Top 10 Best Baseball Helmets – [Updated

Welcom to the Gondeee website! A baseball helmet is designed to protect the bater from being injured by a pitch or a foul ball. While it will also protect the head when the batter is sliding into the bases or being tagged, its ultimate goal is to withstand the blunt force of being hit by the ball. In order for it to do its job effectively, there are some best baseball helmets we would like to recommend for players to choose from. Let’s start.

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List of 10 Best Baseball Helmets

The best baseball helmets below are all tested and confirmed to be high-quality by most people. Let’s check them if you are still confused about choosing from many products in the market.

1. Schutt Sports AiR 5.6 Baseball Batter’s Helmet

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The AiR 5.6 Baseball Batter’s Helmet from Schutt Sports combines innovative technology and design for a high-performance helmet. The helmet features the AiR–XE shell, which is designed to give a truer fit while maximizing ventilation thanks to the 14 separate vent holes. The ABS plastic exterior provides excellent protection and durability while the D30 polymer interior cushioning is soft, comfortable and shock-absorbant. The helmet uses the same technology Schutt uses in their football helmets, so you know it’s going to be protective and durable. There are dozens of colors available and sizes run from XX-Small to Extra Large. However, the helmet doesn’t have snaps for a chin strap. Some users felt the ear padding began to wear too quickly.

2. MACH Matte Batting Helmets with Extension Flap

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This helmet is offered both in a two-tone and one tone both with the flap attached and flap unattached. It is designed with a nice seamless TPU piece that covers the hardware. This helmet has a venting design and shell design for optimal cool flow comfort. The IMPAX foam technology is built to last and take on multiple impacts to provide you with the best performance possible. The attached flap provides added coverage for the face. It has wrapped jaw pads that provide improved comfort and fit. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

3. Rawlings Coolflo Molded Baseball Batting Helmet


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The CoolFlo designed baseball helmet meets NOCSAE standards to ensure that you’ll stay safe while wearing it. You’ll also stay comfortable with the dual-density foam attached to the ear flaps. CoolFlo technology offers a built-in venting system that will keep your head cool while you’re wearing the Rawlings baseball helmet. Predrilled holes will allow you to add a face mask if desired. The molded style offers a sleek appearance to the headwear without compromising on safety. Four color options — black, navy, light blue and red — will help you match your uniform or personal preferences.

4. Easton Z5 2.0 Batting Helmet Matte Color Series

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The Z5 2.0 helmet comes in various colorways so you can match up with player’s team uniform. The helmet itself has a highly protective shell as well as interior padding. The combination helps keep the baseball helmet comfortable while still absorbing shock.The foam inside of the helmet is dual-density, which is how it so effectively absorbs impact. The Bio-Dri liner inside of the helmet prevents the build-up of sweat inside of the helmet, keeping your head as cool as possible. There is a place on it to attach a facemask if you would like, but it is not included

5. DeMarini Paradox Batting Helmet

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The Demarini Paradox Batting Helmet is a professional baseball helmet really good for the professional players and even for the beginners who want to make sure about a protective baseball helmet during the entire game. The simple design and colorways make it looks even more premium. The awesome materials from the interior will provide a good ventilation so you will not have to worry about this aspect anymore. You will not burn or sweat at all wearing this well created baseball helmet. Moving on to the protection, this helmet is amazing even in order to protect you head from the powerful sun rises. This helmet comes up with a lot of colorways so you will have to choose between a large variety of models.

6. Rawlings R16 Series Matte Batting Helmet

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This helmet is all about comfort and breathability. Some of the top features are the Heat Exchange vents which provide maximum ventilation for extreme comfort. And the 16-vent design features Rawlings’ COOLFLO XV1 venting to keep you dry and cool on the diamond. The wrapped jaw pads improve comfort and the hard plastic outer provides excellent protection and durability. There are 9 colors available and the Velo R16 meets NOCSAE standards for softball and baseball batting helmets.

7.  EASTON Z5 2.0 Batting Helmet Matte Two-Tone Series

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The high impact resistant ABS shell has been engineered for maximum protection, while the padded dual-density foam liner works to absorb shock on impact. The Z52.0 features a BioDri padded inner liner to keep players dry and cool, and the wrapped ear pads add extra comfort and prevent wear and tear throughout the season. The Z52.0 Matte Two-Tone has been updated with a fresh new look, and meets the NOCSAE standard for all levels of play. It is available in Senior and Junior sizes.

