Top 10 Best Cartoon Boxing Gloves

Currently, many parents have decided to let their children practice boxing as a sport to help their children relieve stress after hard working hours. Buying a pair of quality children boxing gloves is also a concern for many people. The market is flooded with poor quality boxing gloves. Having practiced sports, there will be injuries, whether adults or children. So safety is the first priority. The first thing parents should be concerned about when buying boxing gloves for children is quality. High quality will bring safety for your baby in every game. Besides, the parents need to pay attention to the appearance of the gloves for children. Because of a pair of cartoon-favorite gloves, they will have a greater passion for training. 

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List of Best Cartoon Boxing Gloves

1. KUYOU Kids Boxing Gloves, Pu Kids Children Cartoon Sparring Boxing Gloves Training Age 5-12 Years

KUYOU Kids Boxing Gloves, Pu Kids Children Cartoon Sparring Boxing Gloves is made of grain synthetic leather with machine-made mold inside for the durability and the long life during using these gloves. This item is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on with 311 ratings. These ones are available in 3 colors and the size of 4oz gloves so, they are perfect for the kids from 5 to 12 years old. With the cartoon motifs, your child can be attracted to the item. Besides, they are equipped with long wrist straps for wrist support. The PU leather construction helps you clean them easily. Moreover, they have the good-quality velcro closure and the Gel Impact Protection Foam.

2. SKL Kids Boxing Gloves 4oz Training Gloves for Children Cartoon Sparring Boxing Gloves Training Mitts Junior Punch PU Leather Age 5-12 Years

SKL is a registered brand, which they devote to develop sport protective equipment. They allow SKL users to go and explore your extreme talent without any compromise. SKL Kids Boxing Gloves with 4 oz sizes provide a pair of suitable gloves for kids with the Dense Foam and the Velcro Strap. They provide shock absorption and protect your hands. Besides, these gloves are made of premium synthetic leather for durability. They can enhance their lasting ability. The Velcro Strap makes the gloves fit children perfectly at affordable price.

3. Xnature 4oz 6oz 8oz PU Kids Boxing Gloves,Gift Box Children Kickboxing Sparring Youth Boxing Or Training Gloves Age 5-12 Years for Christmas and Birthday Present

Xnature 4oz 6oz 8oz PU Kids Boxing Gloves are durable for long-term use and made of high-quality material.  This material provides durability and long life for the product. Besides, equipped with EVA foam, these gloves offer maximum support and comfort. With a special design that conforms to children’s small fists, these are perfect choices to get kids ready for some boxing training. The wrist strap is made of elastic for a more adjustable fit and the support for wrists and hands. Your hands can be cool and dry with the ventilation holes of gloves. With the material of the item, you can clean easily.

4. RDX Kids Boxing Gloves for Training & Muay Thai – Maya Hide Leather Junior 6oz Mitts for Sparring, Fighting & Kickboxing – Good for Youth Punch Bag, Grappling Dummy and Focus Pads Punching

With superhero motifs, these gloves will definitely be the choice of boys from 5-12 years old who are practicing boxing. Using a special design, these handcrafted gloves can spread the shock impact ti consolidate fast traveling molecules from spilling through these ones. The material is breathable, durable so, they can be washable many times. Besides, the RDX brand is very famous for equipment in boxing.

5. HUINING Kids Boxing Gloves, Kids Training Gloves Punch Mitts MMA Gloves PU Cartoon Sparring Dajn Training Gloves, 6 Oz, for Age 5-12 Years

With 7 different colors and textures designed and printed on the top of the gloves, this boxing glove is suitable for children from 3 to 12 years old and is an appropriate gift that parents should give my child when participating in boxing practice. Besides, they are rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on They have a natural curved fist and grip bar for better positioning. Equipped with the breathable mesh and anti-wear PU leather, they provide a long life and durability. Your kids can feel convenient when wearing because of Hook-and-loop closure and a secure wrist strap of these gloves.

6. TOCO FREIDO Boxing Gloves for Kids with Boxing Hand Wraps Children Youth Punching Bag PU Kids Children Cartoon Sparring Boxing Gloves Training Age 3-12 YearsUsed

TOCO FREIDO Boxing Gloves is made of grain synthetic leather and suitable for kids. They are made with machine-made mold inside and come with high-quality wraps for boxing. With the funny cartoon motif and the red color, they can attract the kids. They provide the most natural grip for the users because of the inserted grip tube in the palm. These gloves have a size of 5.5 x 7.9 inches (14 x 20 cm) with boxing gloves sizes of 118 inches (9.8ft).

7. HUINING Kids Boxing Gloves, Training Boxing Gloves for Kids Age 3-12, Cartoon Sparring Training Mitts Junior Punch PU Leather Protective Youth Boxing Gloves

HUINING Kids Boxing Gloves is created for kids age 3 to 12  or youth weight 30 to 50 lbs. These are one-piece gloves with thickened thumb and the plump fist peak for the protection. Besides, they are equipped with Velcro Closure Design for a better grip for kids. 

8. Bnineteenteam Kids Boxing Gloves, Children Cartoon MMA Sparring Gloves PU Leather Boxing Training Gloves for Kids Aged 2-11 Years Old

With outstanding and unique colors, these gloves are the choice you are looking for kids. These gloves are made of high-quality PU leather construction for the durability and best performance. This item is suitable for Boxing Kickboxing, MMA, Sparring, and training. They are tough and fashionable gloves with the hook-and-loop design for kids. The material of these gloves is wear-resistant and durable. They provide the powerful punch with the breathable mesh for comfort. They is available in 3 colors, including yellow, pink and blue.

9. Leo Children’s Boxing Mitts Sanda Muay Thai Boxing Sandbag Fighting Boxing Gloves Cartoon Pattern Lovely Breathable Wear-Resistant Comfortable Gloves

These wear-resistant comfortable gloves come from the Leo brand. They have a cartoon pattern that many kids know about this character. The foam padding of the item if super-tuff and high-density. They offer shock absorption for the kids when punching. They are made in durable leather and breathable wear-resistant materials. Besides, the after-sales of Leo is very good so, you can choose these gloves for your kids.

10. Kalmar Boxing Gloves, Children’s Boxing Gloves, Sanda, Taekwondo, Martial Arts, Fighting Gloves, Cartoon Graphics, 6 Ounces for 7-12 Years Old. Training Gloves, Muay Thai Style Punching Bag Mitt

The last item that we want to recommend is having the cute cartoon pattern and the bright colors so, your kids will love them. They are made of high-quality PU leather for durability. You can clean them easily. These gloves are available in 3 colors, including green, yellow and red. They are suitable for age from 6 to 12.


Don’t just care about how good those gloves are, how good the quality is. Ask if your child likes the gloves. Parents can decide the price, brand, … but let children choose colors and styles. Children often like bright colors and lovely cartoon textures. Therefore, parents should give the baby the interest to practice from the gloves.

Hopefully, the Top 10 Best Cartoon Boxing Gloves above will help parents make the best choice for their children. Leave your comments below to let us know about your children’s experience.

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