Top 10 Best Boxing Protective Gear Sets

Boxing is a famous martial art and a form of exercise and health training that many people choose. However, for those who have just learned about Boxing or have just intended to participate in Boxing practice, the question about Boxing benefits and benefits is always a matter of primary concern.

With Boxing, it uses a lot of parts, muscle groups on the body to participate in exercises such as hand muscles, shoulder muscles, abs, hip and leg muscles … Boxing practice helps the body more supple, more agile and at the same time develops the ability to coordinate parts of the body as well as reflexes of the body. You will find yourself in the perfect shape after practicing boxing for a few months with our 10 Best Boxing Protective Gear Sets.

List of 10 Best Boxing Protective Gear Sets

1. Cocoarm Taekwondo Protective Gear Kit, Taekwondo Groin Guard Arm Band, Boxing Karate Crotch Taekwondo Protective Set 8Pcs/Set

Cocoarm Protective Gear Kit is created for many sport, including Boxing, Taekwondo,… This st is made of high-quality materials with fine craftmanship, sturdy and lightweight tackle for you to protect you from the injuries. The material is Nylon Composite PVC with the optional sizes from XS; S to M.

  • XS (for Height 110-130cm) 
  • (for Height 130-140cm) 
  • (for Height 140-165cm)

The tough frame with the high-density sponge inside provides the shock absorption and the security. The kit is equipped with hook-and-loop closure to adjust easily. Gondeee highly recommends this item for you who are training Boxing; Karate; Taekwondo,..

2. LEIPUPA Complete MMA Sparring Gear Set with Boxing Headgear, Body Chest Guard, Shin Pads, Groin Abdominal Protector – One Size – Select Colors

After buying this item, you will get one-piece headguard; one-piece chest guard; one-piece groin guard and one pair leg guards. The kit is made form high-quality PU leather for the durability and the long life. It is equipped with high-density foam inside the lining for the comfort. With the high protection performance, it is convenient to wear and you can be protected form injuries.

  • Head Guard Height: approx.21cm / 8.3inch
  • Chest Guard Extend Length: approx.84cm / 33.1inch
  • Groin Guard Length: approx.26cm / 10.2inch
  • Leg Guard Length: approx.30cm / 11.8inch

3. Macho Dyna 7-piece sparring gear set with shin guards

Macho Dyna will give you 7-piece sparring gear set with shin guards. This is one of the most popular sparring gear and made of high-quality 3/4 inch foam. After buying, you will get one set; including Macho Shin Guard; Duna Kicks; Gloves and Head Gear. The item is available in 4 colors, Black; White; Blue and Red. Besides, it has various sizes for you to choose, ranging Childs (S; M; L) to Adults (S; M; L or XL). The item is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars from 175 customer ratings on

4. Pine Tree Complete Vinyl MMA, Taekwondo, Karate Sparring Gear Set with Bag, Shin, Hand, Foot, Groin Guard

You need to purchase this top quality sparring protective gears! Because you will get 14 items from this set! You will receive: a dipped foam head gear of your choice in color and size, 1 pair of padded forearm guards, 1 pair of padded hand guards, 1 pair of padded shin guards, 1 pair of padded foot guards, 1 chest guard. 1 mouth guard, 1 mouth guard case, 1 groin protector, and 1 carrying bag. This boxing gear is suitable for both male and female, child and adult with many different sizes and 4 colors.

5. TOUKUI [email protected] 8 Sets of Boxing Protective Gear, Fighting Training Equipment, Suit Combination, Head and Leg Protector, Practical Training, Children/Adults Can Wear

Size Recommendation:

  • S: suitable for height about 125-150CM, suitable for weight about 20-35kg
  • M: suitable for height about 153-160CM, suitable for weight about 37-45kg
  • L: suitable for height about 161-170CM, suitable for weight about 46-55kg
  • XL: suitable for height 171-175CM, suitable for weight about 60-70kg
  • XXL: suitable for height 176-190+CM, suitable for weight about 75-100kg

This gear is made of Oxford PU material.

  • Ear protection design does not affect the hearing two-way adjustment gluing, custom adjustment elastic
  • Glue design, easy to wear, PU soft leather, seismic decompression
  • Comprehensive protection: good protection, wear light and flexible combat fitness training, protect the head, chest, hands, legs, ankles, feet
  • Oxford cloth fabric: soft and breathable, comfortable to wear, no abrasion
  • Stretch cotton: thick foaming liner, relieve impact, protective thickening

6. PU Boxing Protective Gear Set Shin Leg Chest Guard Helmet Groin Guard

With this set, you can give 1 Piece Head Guard; 1 Piece Chest Guard; 1 Piece Groin Guard and 1 Pair Leg Guards. With the ergonomic structure and high protection performance, this set is convenient to wear. It is made from high tech PU leather for long-lasting protection. Equipped with high-density foam inside the lining for maximum comfort, ultra-light and breathable. Your body can be protected from injuries on all sides (head, chest, groin, leg). This set is suitable for a 130-180cm height person and perfect for Kick Boxing, Martial Arts, MMA, Karate, Taekwondo, Football and other training sports.

7. Macho Dyna 8 piece sparring gear set with shin guards and face shield

The next item we want to recommend is again item from the Macho Dyna brand. However, with this item, you will get 8-piece set. Let’s explore!

  • Made of high quality 3/4 inch foam.
  • set will include Macho Small Dyna Kicks, Small Gloves and Medium Head Gear with face shield
  • Available in White, Blue, Red or Black
  • Sizes child s, m, l, adult S, M, L or XL.
  • Shin Guards and face shield Included.

8. Bnineteenteam Sanda Protective Gear Set of 4 Boxing Fight Protective Gear Head Abdominal Leg Protection Device

Bnineteenteam Sanda Protective Gear Set is made of high quality PU leather and soft foam, it is tear-resistant, wear-resistant and comfortable. Ergonomically designed with thick foam to provide perfect protection for your head, abdomen and legs. Elastic adjustable shoulder strap design, easy to wear or take off, very convenient. Size: L (Suitable for height above 180cm/70.87inch).

Packing List:
1 * Head Guard
1 * Body Armour
1 * Groin Guard
2 * Shin Guard

9. Tongina Adult Sparring Headgear + Chest Body Protector + Shin Guards + Groin Protector Set for Karate, Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing – Multiple Colors


– High protection performance, convenient to wear.
– Made from high tech PU leather to ensure long lasting protection.
– Equipped with high density foam inside the lining for maximum comfort, ultra-light and breathable.
– Protect your body from injuries on all sides(head, lead, groin, leg ).
– Fully adjustable straps, suitable for 130-180cm height person.
– Perfect for Kick Boxing, Martial Arts, MMA, Karate, Taekwondo, Football and other training sports.


To ensure the safety of participating in this sport, we need to equip ourselves with the necessary items. Speaking of boxing, always remember to buy yourself at least one of 10 Best Boxing Protective Gear Sets.! Surely you will be more confident when participating in the match. Gondeee hopes this top 10 Best Boxing Protective Gear Sets article will be useful to you. Let us know in the comments below.

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