Top 9 Best Boxing Abdominal Protectors

One of the injuries that you need to pay attention to when participating in practicing or competing in boxing, that is the “sensitive” part of the body. Being aware of the potential risks for this unit will help you to protect yourself from health risks such as infertility or organ problems. In practice, it is impossible to foresee anything. But if we anticipate the possibilities, when we have problems we have prepared and equipped with protective equipment. Let’s explore what this product is!

The Benefits of Using Best Boxing Abdominal Protectors

Martial art is one of the sports requiring to use the of Abdominal Protectors. If you don’t pay attention to it, it means you don’t know the important benefits it brings. The fact that all boxers will use abdominal protectors when they understand how it protects themself. Therefore, we made this article to help you know about the benefits of using the best boxing abdominal protectors.

Before figuring out the benefits, we think that it’s necessary to understand what boxing abdominal protector is. Actually, this protector is the same as the underwear pants, but it has some different (unique) points out that underwear cannot replace. For example, the front part has a pad that has a role of decrease the impaction in this area. The front part is designed to cover your area as neat as it can, and the waistband is kind of stretchy with a fixed tight keeping you stable enough not to be loosened.

If you understand what it is, let’s move to the next part, benefits.


  • The main function: We want to share with you the main function of the abdominal protector first. It is used to protect your lower, especially the sensitive part. The fact that it is really risky in the match that the opponent can hit or impact it accidentally. If the pain is serious, you will have to go to the hospital, and we think you know how powerful of the impaction between two people who are martial artists.
  • The balance: You will realize in the match, with the high-frequency of jumping, this special part will also ‘jump’ as the following result. In the long run, your body can get a bad state. Even you wear pants, it is not effective because manufacturers produce abdominal protectors to balance your movement and limit the bad effect.
  • The feeling: Actually, you will feel really annoyed when you have to jump in the long run. Therefore, in a match, to help you get a comfortable feeling of not care about this body part, they create an abdominal protector that can keep this body part in a fixed position.
  • The fashion: Of course even this equipment is used inside the cloth, it still has the effect of fashion that most people look for. Feel like big or hide the weakness is what people want, and the fact that underwear cannot cover this element. Therefore, on the fashion side, an abdominal protector is the best choice for you to be confident in the match.

List of 9 Best Boxing Abdominal Protectors

1. Ring to Cage Kids Groin Abdominal Protector for MMA Boxing Muay Thai

Groin-Abdominal Protector: well padded special curved deep well cup helps to assure total protection. Exclusive design helps coverage of groin and lower stomach area. Elastic waist band with Velcro closure. Wider elastic waist band. Can be used for Boxing Kickboxing and other combat fighting sports. With soft and firm material, fixed on the body, it will help you to protect the body and genitals safely.

2. BESPORTBLE Sparring Fighting Groin Guard Boxing Taekwondo Crotch Abdominal Protector Kickboxing Protective Gear for Women (Small)

  • This groin guard features an ergonomic design to provide optimal coverage to your private part with comfort.
  • Highly elastic straps with hook and loop, perfectly fixes the guard on your body, convenient to adjust it to fit your body, easy to wear or take off.
  • Highly recommended for people who train for Taekwondo, Boxing, Karate, Sanda, etc.
  • Tough plastic frame with high density foam inside, providing great protection and shock-absorbing care.
  • Made from high quality PU artificial leather to ensure easy cleaning and long durability.

3. Tongina Male Boxing Abdominal Protector Man Youth Child Muay Thai Sparring Groin Guard Cup – Breathable and Soft Jockstrap


– This groin guard features an ergonomical shape to provide optimal coverage.
– Made from high tech PU artificial leather to ensure long lasting protection.
– Equipped with high density foam inside the lining for maximum comfort.
– High-density elastic straps, perfect fixed supporter below, convenient to adjust according your size.
– Highly recommended for people who train for long periods or at a high level of intensity.


– Material: Foam, PU
– Gender: Man
– Color: White
– Size S: Length: Approx.22cm / 8.7inch; Suitable for height of 110cm –135cm
– Size M: Length: Approx.25cm / 9.8inch; Suitable for height of 135cm –155cm
– Size L: Length: Approx.27cm / 10.6inch; Suitable for height of 155cm –170cm
– Size XL: Length: Approx.28cm / 11.0inch; Suitable for height of 170cm –190cm

Package Includes:

1 Piece Groin Guard

4. Groin Guard for Boxing, Athletic Cup for Stand Up Sports, 100% Protection and Mobility with Soft Lining, for Kick Thai Boxing Karate Hockey Baseball

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  • Thick padding to increase comfort and reduce impact.
  • High-quality PU leather construction ensures durability and excellent performance.
  • User-friendly design ensures optimal safety and visibility.
  • Elastic band to fit your waist comfortably.
  • Ensure good breathability

Expertly crafted using high-quality, PU leather shell construction, this Groin Abdominal Protector will provide long-lasting strength and use throughout all of your sparring sessions.

