There are a number of style options to consider when buying baseball pants, including different designs and accessories.

There are three main pant designs to choose from: pinstripe, piped and solid.

Pant Rolling
Want to rock a vintage-inspired trend? Try the old-time “exposed sock” look.

To pull off this trend, take the hem and bring it all the way up to below your kneecap. Then, take the hem and roll it inwards in a folding manner. You want to fold it enough so that it’s snug, but not too tight. This technique is called “rolling.”  If you really like this look, you may want to look for knicker-style baseball pants, which only come down past the knees.

Most baseball belts are either elastic or leather. For youth players, elastic belts can be a great option. Because they can be worn for multiple seasons while a player continues to grow. These belts can be found in many different colors too, which makes it easier for those who are shopping for matching gear.