Top 6 Best Boxing Gloves Sets

Best Boxing Gloves Sets will probably be the topic that beginners to learn boxing is looking for. Boxing is now a very popular sport with entertainment, stress relief, and high body training. Let’s explore the Top 6 Best Boxing Sets with Gondeee!

The Benefit of Using Boxing Gloves Set

Have you ever thought about the difference between using only equipment and using the set? Of course, each type has its own advantage, but today Gondeee wants to share with you more information about using boxing gloves set.

The fact that if you use only gloves, you will realize it is redundant. The only gloves purchasing is for that you don’t have enough condition to set up the sandbag. However, we think that to make your process better, you should invest in boxing gloves set which can help you to practice any time you want. To help you know the benefits of using boxing gloves set, let’s check our information below:


  • Always ready: It means you will be always ready for your practice. It helps a lot in motivating you and reject the laziness. For example, if you are lazy, but you see the sandbag, you will want to punch it to decrease the stress. Or, if you are lazy to go to the martial arts center to get the sandbox, you will easily practice at your home.
  • The feeling: The fact that if you buy a set, it’s better to reach your best feeling. If you feel uncomfortable with the sandbag at the center, or if you can’t spend time using sandbags at the center because of others’ turn, it is recommended to using boxing gloves set.
  • Design: For other benefits such as design, you will realize that using a set will help you improve your image in the other’s eyes. You will look professional, attractive.

With only 3 basic benefits above, you will have a good vision to get the best boxing gloves set. If you are interested in them, we recommend you to check our list of 6 best boxing gloves set below. We trust that it will never let you down because it is tested and confirmed by users with good comments and high rates.

List of 6 Best Boxing Gloves Set

1.RDX Kids Punch Bag UNFILLED Set Junior Kick Boxing 2FT Heavy MMA Training Youth Gloves Punching Mitts Muay Thai Martial Arts

The first set of products Gondeee introduced on the list is a combo consisting of 1 pair of boxing gloves, 1 synchronized boxing sandbag. With leather, Maya Hide is famous in the boxing industry, which is appreciated. The gloves with shock-absorbing gel pad and leather material combine with nylon mesh to drain sweat for clear hands. The set of products is suitable for both children with 2 different colors, depending on their preferences.

2. Ringside Kids Boxing Gift Set (2-5 Year Old)


Ringside is a very famous brand in the boxing world. Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on amazon from nearly 2000 reviews, we appreciate this set of products. The product set has 3 colors, red, black and pink. You can choose the right color for your child. This is a kit with 1 boxing bag, a pair of gloves and a headgear for 2 – 5 year olds. The kit is suitable for both boys and girls.

3.  Title Youth Punch Mitt Set

This is a training kit for teenagers who are practicing boxing from the TITLE brand. This set of products is the ideal combo set for the beginners of this sport. You will get:

  • 1 TITLE Classic Panther Micro Mitts 2.0
  • 1 Pair TITLE Classic Youth Boxing Gloves
  • 1 Pair TITLE Classic Advanced 108 “Hand Wraps V2
  • 1 TITLE Youth Size Licorice Speed Rope

4. Kakoa Sports Boxing Gloves for Women and for Men 16 oz Muay Thai Kickboxing Gloves Boxing Set Includes Pair of Sparring Gloves with Boxing Hand Wraps Included Great for MMA Training or Punching Bags

The boxing gloves and hand wraps from Kakoa Sports are the next thing we want to showcase. Gondeee constantly experiences new products to bring you more enjoyable experiences through many different products. This 16oz glove set is suitable for both men and women, suitable for training at the gym and at home. With the wrist strap to help you adjust your gloves to the size of your hand, you’ll get the perfect fit.

5. RDX Kids Punching Bag Heavy Boxing 2FT UNFILLED MMA Punching Training Gloves Kickboxing



  • RDX Zero Impact G-Core twinned layer non tear Maya Hide Leather Technology
  • UNFILLED Kids Punching bag is 2ft High (3ft including chains) with 28cm diameter
  • Comes with 6oz training bag gloves & Hanging chain
  • Zip top design which allows you to change the filling as you require
  • Resilient Maya Hide leather construction makes these gloves stubbornly durable and long-lasting

6. Everlast 6-Piece Speed Bag Set (SET)

The final set that Gondeee introduces is a six-item combo, including a 24-inch adjustable wooden platform with a 3/4-inch thick platform and powder-coated adjustable brackets as well as a leather speed bag (color may vary), swivel, a pair of bag gloves, a pair of hand wraps, and a nylon jump rope with wooden handles. Working out on the speed bag is one of the best exercises you can do to enhance speed and agility. The jump rope is a nice extra for basic aerobic training. The hand wraps and gloves provide the protection you need for training. All of the components of this set are high-quality essentials for boxing and are offered at a great value.

Guide to Choosing The Best Boxing Gloves Set

If you checked the list above, you will realize that there are many kinds of gloves set. For example, number six. It doesn’t have the sandbag, just a small bag, it means this set is for training the flexibility than the strength. What we want to say is that you should know some tips to choose the best boxing gloves set, and we will reveal them below.

Tip 1: The target

As we mentioned in the example above, you should know your target for boxing. For example, if you want to improve flexibility, it’s better to have the equipment specialized for it such as a speed bag, skipping rope, etc. If you want to improve your strength, you should discover the suitable equipment for strength.

Tip 2: The quality

If you want to check the quality, you should understand the element reflex it. There are many elements revealing it, but Gondeee thinks that it is easy to know how good boxing gloves set is by checking the materials equipment, tools are made of. The higher quality of materials, the better quality of all sets.

Tip 3: Saving

Manufacturers always want you to buy a set. It’s actually partly for the profit, but the fact that they just want you to have the best experience in boxing. Moreover, one of the benefits of using boxing gloves set is for saving. It saves a lot than you buy one by one. Therefore, if you can afford it, don’t be hesitate to choose a set.

Gondeee thinks that 3 tips above are easy to understand, and they will help you a lot in finding your best one. We really hope you can purchase your best boxing gloves set, and we also hope your products are what we recommend above. We spent a lot of time investigating it and wish you can get take advantage of it.


When purchasing items in a combo, you will save more money when buying separately. So we encourage you to choose the combos to buy. Feel free to experience and leave a comment for us!

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