Top 8 Best Boxing Chest Guards

If you thought boxing was just a tough and violent sport for men, you were wrong. Boxing is one of the most popular forms of fitness that women in the world have used to lose weight in recent years. Fighting sport, especially Boxing, always comes with punches and knockouts. Therefore, when participating in practice, there will be many unexpected cases and situations. All you need to do is equip your protective items, especially the chest and head. In the previous article, Gondeee introduced you to boxing helmets. Therefore, today we will explore boxing chest guards!

Benefits of Using Boxing Chest Guard

There is a lot of equipment that support for boxers’ process such as, shin guard, abdominal guard, focus pads, etc. Moreover, today Gondeee wants to introduce you equipment that is famous for boxers. If you ask about it, no one doesn’t know, and most of them had used it in their boxing life.

The boxing chest guard provides many benefits for boxers, especially in dueling. Let us help you take advantage of all benefits with our information below. It is really helpful because if you don’t know, you are wasting your chest guard value.


Number 1: Protection

One of the main functions of a chest guard is to protect yourself from the vulnerable hit. The fact that even your practice and work out to make your body stronger, you still have some weakness that is easy to be vulnerable, so it is recommended to use the chest guard in the duel to make you safe and decrease the other risky.

If you consult products from the list below, you can easily find out that the chest guard focus on protecting much in the chest, stomach, obliques, waist areas that are the weak position. If you can wear a boxing chest guard, you will be protected and there is no worry about vulnerable risky.

Number 2: The feeling

As we mentioned above, the boxing chest guard also creates a comfort zone for boxers to be themself. If boxers are worried about the injuries, they cannot use 100% of their mind on the match. It means, without boxing chest guard, it will lower their experience and performance. Therefore, to have the best morale for a duel, it is necessary to have boxing chest guard.

Number 3: Others

The fact that boxing chest guard is not only used for the official match, but also for unofficial match or practice. Just imagine that trainers will use it to be a mobile target for boxers, and yes, it is one of the best methods to train boxers. A lot of benefits will be gained such as improving the reflex, checking the technique, and preparing the spirit and motivation for the official match.

Therefore, it is suggested to have two chest guards if you have a boxing partner. It will improve your boxing process with various benefits in the long run.

Totally, if you understand well about boxing chest guard, we think that you know the important role of this guard to meliorate the boxers’ process. If you are interested in and want to have a product, you should not go anywhere to find because we made a list of 8 best boxing chest guards below, and it can help you save a lot of time finding the most suitable products in the market.


List of 8 Best Boxing Chest Guards

1. Wesing Martial Arts Muay Thai Boxing Chest Protector MMA Sanda Chest Guard

Wesing Martial Arts Muay Thai Boxing Chest Protector MMA Sanda Chest Guard is the #1 Best-Seller in Martial Arts Chest & Rib Guards on Therefore, it is highly appreciated. This chest guard is made of solid sewing oxford leather for the safety and the long life. It can protect your chest from serious injuries. With XPE foaming and bamboo chip inserted inner, the guard provides the better shock absorption. Besides, the item is equipped with backstrap and buckle for adjustment and easy wearing. The guard is ideal for Martial Arts, Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Sanda, and all sports need chest protection. With 3 popular colors, it is unisex design on selection.

2. Title Boxing Classic Command Body Protector 2.0, Black/Red

The key features:

  • The design of the item is advanced anatomical with pre-curved and form fitting
  • The chest guard is equipped with the multi-layer foam padding for the best shock absorption
  • Having dense, impact resistant inner foam
  • Moisture wicking inside liner to help keep trainers cool and dry
  • Adjustable shoulder straps, shoulder pads and seatbelt nylon straps for a custom form fit

3. Twister Karate, Taekwondo Reversible Chest Guard Protector for Karate Taekwondo Boxing Muay Thai (RED/Blue)

  • Full Chest for maximum protection Reversible(Blue/Red) Chest Guard/ Chest Protector
  • Premium Quality synthetic leather and stitched to perfection with special highest quality materials thread
  • With Adjustable Elastic & Velcro Closing for adjustment and easy wearing.
  • Suitable for Taekwondo, Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and all sports that need chest protection.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed- We flourish for greatness and consequently our Professional Customer Service guarantees your fulfillment. Our product and training equipment is sponsored by unrivaled assembling qualities that conveys inimitable performance.

4. Roar Boxing Chest Guard MMA Mixed Martial Arts Rib Body Armour Taekwondo Protector

Roar Boxing Chest Guard MMA Mixed Martial Arts Rib Body Armour Taekwondo Protector is made from Rex Leather Eva Foam Padding to for extra protection. It has two sizes for Junior and Senior players. 

