Top 8 Best Boxing Costumes

Continuing on the boxing theme, Gondeee gives you 8 costumes which we appreciate well. With outstanding colors, beautiful shapes, they will help you show off very well. Here is a list of 8 best boxing costumes.

Benefits of Using Boxing Costumes

There are tons of things to talk about boxing costumes which people think it’s redundant for their experience. However, the fact that even if you play boxing for competition or just for guarding yourself, the boxing costumes are still important to have. You will realize it when you check our reasons below:


  • The confidence: First of all, we have to say that even you play boxing not for competition, you always are instructed and try to duel in a verse match. The benefit of the match is to improve your feeling face to face with enemy, so it means, the benefit of using boxing costumes is to improve your confidence while being in front of others in the matches.
  • Relax and focus: It is said that the boxing costume help you relax yourself some minutes before the match starts. The reason is that it helps avoid the eyes from other people looking at you. People are often afraid of many people’s eyes focusing on themself, so if you have boxing costumes, you can easily avoid it and wait for some last minutes to take it off, and concentrate on the enemy with all your mind.
  • Hide the weakness: This points is kind same as the confidence, but it’s quite vital to know that the boxing costumes can help you hide yourself, and make enemy surprise. It is really effective in the verse match that you can easily take advantage from the first sight about the physical vision.
  • Profession: One of the most important elements that people playing boxing look for is the profession. It also improves the confidence, but it’s not only about this aspect. The fact that when the boxer is in the ring, they have a feeling of professional boxer if they use boxing costumer. It is really satisfied, and if you don’t know, you can try it once.

With the benefits above, Gondeee think there is no reason to refuse to use boxing costumes. It’s not necessary but the benefits it brings make you considers once more. The smart boxer will invest in it, so how about you? If you are thinking to get boxing costumes, we recommend you to check our list of 8 best boxing costumes below because they are all tested and confirmed by users.

List of 8 Best Boxing Costumes

1. Adult Halloween Costume Boxing Robe with Hood

Adult Halloween Costume Boxing Robe with Hood

The first costume on the list is an adult gown. A long gown made of 100% Polyester. The special thing about this robe is not only its use, but you can also create your own style shirt. The shirt quality is good, airy and quick to dry. Many colors for you to choose from.

2. Dreamgirl Men’s World Champion Costume

Dreamgirl Men's World Champion Costume

With the combination of two striking, contrasting colors, Black and Gold is the perfect match for you to stand out. Not only is the mystery of black but also comes with the luxury of Gold. I judge this robe from the name. You will win with the Dreamgirl brand. 100% polyester material is cool, fast drying. In addition to the gown, you will receive a set of gloves, shorts and belts of the same color.

3. AMNPOLEN Adult Men Satin American Flag Boxing Costume Robe Cloak with Hood

AMNPOLEN Adult Men Satin American Flag Boxing Costume Robe Cloak with Hood

AMNPOLEN Adult Men Satin American Flag Boxing Costume Robe Cloak with Hood appears to have the appearance of an American flag. Fully manufactured from 100% satin silk fabric. Therefore, when wearing, you will feel cool and extremely comfortable. This shirt comes in a single size with a sleeve length of 41.5 inches and a sleeve length of 21 inches. Comes with belt of the same quality and color

4. Dreamgirl Women’s World Champion Costume


Dreamgirl continues to appear for the second time with an outfit similar to No. 2 on this list. However, this is an outfit for women. Like the men’s set, this set also includes a cape with a hat and belt, a pair of boxing gloves, and a cape. Also add a skirt with loop, a croptop.

5. Amscan Adult Boxing Robe Costume

When purchasing the Amscan Adult Boxing Robe Costume, you will receive a long gown with a tone of metalic gold – black. You can buy a large gold belt, a pair of boxing gloves and shorts from the company if needed. Fabric material is cool, fast drying.

6. Kids Boys Boxing Costume Red Blue Boxer Cosplay with Boxing Robe Halloween Role Playing Uniform Carnival

Kids Boys Boxing Costume Red Blue Boxer Cosplay with Boxing Robe Halloween Role Playing Uniform Carnival (Red, L)

Don’t forget to buy your kids a costume. Children’s kit is made from 100% imported Polyester. Please check the size to choose a suitable size. Fabric texture ensures durability. This costume includes gown, jumpsuit (gloves not included). This boxing dress is very suitable for regular boxing training, performance on boxing stage.

7. Get Em Champ Sexy Boxer Costume

If you pursue the feminine, sexy style on the ring, do not miss this product. With the pattern of the US flag and material of 90% polyester and 10% nylon. So it dries very quickly. You will receive bra, shorts, gown and belt when buying this product. An investment in savings.

8. Women’s Tough Boxer Costume Boxing Robe Costume for Women

Women's Tough Boxer Costume Boxing Robe Costume for Women


The color of this costume is a very good combination. You will receive a long blouse and a pair of shorts made entirely of 100% polyester. A bra made of 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex. Black gown with metalic gold trim. Shorts are comfortable to wear. Also the costume set has up to 4 different sizes.

Guide to Choosing The Best Boxing Costumes

We think that this guide can easily make your mindset about choosing the best boxing costumes. If so, you will not waste much time in finding out the best one for yourself. Even you know these information below, we think it’s better to check once again to emphasize them. Okay, so now now waiting more, let’s start!

Guide 1: 

The first thing you should know before purchasing the boxing costumes is materials. Why does Gondeee consider materials as the most important element? The answer is that most of your upper body skin touch with the boxing costume, so it makes materials vital.

For example, if the materials make you allergy, how do you think? It is just a small problem, but it affects a lot of your performance and experience. Moreover, if the materials make you uncomfortable, so is it good for your mood? The answer is a piece of cake, no, totally no. That’s why check and choose the materials providing you the best comfort.

Guide 2: 

The second one is design. Of course, you use boxing costumes for other people see, not for you. That’s why if someone praise your outlooking, you will realize the boxing costumes are suitable for yourself. And if the contrast one happen, so it is not suitable. We recommend you to choose based on what you like and what you suit, it’s better if you make a list, and pick the things that appear in both category.

Guide 3: 

The third element you should know is the fit. Do not think that fit is that the costume have to fit as your T-Shirt. Fit here, means the costume is not too long or bigger than your body. You should pay attention some parts like: the head, the sleeves, the bottom. For example, if the bottom is too long, over your ankle, it will make you weird and decrease your confidence. You can easily realize it after looking some pictures of the suited costumes.

With 3 basic guides above, Gondeee thinks you totally understand to choose the best boxing costumes. Actually, you don’t have to go other places to check because we made the list above with all of the best products confirmed and guaranteed by users.


A good costume will help you feel confident every practice. In addition, buying in combo will help you save much more than buying individual products. Above are 8 best boxing costumes that we recommend you to experience. Click on the image to check more carefully about each product!

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