How to choose best boxing glove sizes & Top 3 Best Boxing Gloves

Best Boxing Glove Sizes and how to choose the best boxing gloves size will be one of the important topics that many boxers pay attention to. Boxing and boxing gloves have a close relationship and boxing practitioners need good gloves to limit injuries in competition as well as in practice. The problem is that you already own boxing gloves suitable for yourself yet? If not, let’s learn how to choose boxing gloves size.

What are the Boxing Gloves?

Boxing gloves are an indispensable tool for boxing training sessions and competitions. We often see many different types of boxing gloves on the market; The price is also quite competitive. So what is the effect of boxing gloves that is so important? Let’s find out in the article.

There are many opinions surrounding the effectiveness of boxing gloves. There is an opinion that wearing gloves when practicing boxing only reduces the force of punches; avoid harming the opponent from the punches. But this is only part of the use of boxing gloves. This type of tool has an even more important effect that is to help protect the hands of the boxers.

When boxers practice technique, exercise with boxing sandbags, it is necessary to use gloves. Thus, you will limit the injury to the finger joints; wrist. This tool helps to reduce the force of the attack on the opponent, but when competing, the direct impact force is quite strong. Therefore, even if you are a beginner in boxing practice, you must definitely use boxing gloves when practicing.

List of 3 Best Boxing Gloves and Best Boxing Glove Sizes

Are you struggling to know what to buy to start boxing? When competing in boxing, boxers need to prepare full equipment, the most important of which is boxing heavy bags. In addition, the boxing gloves is also an indispensable tool. However, not everyone has the experience of picking up the gloves. The following article will suggest the top 3 Best Boxing Gloves that are most popular on the market right below. Leave a comment below about your experience letting us know!

1. Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Punching Bag Gloves

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Opening the list is the Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Punching Bag Gloves. This is the #1 Best Seller item on With 8 different colors and 5 sizes, all players can choose it to be the must-have item. The glove can keep your hands protected inside. It is designed with the engineered leather construction so, it will provide the hardest hits for you. With the design of a special longitudinal arch and the mesh palms, your hands always are dry and clean when using. It is also rated 4.6 out of 5 stars with 3158 customer ratings.

2. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

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Second place goes to the Venum brand, Venum Elite Boxing Gloves. Gondeee’s impression from the first time for this product is that it is very diverse colors and designs and materials extremely attractive to the viewer. It has available 5 sizes to choose. The glove is suitable for beginners to advanced users. With the design of 100% premium Skintex leather from Thailand, it will absorb the shock and protect your hands, your wrists.

3. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

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Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves is known as their incredible wrist support and hand protection. It is designed to offer the secure fit and support the proper and powerful punches. This item will be the perfect choice for all levels of training and it is awarded The best boxing gloves by Men’s health Magazine.

The product features:

  • The 4X Fusion Splinting will protect and support your wrists.
  • Multi-Layered Foam protects the hand.
  • XT2 Fabric Lining provides a fresh feeling for users.
  • You can wipe away sweat quickly with the softer thumb
  • The material is durable engineered leather.

Why should you use these 3 best boxing gloves?

In the middle of the market for products from many big and small brands, you won’t know which backpack bat bags to choose from. Whether or not you will buy the poor quality or not and at what price.

Those are the criteria that you will consider and come to mind when preparing to buy a product. Don’t buy a product at a high price and get something of no value in return. But how below will be the criteria that we considered when experiencing 3 best boxing gloves and choosing the best boxing glove size.

  • Price: The first thing that a lot of customers will immediately think about is how to own a product at the price tag. Because they do not want to buy a bag at a high price, but it can only be used for a few days. It’s inhibiting if you buy such a product right? We have chosen the Top 3 best boxing gloves and choosing the best boxing glove size with prices ranging from a wide range of budgets to accommodate.
  • Brands: On this list are the 10 best products from many different brands that are very popular in the market. These include the strong and modern. These are all highly regarded brands for their quality and reliability.
  • Material: These 3 best boxing gloves and choosing the best boxing glove size are almost made of Durable and water-resistant fabric or textile. They are guaranteed for the durability and longevity of the product.
  • Quality: As mentioned above, the bags with guaranteed material and high durability will give you more confidence in the quality of the product. In addition, when choosing to evaluate, Gondeee always prioritizes the top-selling products of Amazon, as well as has a large number of interactions from users.
  • They all get a pretty high star score and good product satisfaction and reviews on the web. In addition, the product’s efficiency was also highly appreciated by its convenience. Because you can have a lot of products in it, not just boxing items. Isn’t that helpful?
  • Outlooking: Certainly these products are design-conscious. Usually, the products from this brand all have in common: modern, beautiful, and attractive design. Right from the first time, you will “fall in love” right away and ready to pay for them.

