in black-red version.


At the moment. the gloves are more comfortable and durable for kids with various designs and materials. Choosing the best glove for kids just starting baseball is not only impressive with this kind of sports but also keep them right ways to improve from basic skills to master ones. This is important that they are correct gloves which teach the little ones how to properly catch a ball. To sum up, remember choosing the correct size and comfort is the vital matter than anything else.

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