Top 6 Best Big Barrel Bats Reviews in 2022

Youth big barrel baseball bats are commonly referred to as Big Barrel Youth bats or Senior League baseball bats. Players who play in youth leagues use these bats as these leagues allow bats with barrels larger than 2″ inches in diameter. There are many varieties available in big barrel bats.

There are one piece as well as two piece big barrel bats. These also include alloy, composite and hybrid bats. These bats can have barrel diameters of either 2 5/8 inches or 2″ inches. These bats usually have a length to weight ratio between -5 and -12.

Since it can be a little overwhelming trying to find the right big barrel bat for yourself or any other player, we have compiled a list of six best big barrel bats out there. Now, you can kick off 2016 with the best big barrel bat and it can also serve to be a great New Year’s gift!

List of 6 Best Big Barrel Bats Reviews

Following are the customer based reviews of the top 6 best big barrel bats for 2021:

1. Easton SL15MK10B MAKO COMP

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This bat has an ultra thin composite handle of 29/32″ with performance diamond grip. The barrel is 2″ in diameter. It is USSA certified of course. It has a spectacular speed design for low MOI and faster swing speeds. This bat is Easton at its best! It uses their thermo composite technology. It provides a massive sweet spot and amazing speed. The CXN patented two-piece conation technology is supposed to maximize energy transfer for optimized feel.

This bat does everything it claims to do! You are supposed to break in this bat with about two hundred hits, however even a hundred hits makes this bat ready to use. Players have noticed visible difference in their game, admiring its “pop” and massive sweet spot. Also, you can get it at great price on Amazon at this time of the year! 

2. DeMarini 2015 CF7 Youth Big Barrel

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This bat has a paradox plus composite barrel having ideal swing weight. This bat is light but very strong and gives a great pop. It has a D-fusion FT handle that eliminates unwanted vibrations and makes it incredibly easier to swing. This is because the flame tempered treatment fuses handle to barrel for a stiffer feel with no vibration. It also has an anatomically designed knob and a low pro end cap designed to give an optimized feel and better speed.

Customers have been pretty satisfied with this bat. Players have said that this bat provides great balance while being very light and easy to handle. It is an extremely high tech bat that maintains an ultimate feel throughout the barrel and somehow doesn’t lack in pop and power. If you want a bat that is a grand combination of balance and power, you will not be disappointed with this one.

3. Easton SL15S310B S3 ALUM

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Another Easton bat that made it to the list is the S-3 Alum bat. It has pretty much the same features as the Mako Comp i.e. 29/32″ handle with diamond grip, 2 3/4″ barrel and a speed design that ensures low MOI and faster swing speed. However, this bat is a bit easier on the pocket than the other one. The best thing about this bat is that it has a one-piece alloy design that not only offers good bat speed, but also great durability. It has a massive barrel and the Hyper lite Matrix Alloy creates a nice sweet spot.

Customers have been buying this bat for its durability. Players who are power-hitters really need this bat. It does not get dented easily and provides a great pop. Many players feel like they are hitting better and farther with this bat. 

4. DeMarini Voodoo Overlord FT Youth Big Barrel

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This bat is a game changer. It has a paradox plus composite barrel and a D-Fusion FT handle. It also has flame tempered treatment, low pro end cap and an RCK knob. It has a sleek and unique design bound to catch eyes. This bat is also great for power-hitters.

It has a slight end-load and the two-piece Ion-V end cap reduces vibrations. The Voodoo Overload FT pushes the energy to the sweet spot for more power. The paradox plus composite rod paired with a thermo-fused taper eliminates vibration and gives the perfect feel.

Customers have given this bat 4.6 starts out of 5. This bat has a massive sweet spot and provides a great pop. It has virtually no sting. Even though it is slightly end loaded, customers have said that it doesn’t feel too heavy.

5. Mizuno Generation Big Barrel

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This is one of the fastest selling Mizuno bats out there. It uses patented wall thickness technology and provides a nice sweet spot. Single wall aerospace grade aluminum alloy is used for maximum performance. The balanced swing weight increases swing speed. This bat gives amazing control. This bat is BBCOR and USSA certified.

Customers have said that this is the smoothest feeling bat they have ever used. This bat provides with a perfect combination of control and power. The feisty design on this bat makes it a great gift too. 

6. Marucci Junior Cat 6 Big Barrel

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The last and definitely not the least bat on this list is the Marucci Junior Cat 6 Big barrel bat which is available in 5 pounds as well as 8 pounds. The barrel diameter of both the bats is 5/8″. This bat is a one-piece alloy construction. It has an extended barrel profile and ring free barrel technology.