Top 8 Best Boxing Shoes for Women

Women who participate in sports always want to look polished and equipped with essential items. Boxing is the same, surely they will never forget a pair of suitable boxing shoes to protect their feet. Understanding that, we bring 10 best boxing shoes for women today. Hopefully, you’ll find a pair of boxing shoes that are right for you. If you are male, please visit our Top 10 Best Boxing Shoes For Men article for reference!

The Benefits of Using Boxing Shoes for Women

Boxing is a sport for both men and women. Nowadays, women can easily chase the sport they want, especially martial art such as boxing, so manufacturers also produce their specialized products. And, today, Gondeee wants to introduce to you the best boxing shoes for women, but before reading the list, we should check the benefits of using them to have a general vision.

It is a good choice for you to understand well about boxing shoes for women. Moreover, with this information, you can get the best products easier and take advantage of the benefits of what we use. Okay, let’s check it below:


  • Fashion: One of the first elements that female boxers will pay attention to is fashion. They are female, so this fact is easy to understand. However, it’s not wrong because fashion should be the first thing to be considered before purchase, especially for females. They want their outlooks attractive, so a fashion suitable boxing shoes can provide it.
  • The soft and comfort: The boxing shoes for women can provide them the best soft and comfort that casual shoes cannot. Look at our list below, you can easily find out all of them have high-quality materials that create a feeling of comfort and motivated. This element also is one of the elements boxers look for.
  • Support for movement: It’s not as male boxers, female boxers want to play boxing with the best support. For martial arts, support always is a necessary thing for women because they don’t have enough strength as males. Therefore. the boxing shoes can serve it and attract many female boxers to invest in.
  • Protection: This one may be not many people pay attention to, but it is one of the benefits that boxing shoes for women provide. The products are made to be specialized for boxing, and for women, so it can reduce the risk of getting injuries both from duel and practice. Some injuries that require to use of boxing shoes to avoid such as a sprain, heel pain, leg cramps, etc.

We think with just the benefits above, you can easily understand what you are expecting to buy. However, to help you save your time and money in choosing the best one, we made the list and the guide below.

List of 10 Best Boxing Shoes for Women

1.Title Boxing Innovate Mid Boxing ShoesTitle Boxing Innovate Mid Boxing Shoes

The Innovation to Excel! These incredibly light weight and sporty jacquard nylon weave upper with synthetic leather accents mid boxers form a precision shoe for winning results. Polyurethane full-length rubber soles are tooled for speed and quickness, with intense pivots and traction. Full length double lasted mid-sole helps provide lower center of gravity and foot control.

They have 4 colors, including Black, Blue, Red and White. First the pros, these boots are decent for those who pivot and move on the ball of their feet a lot, comfortable too

2. Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top Boxing Shoes – Black

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top Boxing Shoes - Black

Lightweight shoes designed especially for boxing. Polyurethane insole, light non-skid rubber sole reduces impact. Wide upper and laces eliminate flexion strain and provide comfortable fit. Rounded tip, lace up the front and side zipper. Manufactured with leather and suede.

3. Fighting Superior Boxing Shoes

So, what’s special about Fighting Superior Boxing Shoes ? Let’s have a look at the best features of it here!


  • They are comfortable and durable.
  • Toes can be protected by durable overlay on cap.
  • Exclusive Fighting S2 GEL shock suppression series insole insets, technically inserted at key impact zones in the toe, heel and arch
  • Features a brilliant compilation of rich patent leather, intense Nubuck leather and strategic nylon weave micro-mesh insets
  • Full EVA midsole and extruded gum rubber, three-dimensional outsole delivers superior traction, pin-point pivots, flexibility and rigid durability
  • They have 3 different colors

4. Title Money Metallic Flash Boxers

Amazingly light and dazzling, flash metallic leather synthetic upper delivers a superb and sizzling performance, with all the style and fury elite fighters demand. Polyurethane full-length ribbed rubber soles are tooled for speed and quickness, with intense pivots and traction. A double lasted mid-sole helps provide lower center of gravity and foot control. Sleek and low 6.5″ height is designed for superior speed, flexibility and execution. A padded, full length tongue, arch and heel supports provide optimal results during intense action. Complete with a quality drawstring mesh carry bag that is ideal for storing and transporting shoes in your gym bag so they can “breathe” and air out between uses. If bold and daring is your fighting style, these Boxeo Money Metallic Flash Boxers are your only choice.

