Top 7 Best Boxing Body Protectors

Whether you’ve been practicing for a while or are just considering joining a martial art like MMA, Kickboxing, or Muay Thai, you will have no doubt that Body Protectors are one of the best. Being aware of the potential risks for this unit will help you to protect yourself from health risks such as infertility or organ problems.

Benefits of Boxing Body Protectors

First of all, Gondeee wants to let you know what the boxing body protectors are. It is one kind of boxing tools used for training or practicing. The body protector is more likely a vest without sleeves, and it is made with many padding pads in the chest, waist, and stomach.

The main function of the body protectors is for practicing and training boxers about hitting or punching. The padding pads around the middle of the body to help reduce the impaction of hitting, and the trainer can avoid the injuries. Otherwise, it is used by trainers who will be the target that boxers hit and punch. It helps a lot in improving the sense and feeling of boxing that the fixed punching bag cannot provide.

Totally, we will separate them and analyze more depth each benefit of using boxing body protectors:

For boxers: 

  • Improving the sense and feeling: Do you know why it improves the sense and feeling? If you have ever used the fixed punching bag, you will realize that it’s quite bored because you practice alone. However, the boxing body protectors will help you practice with the real men that motivate you a lot in feeling.
  • Improving the punching technique: If you use the fixed punching bag, it’s maybe good, but not enough. For example, the technique requires you to make a hit toward the stomach so that you need a real target to know your hit accuracy or not. Therefore, with the body boxing protectors, the trainer can easily help boxers get an exact position to punch. It is really helpful to improve the accuracy of the technique.
  • Improving concentration and reflex: An mobile target is always better than a fixed target, right? With the boxing body protector, trainers can move and practice the concentration and reflex of the eyes and body of the boxers.

For trainers:

  • Protect trainers’ body from punching: The most function of the boxing body protectors for trainers is to protect them from boxers’ punching. It is dangerous if practice without it, so the main function that people look for in it is to protect themself.
  • Create activities for trainer and boxer: The activities for trainer and boxer are really important because it links them together.
  • Create activities to check the technique of boxer: The trainers can easily observe boxer’s technique and help them correct in to improve efficiency. Otherwise, it is also useful for trainers to get the experience of being the best tutor.

List of 7 Best Boxing Body Protectors

1. Mytra Fusion Chest & Belly Protector Body Shield Body Armor Body Pad Body Protector Chest Ribs and Belly Protector for Boxing MMA Muay Thai Fitness Gym Workout

Mytra Body Shield is designed to provide complete protection to the chest, belly and ribs and is considered to be one of the best protection gear in the protective armor series by Mytra. Made from high quality PU-Synthetic leather this gear can resist the most extreme punishment.

When you are considering excessive punching training this can serve the best gear in front of the opponent. The CGR-hardcore padding offers a complete shield against the strikes. Aerodynamically designed this shield allows easy movement and extended protection. The Z-Smart is designed to allow this Abdomen guard to bear the most extreme blows.

The multi-layered extended CGR-padding coupled with TQR shock-resistant simulated technology this Abdomen guard has the ability to resist the forceful impact. The tri-layered Pad-X material diverges the impact of force and refrain its transmission to the Abdomen.


2. TITLE BLACK Pro Body Protector

  • Double-ply full grain leathers and extra deep pile suede leathers
  • Moisture wicking
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps and back cross strap
  • Two size: Large ; Regular
  • The CGR-core padding has the shock absorption properties which give protection from the forceful punches. Made from top quality carbon fiber and synthetic G-Leather that gives protection to the Abdomen injury during training and combat. Equipped with a C-Fiber strip and Swift-Z Velcro closure system for snugness and comfort ability.
  • This Abdomen guard has a unique XR-Dissemination shock absorbent feature which disseminates the total force of the strike across the pads equally and lowered the impact. The internal RX-core synthetic leather incorporates properties for the protection of skin. With the ultralight composition of the JX-fiber these pads really give amazing feel and comfort to the use which is unmatchable.

3. Wesing Martial Arts Muay Thai Boxing Chest Protector MMA Sanda Chest Guard


  • Constructed from solid sewing oxford leather.
  • XPE foaming and bamboo chip inserted inner provide better shock absorption.
  • Backstrap with a buckle for adjustment and easy wearing.
  • Suitable for Martial Arts, Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Sanda, and all sports need chest protection.
  • Unisex design and three colors on selection.