How to choose a suitable size for boxing gloves?

What is the wrong size? In fact, gloves like pants, shirts or socks, are also small by size. Choosing the wrong size means you accidentally bought a pair of boxing gloves too tight or too wide for your hand’s structure.

Boxing Gloves are an indispensable item of many fighting martial arts. It has even been considered a symbol of the ring. Designed for optimal effectiveness for protecting both the user and the opponent when practicing, competing, the gloves each boxer should always choose carefully in terms of quality and size. well suited. There have been dozens of well-known manufacturers. Today, many world-renowned martial arts equipment manufacturers have agreed to use the ounce unit (abbreviated as oz, 1 oz = 28.35g) to divide into glove sizes. Full board, depending on the design model that each manufacturer has its own recommended parameters. However, you can refer to the following average specs sheet to choose the most suitable glove size for you.

The long-term consequences of wearing the wrong size of gloves:

If loose gloves will make the ability to control the blow poor, punching force and distracting in the opposition, from which you can be knocked out. If the glove is too tight, the risk is easy to predict that the wearer will always feel uncomfortable during exercise and in the long term cause injury to the knuckles.

Guide to Choosing The Best Pro Boxing Gloves

The fact that you can easily get the best Pro boxing gloves with our list above, however, we don’t think that you can depend on it forever because one day if you have to choose others, you will have no idea to find out your best one. Therefore, Gondeee are here to help you solve this problem.

We would like you to understand this guide is basic that shapes your mindset about choosing the best pro boxing gloves. After that, you will consider more carefully and assess each of the elements to get the best products.

Tip 1: Checking the materials

The materials affect a lot how good the Pro boxing gloves are. If the materials are not kind of high-quality, you will realize that it is just a normal glove, so even other things like features will not be used effectively. Materials also affect how you feel and you can easily assess the products are good or not based on the kit. Therefore, checking the materials with the features is a necessary process.

Tip 2: Checking the feeling

The feeling includes many elements such as materials, the fit, the experience, etc. It is hard to explain that feeling because each people have their requirement and different feeling and sense. Therefore, to be careful, you should check how you feel when using the Pro boxing gloves.

Tip 3: Checking the features

Even it is Pro boxing gloves, but it is not a perfect one. There are no perfect gloves that serve all boxers’ requirements. Therefore, check the features is necessary if you want to have the best Pro boxing gloves. You are the person who understands most of your wish, so you can choose it based on the features easily. Our advice is not to let the outlooking lie to you. Just keep going shopping to choose what suit your requirement, and also suit your fashion.

Tip 4: Color

Finally, color is also a factor that sometimes when you buy something home you realize it’s not your favorite color. So, when you buy online, please choose the basic colors or have actual feedback photos so as not to disappoint you when you receive the goods!

With 4 basic tips above, we think we have reminded you about some sides of shopping Pro boxing gloves. There are also others, but we just want you to remember 3 core points above because it will help a lot in finding the best Pro boxing gloves.

What size boxing gloves are there and for which purpose?

In addition to the type of gloves for teenagers (size 6oz), adult boxing gloves have basic sizes corresponding to the following training purposes:

– 8oz – 10oz: Size gloves used in boxing competition.

– 12oz: Gloves suitable for most women (or men with small and medium hands).

– 14oz: Size gloves suitable for sparring or general training.

– 16oz: Size gloves equipped in the gym, to practice fists with sandbags.

How to choose a boxing glove size

According to body weight and exercise purpose:

  • For ordinary trainees: Under 45kg (small size of 6-8oz), 45 – 70kg (normal size S / M: 10 -12oz) , 70 – 80 kg (large size 14oz), over 80kg (large size 16-18oz).
  • For trainer and trainer: Teenager (small size glove 8-12oz), 45 – 70kg (12 -14oz), 70 – 80 kg (large size 14-16oz), over 80kg (large size 16-18oz ).
  • For professional boxers: Under 45kg (8oz), over 45kg (10oz).
  • For amateur boxing boxer: depending on the level and boxing competition requirements, boxer selects 10-16oz gloves).

By hand size:

The most common way of many novice boxers is to choose the right gloves by measuring their hand size. But it is important to measure the method of taking the index across the hand just below the knuckle and on the palm. Then see the corresponding number of boxing gloves in the size table below:


How to choose the size above boxing gloves is very useful for boxing practitioners to refer. Wish you choose the right gloves to comfortably practice their favorite martial arts. Gondeee hopes that the ways we give will help you in finding the perfect size of a boxing glove for your hand. The following article will suggest the top 3 Best Boxing Shoes and How to choose the best boxing glove sizes that are most popular on the market right below. Leave a comment below about your experience letting us know!