Top 8 Best CENTURY Boxing Gloves

Not as popular as Title, Everlast,… but CENTURY gloves are pretty much boxing people appreciate. Thick, tight gasket. Feeling comfortable. The special feature of the CENTURY gloves is that the design of the gloves is very unique, eye-catching, young, not in touch, quite cool! If you like the most outstanding pair of gloves with good quality, you should choose CENTURY. However, the price of CENTURY is quite high compared to other brands.  Here is a list of 7 best boxing gloves products of Century that Gondeee would like to introduce to you.

Benefits of Using Century boxing gloves

Have you ever used CENTURY boxing gloves? If not yet, you should try it once because it’s worthy. There are a lot of reasons we can give you to convince you to use CENTURY gloves, and today, we will show you our benefits information on these boxing gloves. We hope you can realize how good it is to have a vision of the good products for your boxing future.


  • DESIGN: One of the most attractive benefits that CENTURY boxing gloves provide, is the fashion design. If you can take a look at our recommended products below, you can easily find out the unique points of CENTURY gloves is from the design. They are really attractive and suitable for sports fashion. Therefore, most people claim that they choose this brand because of the design.
  • QUALITY: We think you will never worry about the quality because they always provide the best boxing gloves for boxers. For example, there’s an advantage of quality that people like, the durability. Is it worth investing in quality boxing gloves that will go with you in the long run? Yes, the answer is it is deserved.
  • FEELING: Because of being made of high-quality materials, CENTURY boxing gloves are really comfortable to be used. You can realize that it is easy to maximize your performance and experience by using this brand. To be honest, even it’s up to each boxer, but most people confirm how much comfort they provide, that’s more important.

We suggest that you should choose CENTURY boxing gloves, and if you are looking for the suitable one, let’s check our list of 7 best CENTURY boxing gloves below because we investigated in the Internet market, and conclude all of those as the best one. They are based on good comments, high rates by the people who purchased, tested and confirmed.

List of 7 Best CENTURY Boxing Gloves

1. Century Strive Washable Cardio Kickboxing Boxing Glove – 10 oz

Just because you sweat while practicing, you shouldn’t tolerate sweaty gloves on your next workout. You can use Century Strive washable gloves by machine and safety dryer, they are super easy to keep your gloves clean and odor free.

The key features:

  • Bright textured print designs on gloves will not crack and fade even after repeated washing, so you can keep the gloves looking like new
  • Imported from the US and specially designed for women
  • The laminated thick cushion that can withstand strong impacts, protecting your hands
  • With a quick cuff design makes it easy to remove and wear gloves again during training

How to wash: wash with washing machine in cool mode, do not remove bleach.

How to dry: Dry glove, keep the heat low, Do not iron or dry.

2. Century Women’s Brave Neoprene Bag Gloves

The Century Brave Women’s bag glove are created for light bag work and for use with a speed bag.

  • Designed especially for a woman’s smaller hands, the shape is longer and narrower to help craft a comfortable fit.
  • Grip bars help you Use the proper hand formation as you practice, and the slip-on fit and open style fingers provide you with incredible dexterity and a firm grip

3. Century Women’s 147016P-041712 Brave Boxing Gloves

  • The Brave Boxing Gloves feature Grab Tab patches to allow you to easily secure both gloves.
  • These gloves are great for high-intensity training activities like sparring, partner training, and heavy bag work.
  • Equipped with wrap-around hook and loop closures.
  • Imported.
  • Made with durable polyurethane and multi-layered foam for superior impact absorption

4. Century Training Boxing Gloves Black/Gold Mesh Palm 14 oz

These gloves are made of durable and comfortable leather with an ergonimic design. Your hands can be kept with an attached thump and built-in padded grip bar. The mesh palm for breath-ability during extended training. Besides, the item is equipped wtith hook and loop straps to be easy to tighten and enable a snag secure fit. 

5. Century Brave Mens Grip Bar Bag Glove

  • Padded grip bar helps proper fist formation
  • MMA style allows maximum dexterity and workout transitionsSpecifications
  • Color: Black/OD Green
  • Size: Large/Extra Large
  • Country of Origin: Switzerland

6. Century Brave Hook and Loop Training Boxing Gloves – Black/Gray


Century Brave Hook and Loop Training Boxing Gloves are perfect for big training and big goals – but getting them on shouldn’t be a big struggle.

  • The convenient Grab Tab feature allows you to quickly tighten or undo the straps, even with a gloved-up hand.
  • Multiple layers of padding allow you to strike as hard as you want during bag or mitt/pad training (just be nice to your partner!), and the extra heft helps build strength and muscle.
  • Manufactured in China
  • Century martial arts is your world leader in martial arts gear and equipment

7. Century Training Men’s Boxing Gloves 14 oz (RED/Black)

  • Durable and comfortable gloves feature an ergonomic design
  • An attached thumb and built in padded grip bar help your hands in proper form when striking.
  • The mesh structure palm will increase efficiency for breathing during extended training.
  • Easy to tighten Hook and loop enabling a snug secure fit

How to choose the best CENTURY boxing gloves

Like our other guide, this guide help you in choosing the best CENTURY boxing gloves if you are under a confusion by too many products in the market, or just by 7 products above. We think that if you can follow our tips, you can easily assess the products and get the gloves serving your requirements. The fact that everyone wishes to have the best products, either the boxers, so why don’t you spend a little time to check our information below?  The condition is low, but the benefits are more than you expect.

Tip 1: Design

Because CENTURY has the advantage of design, so we think it’s better if you can check the design of fashion that suits your style. Nowadays, all people like to have the products that they can use to show their stylist because their appearance is important, and also they really want to be impressive. Therefore, even you don’t care much about the design, we still think you should check the design first.

Tip 2: Materials

We always remind people about the materials because it is an essential element to assess a product good or not. There are a lot of boxing gloves features that are affected by materials such as durability. Let’s talk about it first. Durability is how long you can use the products, and for CENTURY, of course, you will not worry about it, but a long or short time of durability is based on each type. Therefore, you should check the materials carefully before making a decision of purchase.

Tip 3: Fit

Yes, this one is easy to understand for shopping for any product, but after investigation, most people forget it when buying boxing gloves. Therefore, to get the best CENTURY boxing gloves, you should check the size and make sure it fit your hand. The tight or bigger just give you an uncomfortable feeling and will lower your experience. Moreover, it is risky to be injured because of using unfit boxing gloves.

We think it’s three basic points to think about when you want to assess and compare products, especially for getting the best CENTURY boxing gloves. We really encourage you by checking our list because they are filtered from many products of CENTURY, and it is deserved to have, at least, a look and an assessment.


Before practicing boxing you should choose yourself a type of gloves to avoid injury, but nowadays gloves are sold on the market a lot, with many years of boxing experience we will guide you to choose the best boxing gloves. CENTURY brand owns many unique and strange products and the quality is quite good. So we bring you 7 Best CENTURY Boxing Gloves of the hope and you will experience them. Certainly, CENTURY will not let you down. Let us evaluate after experiencing the 7 products above!

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