4. RDX Boxing Chest Guard MMA Martial Arts Rib Shield Armour Taekwondo Body Protector Muay Thai Training

  • Maya Hide material can last for years and years without wear to show for it (CE Certified Approved by SATRA)
  • EVA-LUTION padding maximizes efficient impact reduction
  • Unique design for force distribution equally consolidate throughout the product
  • Interlaced straps for easy and secure closure
  • Chest Guard is Designed with fighter’s natural movements in mind
  • Sizes: S M L XL

5. RDX TKD Chest Guard Boxing MMA Body Protector

RDX TKD Chest Guard Boxing MMA Body Protector Martial Arts WTF Reversible Rib Shield Armour Taekwondo Target Training Kickboxing

  • Patented Maya Hide leather is armour in-itself and will last you a career. (CE Certified Approved)
  • 18mm EVA-LUTION with 24MM Foam lamination offers a barrage of shock-absorbent padding
  • TKD Chest guard straps with elastic incorporates a hook-and-loop with nylon strap, ensuring an efficient and comfortable fit
  • T-3 triple Nylon stitching and PU piping ensures a stubbornly durable product that lasts you a decisive career.
  • Reversible design can be used for red or blue

6. Title Boxing Fighting Fresh Body Protector

Title Boxing Fighting Fresh Body Protector


  • Replicate a realistic fight scene with the clean-looking, low profile coaching tool
  • A soft foam interior and breathable fabric lining makes it easy-to-wear for the coach with a densely-padded exterior that gives the athlete a solid target
  • The compact shape makes it less bulky and provides a more realistic punching surface
  • Thick, nylon straps and a hook-and-loop closure in the back make it easy to get in and out of
  • Don’t let the thin design fool you…this piece of coaching equipment will take shots from even your hardest puncher

7. Ringside Boxing Micro Body Protector

Ringside Boxing Micro Body Protector

Add a new dimension to your offensive training sessions. With the Micro Body Protector the coach can teach proper body punching from the first person view. Strategically placed air pockets and dense foam padding disperse and eliminate shock. Adjustable Nylon strap with a quick release buckle closure. Additional shipping charges apply for this item.  The exact amount is quoted at the checkout or by selecting to estimate your shipping charges in your shopping cart.

Tips for Choosing Good Boxing Body Protectors

If you are looking for good boxing body protectors, you should know some tips to make your process of choosing more carefully and you will not regret making a decision. Therefore, this part will help you cover your knowledge with some basic tips. They are just basic because it’s up to your style, but it’s good to set your mind as a fixed way to choose the best one for yourself. 

Okay, let’s check the information below: 

Tip 1: Guard/Protector

The reason why Gondeee emphasizes this tip is that if you are a person who wears the body protector directly, you will realize how necessary good protection of the body protector is.  Just think about when you use the bad one cannot guard yourself against hit and you easily get injuries, that situation will be terrible.

Therefore, Gondeee thinks that the first element to pay attention to when you purchase the protector is that they can guard yourself well or not. Assess the features and make the right decision. 

Tip 2: Padding

If you want to choose the boxing body protectors carefully, you should look at the padding. You should have a question as “Is this padding can reduce the impaction of punching? How much they can reduce? How about its durability?” There are tons of questions to wonder, but the above ones are mainly people think about. 

Tip 3: The fit

Of course, you should pay a little attention to this element because the unfit products will not provide the best efficiency of the guard, for example, it cannot reduce most of the impaction, and you will feel hurt if you use an unfit protector. 

Tip 4: Design

If you think it’s ridiculous, it’s okay because it’s a normal reaction. Actually, most people care about the design of boxing body protectors as an important element. Its vital role is compared as equal to other elements above. Imagine that you see the color make you feel lazy, so how’s going on with your motivation at that time? 

We think with 4 basic tips above, you will realize the aspects you should focus on assessing, comparing them to decide which one is the best choice for yourself. Gondeee hopes that we can save your time of choosing, so that’s why we made the list above that all products are the high-quality one, and the best rate by users purchased, tested, and confirmed it. Check it and get products, you will know what we recommend is true. 


It is essential to protect your body when doing sports. Understanding that, Gondeee learned about the protective jerseys in boxing. We hope that List of 7 best boxing body protectors will be helpful for you. Thanks.


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