5. Sport Pioneer High Top Boxing Shoes Boxer Boots for Men Women Kids

  • Boxing Shoes Size Chart
    UK Size–Foot Length
    You can measure your foot length before shopping. If your feet is longer, wider or higher than standard size, choose a bigger size.
  • Sport Pioneer is a famous Boxing brand, specialized in manufacturing all ranges of Boxing products. With a history of over 20 years, Day Key has become one of the top Boxing manufacturers and owns lots of patent technology.

6. Title Boxing Velocity KO Boxing Shoes

  • High tech, finely padded breathable nylon mesh upper insets
  • Full flexible gum rubber outsole provides secure grip and pinpoint pivots
  • Additional overlays on the toe, forefoot and heel add durability and style
  • Low-profile partial EVA midsole for lightweight midfoot and heel cushioning, vital during combat
  • Reinforced back heel adds ankle support and stability

7. Day Key High Top Boxing Shoes for Men Women Kids, Breathable Boxer

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Day Key High Top Boxing Shoes for Men Women Kids, Breathable Boxer

  • Great Ankle Support — High tops provide mobility in crucial areas for ankle movement, extra long laces provide enough length to wrap it around the ankle before tying.
  • Mesh upper with synthetic leather and suede overlays provide maximum breathability, durability, and lightweight fit.
  • Soft elastic EVA lining offers more cushioning to feet.
  • Strong Grip — The rubber sole provides great grip to feet, gives a great feeling of connection to the ground. Also, they help with pivots and turns.
  • Worry-Free Warranty — 100% satisfaction with money back guarantee. Free exchange for any problem on size or quality within 365 days.

8. Pro-Mex Professional Boxing Boot

Manufactured with genuine full grain leather in traditional Mexican style and quality.  Approximate 12” height with lace tie front and full panel tongue a firm, supportive, no-slip performance. Sculpted polyurethane rubber soles are crafted for quick and speedy footwork while providing sure pivots and excellent traction.  Full length double lasted mid-sole helps provide lower center of gravity and foot control. Includes vertical inset zipper for quicker on and off.  Trust what the pros have relied on for world championships for decades.

Tips For Choosing The Best Boxing Shoes For Women

We really want you to get the most suitable products, especially for women that are looking for boxing shoes. Therefore, if you have time, let’s check our part because we had investigated more in the market to totalize the knowledge. We made it to be the tips, so you can apply it in the reality easily.

Tip 1: The fashion

As we mentioned above, fashion is one of the first benefits boxing shoes provide, so it is also one of the requirements to have the best product. If you are not attracted to by-products, it is meaningless to purchase because you easily throw it in a dirty corner. However, if boxing shoe fashion is suitable, you will want to use it even on other occasions.

Tip 2: The materials

The materials affect a lot of things that you will care about. For example, durability. You will want to use the boxing shoes in a long run, not for a short time, so it means, the more durable boxing shoes for women are, the more satisfied feeling you have, and the more high-quality materials are required. Of course, you have to accept the fact that the higher-quality materials, the more required condition to get.

Moreover, the materials also affect how feeling you have. You will realize it because the materials touch directly your skin. If it is a kind of unfriendly-skin material, it can make your allergy. Therefore, choosing the materials that suit or make you comfortable is an art that not many people can do.

Tip 3: Fit

We don’t know you pay attention to this element or not, but after investigation, we know that most female boxers think about the fit before purchasing. Firstly, they don’t want to waste their time and money on choosing a product that cannot fit their foot. Besides, the fit affects positively the users. For example, it motivates them to use and practice/ duel every day, so you will get rid of the laziness.

With our tip, it is just a basis for you to consult. All your assessment needs to come from checking the products in reality or in the Internet. However, make sure that have checked our list above because we don’t want you to miss many products that people tested and confirmed the quality.


Boxing is one of the very few martial arts for the use of shoes in competition. Professional Boxing shoes are mainly for increasing grip with the floor, or sometimes they can function against the ankles. As a woman, wearing boxing shoes is not just how you express your personality and style, but also how you protect your legs and body.

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