  • Comes in Junior and Senior size
  • Straps at back for secure fitting.
  • Comes in Dual Colour combination

5. Boxing Chest Guards Boxing Sports Chest Guard Boxing MMA Martial ArtsKarate Taekwondo Body Protector for Adults Kids Boxing Chest Protector

The key features:

  • Boxing Training Chest Protector:The safety breathable vest has both the best comfort and provides a high level of shock absorption and shock absorption,Chest & Rib Guards.
  • Snug: Close-fitting, form-fitting, and breathable firmness in Maya hide material preserves strength. It is contrived exclusively for comfy fit.
  • Satisfaction: Once you’re wearing the chest protector, you will be assure of eventual protection, and the lightweight design keeps you quick satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Foam Padding: Our chest guard is built with EVA-Lution foam padding for shock-absorbing and impact interrupting performance.
  • Ergonomic Design: This chest protector delivers quality provision, relief, and assistance without compromising agility.

6. TMA Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Boxing Muay Thai MMA Training Chest Shield Rib Guard Body Protector

  • The TMA Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Body Protector allows the coach to seamlessly incorporate body punches into mitt routines
  • Made of durable and easy to clean synthetic leather and heavy nylon straps with quick-release buckles to easily put on and take off
  • This training chest shield and rib guard has dense shock-absorbing foam protection built to uphold against to even the hardest hits and kicks in your home or commercial gym
  • The ultimate body protection for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing and contact sport athletes alike to practice full power hits
  • Take your coaching and sparring session to the next level and go full force with this one size fits all body protector

7. Mikardo Pro Tech Series 5 Martial Arts MMA Muay Thai Kickboxing Boxing Chest Body Guard Rib Shield Protector

  • Contour design uses advanced protective materials that allow for speed and mobility while performing heavy touch operations.
  • Laminated foam provides high impact shock absorption to the front and sides of the rib cage body, as well as the abdomen.
  • Soft foam provides coverage for random blow to the clavicle/shoulder area.
  • Wide elastic bands attach to the top of the shoulder cap and extend across the back
  • Two velcro straps on the side panels lock the chest guard on the back quickly and securely ́
  • The design creates a non-slip matching tactical chest protector

8. Roar Boxing Chest Guard Gel Padding MMA Body Protector Rib Shield Muay Thai Kickboxing Armour

  • Unique design for force distribution equally consolidate throughout the product
  • Interlaced straps for easy and secure closure
  • Designed with fighter’s natural movements in mind
  • EVA-LUTION padding maximizes efficient impact reduction
  • Maya Hide material can last for years and years without wear to show for it

Tips for Choosing The Best Boxing Chest Guard

In our opinion, to choose the boxing chest guard carefully, you should have some tips for yourself. The fact that this part is made with an investigation from all people who experience in shopping boxing chest guard. Therefore, these tips below are really helpful if you can apply them in the reality. Of course, we will not point the best products, and it is up to you and your assessment, but with our tips, you can easily find it out.

Tip 1: The pads

One of the elements to assess boxing chest guard is good or not, are the pads. The pads affect a lot the protection, the feeling you have. For example, if the pads are not good, and if you get hit by an opponent, you can easily feel hurt than normal. As a result, you will be annoyed even you are not injured by it. So, the suggestion for you is choosing the boxing chest guard with the pads that can lower the force of impaction.

Tip 2: The weight

Some people think that the more weight, the better boxing chest guard is because it has a thick pad of protection. However, it will lower the movement speed, and make you uncomfortable. So, if you are looking for the best boxing chest guard, you should check the weight. Of course, it can lower your motion a bit, but not too much.

Tip 3: The fit

The boxing chest guard is likely a shirt, so you should purchase a fit one. The fact that you can take advantage of boxing chest guards if it is fitted. If not, you are just wasting its benefits and value, and moreover, lower your experience and performance. The un-fit product also increases the rate of being injured, so it is best if you use the boxing chest guard fitting for your body.

Tip 4: Materials

This element is the final one. It is quite necessary to check the materials because they affect a lot of things related to the boxing chest guard, for example, durability.  If you want the boxing chest guard to go with you in the long run, you need to make sure its materials are kind of high-quality with good durability.

As of now, we just share with you 4 tips above, but in the future, if people update their tip, we will totalize to give you the best suggestion. We hope you can get the best products, and don’t forget to check our list above once again to not miss the best boxing chest guards.


Equipping a boxing chest guard is extremely important for a fighter. You know it! Even when participating in sports, you also need to ensure your safety. Especially with a fighting sport like boxing. Above is a list of 8 boxing chest guard products that Gondeee has experienced and feel right for you. Let us know how you feel after using it in the comments!

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