8.  Easton Senior Z5 Grip 2Tone Batters Helmet

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This product is made of ABS plastic that is very durable for high impact. The dual density inner liner is designed specially to soak up the sweat, so it doesn’t stick to players skin and head. It also provides absorption against high impact strikes. It is finished with a grip and it comes in various colors, giving players a cool and practical aesthetic. It is made following NOCSAE regulations, so it is ideal for use in leagues and competitions. The ears on this helmet are wrapped, making it perfect for everyday players. It is designed to last long without excessive wear and tear. Although it might seem pricey, the construction is durable.

9. EASTON Alpha Batting Helmet

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With new helmet sizing that fits the entire range of players—from tee ball to adults—now everyone can play with the protection and performance of Easton’s Alpha Batting Helmet. ABS thermoplastic shell is engineered for maximum protection, while a dual-density foam liner provides shock absorption and comfort. BioDri™ fabric liner absorbs moisture for improved dryness and added comfort. Easton Screamin’ E logo sticker on forehead is removable for team customization. Snap buttons are only present in the T-ball/Small size helmet. Additional snap buttons available with the Baseball/Softball Chinstrap accessory. Meets NOCSAE standard for all levels of play.

10. Under Armour Converge Batting Helmet


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Created to be a true next generation batting helmet with an all new anatomical shell design and innovative padding system. Designed to fit a wide variety of head shapes and sizes while maintaining full protection and comfortable fit. Strategically placed venting allows for maximum cooling and raised side ribs help disperse impact. The Converge batting helmet also marks the introduction of Charged foam cushioning, a layer of impact absorbing foam similar to what us used in footwear. We strive to provide the most comfortable and most protective helmet on the market and you’ll find it with the Converge.- Adult fits hat size 6 1/2 to 7 1/2- Two Tone design- NOCSAE and SEI Certified- OSFA+ Helmet with wrapped charged foam liner- HeatGear liner keeps players cool and dry- Large ventilation ports- Foam and fabric treated with antimicrobial to treat unwanted bacteria and odors- Updated shell for added strengthUnder Armour Converge Baseball Batting Helmet.

Benefits of Using The Best Baseball Helmets

In baseball, the helmet is one of the basic equipment that baseball player needs. There are a lot of reasons for this requirement, and if you’ve played baseball for a long time, you will realize it easily. However, don’t worry because today Gondeee will show you the benefits of using the best baseball helmets, and after reading, you will understand its important role and ready to get the best product for your process.


The best baseball helmets will provide you the best benefits that will lower the disadvantages. Let’s check them below!

Number 1: The protection

People put protection as the first element they will consider when purchasing baseball helmets. Yes, for any sport, protection is always the most important thing. Without it, no one wants to play sport. For baseball, you always have the risk of being hit by a pitch, especially in the short distance. Sometimes, the pitch will straight to your face, forehead, and other part and make you injured. Therefore, to protect yourself better, you should wear the baseball helmets.

Number 2: The suit

The suit related to what you wear. Because the helmets often go with a set of clothing, so you will need it to be suitable for what you wear. Consider the design, the color, and other elements of decoration that will help you a lot in choosing the baseball helmets. Moreover, without a helmet, you will be likely not professional and will be not serious about this sport.

Number 3: The requirement

You will need baseball helmets because this sport requires to have. Without it, people will be afraid that you can be injured, especially the sensitive part such as the head. So, no one will allow you to play baseball without helmets in an official game.

With only 3 benefits above, we think you can realize the importance of having the best baseball helmets. Besides, to serve this perspective, we have already made the list of 10 best products below, and if you check, you can easily find the suitable helmets for your process.

What to Consider When Buying a Baseball Helmet

Chin Straps

Chin straps are another available option which helps stabilize a helmet that may be a bit loose. When you step into the batter’s box there should only be one thing on your mind – that’s knocking the ball out of the park, you don’t want too poorly fitted batting helmet to interfere.


When it comes to sizing, you’ll find that buying a batting helmet is as easy as buying a fitted baseball cap. All you need to do is measure the circumference of your head and find the closest size available.

Proper Fit

When you put the helmet on, make sure the lid of the helmet sits in an inch above your eyebrows. It should be even with the rest of your head. If it’s tilted up, you risk taking a ball to the forehead when you’re running the bases or batting. If it’s tilted too far forward, the back of your head will be exposed.

The last thing to look for is to make sure your helmet is approved by the national operating Committee on standards for athletic equipment. You can find this out by looking for the logo on the inside of the back of the helmet. This logo ensures that your helmet has met every one of the NOCSAE’s high standards of protection


Choosing a suitable baseball helmet not only helps players to protect their heads but also creates motivation to improve the game. Don’t scrimp on a good helmet – cheap helmets have protection or quality compromises that make them cost less. We hope that the list of best baseball helmets could support players to have best choice when buying baseball helmets.