5. BlueStraw Groin Guard Men Women Taekwondo Boxing Groin Protectors Comfortable Shock-Absorbing Groin Guard Protection for Boxing Karate Sanda Kung Fu Taichi

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made from high quality PU artificial leather to ensure easy cleaning and long durability.Super flexible design makes for the best protection and the most comfortable fit
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This groin guard features an ergonomic design to provide optimal coverage to your private part with comfort. Fits for men and women
  • GROIN ABDOMINAL PROTECTOR: Tough plastic frame with high density foam inside, providing great protection and shock-absorbing care
  • EASY TO WEAR: Highly elastic straps with hook&loop, perfectly fixes the guard on your body, convenient to adjust it to fit your body, easy to wear or take off
  • WILD APPLICATIONS: Highly recommended for people who train for Taekwondo, Boxing, Karate, Sanda, Basketball, Wrestling, Cycling, Soccer, Cricket etc
  • This item can be used by both men and women

6. Title Boxing Classic Groin Protector Plus 2.0

  • Redesigned and advanced coverage of groin and abdomen with this reliable protector
  • Extended and deeper “banana” style cup is padded and offers additional coverage
  • Raised abdominal padding increases protection
  • Fully adjustable waistband is achieved with a 3” wide elastic band, D-ring and hook-and-loop security for a lock-tight, no-slip, form fit
  • Two elastic leg straps help keep protector movement free during training and competition
  • Having 6 different sizes for both men and women and even kids

7. Groin Guard and Abdominal Protector FERUS Made of Artificial Leather with Laces for Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, and MUAITHAI

  • Material : Artificial Leather
  • Size : M, L
  • Colours : Black, Red
  • Use : Protection
  • Groin Guard and Abdominal Protector “FERUS” made of Artificial Leather with Laces for BOXING, MMA, KICKBOXING, and MUAITHAI

8. Title Gel Elite Groin & Ab Protector

Features exclusive Gel Enforced Lining for the ultimate in custom form-fit, impact resistance and performance. Strategic GEL precision placements extend a more protective, full coverage, waist, hips and groin inner foam without adding additional weight or bulk. An incredible combination of durable synthetic leather, lightweight layered inner foams, and exclusive GEL inserts around the inside body, around the entire cup, and in technical hip, abdominal and waist placements for an incredibly protective and ultra-comfortable super groin and ab protector that you will instantly become a loyal fan of. Sleek design is ideal for training and competition with full wraparound coverage for all the protection and confidence you demand. Fully adjustable wraparound hook-and-loop waist closure for a secure, custom fit, every time. Once you experience the GEL revolutionary technology, you will never go back to traditional foam equipment.

9. Groin Guard Protector Cup Inside Safety MMA Kick Boxing Karate Muay Protective Straps Thai UFC Shorts Abdo Black New

  • Groin Guard Protector Cup Inside Safety MMA Kick Boxing Karate Muay Protective Straps Thai UFC Shorts Abdo Black New is made of an ultra-light breathable material
  • Groin Guard With Plastic Cup Insert.Removable Cup for easy cleaning
  • Flexible Elastic Strap Around
  • Made with polyester/cotton elastic.
  • Perfect for Kick Boxing, Boxing, Martial Arts, MMA, Karate, All General training Fights.

Tips for Choosing The Best Boxing Abdominal Protectors

In the long run, the boxing abdominal protector is your partner, and its effect is based on how good it provides you. We cannot talk the detail because you have to imagine it yourself. However, if you understand its importance and want to have the best products, you can check our tips below. It is very easy, and reliable to apply in the reality.

Tip 1: The materials

The materials affect a lot of elements that you will assess an abdominal protector is good or not. For example, the feeling. If the materials make you uncomfortable or it is not a friendly-skin material, you will have a risk to be allergy and lower your experience. Moreover, we can list the elements that materials affect: the durability, the features, breathability, etc.

Let’s discuss one more element, durability. Actually, the interaction between your skin and the abdominal protector is not what can reduce the durability. The cause is sweaty which can change the structure of the materials. If you pay attention to it, after the long run, your clothing, even the abdominal protectors always are overstretched that you cannot wear. The high-quality materials, the high-durability your protector has, and the fact that you will not want to change it as casual because it takes a lot of time to care about.

There are a lot of elements it affects but we think it’s better if you can research by yourself. We just want to remind you about this important element that most people are looking for.

Tip 2: The fashion

It is important even you will not wear it to show other people. However, some people claim that it is still risky to be disclosed accidentally in front of an audience. Therefore, to be the safest, we recommend you to care about fashion. It is also a kind of clothing, so I think it deserves to have been chosen by people who care about fashion.

Tip 3: The features

Don’t just buy products because it has a good main function to help you. You should look for other features because you can get many benefits from it. It means if you have a suitable product with many features, your investment is worth and meaningful. If you pass this tip, you will realize you waste a lot of money on a ‘so so’ product.

We think with just 3 tips above, we can remind you about how to choose the best boxing abdominal protector. The fact that we don’t want you to spend much of your time in finding the best one, because there are tons of products on the market. Let’s check our list of the best products to realize how easy to choose the best product. We will be happy when you guys share with us your moment you find the most suitable one for yourself.


Indeed, for a fighting sport such as boxing, it is important that this is a necessary element. We can only protect ourselves when we anticipate potential risks and take measures to prevent them. Equipping an Abdominal Protectors is a must-have for a male gladiator. Protect yourself by buying an Abdominal Protector! Please share with Gondeee if you have experience with the product!

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