Top 10 Best CLETO REYES Boxing Gloves

Some rumors in professional boxing circles that fighters do not want their opponents to use Cleto Reyes because it is actually Cleto Reyes that gives tremendous power to the punch, especially fighters like Pac. This is a common tactic of champions conceived to prevent a stronger opponent from being able to cause more severe injuries if hit. Or you’ll hear rumors that some cannons can’t strike and blame their loss for not being able to wear Reyes gloves.

Today, Gondeee continues to accompany you to find the 9 best pairs of boxing gloves from CLETO REYES brand.

Introduction of CLETO REYES brand

If you are a boxer, you will know that CLETO REYES is an old brand with years of development. This brand appeared in 1945, the CLETO REYES gloves were used in a world championship for the first time on “La Condesa Arena”. After years til now, it is developed to be a big brand in the world that produces many boxing gloves.

With those years of developing products, they provide us the best boxing gloves with their brand name “CLETO REYES”. If you are concerned about how good they are, let’s check the benefits below because it will give you a general vision of the benefits of using this brand.


  • Durability: The first word we have to say about the benefits of CLETO REYES boxing gloves is durability. With years of experience in producing boxing gloves, they understand and know how to make durable boxing gloves that people have to claim that they cannot change their boxing gloves because of CLETO REYES durability. It just like a joke, but it’s the fact that this brand can attract many boxers in the world only by durability.
  • The design: There is not anything to talk about the CLETO REYES boxing gloves because its design is not too attractive. We have to say that its simple design is one of the advantages that most people want to use. The reason is that simple design is easy to use, so people don’t need to consider how suitable it provides for their style. If you check our list of 10 best CLETO REYES boxing gloves below, you can easily get what we say about its design.
  • The feeling: It’s quite hard to explain to you about the feeling but it is one of the reasons that most people recommend you to use it. With high-quality materials with modern technology, the CLETO REYES boxing gloves are easy to conquer the requirements of grumpy clients. Trust us because we checked it, assess and compare it with other boxing gloves, and it totally provides a different feeling.
  • The structure: It is a small detail about the structure if you check all of the products below. The unique point of the structure is an extra-long cuff for greater wrist protection. Boxers often face the problem of the injured wrist, so if you use this brand, it can reduce your risk of having injuries.

With all of the benefits above, we think that CLETO REYES boxing gloves are worth to invest. So, let’s check our list of 10 best CLETO REYES boxing gloves below to get the best one for your collection.

List of 10 Best CLETO REYES Boxing Gloves

1. Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

These gloves are the tightest and most compact boxing gloves that you must have. Cleto Reyes was not kidding you when they said Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves were “punchers” gloves. These are so compact that they make you feel like a pro fighter. These gloves are absolutely worth the price tag. This item is available in 16 colors and many sizes. They were constructed and manufactured under strict quality cDuontrol in goatskin leather. They are rated 4.5/5 with 328 customers on

2. Cleto Reyes Lace Boxing Training Gloves

If you buy Cleto Reyes Lace Boxing Training Gloves, you won’t regret it. They feature a form-fitting curved knuckle area. So, they provide the best fist closure and the natural feel. Also, the extra-long cuff provides support for hands. Your hands are also kept clean and dry because of the water-resistant nylon lining during boxing. Besides, the gloves from Clete Reyes are handcrafted in Mexico and made of high-quality leather for durability. These gloves are equipped with extra laces for more certainty.

3. Cleto Reyes Lace Up Hook and Loop Hybrid Fit Cuff Boxing Gloves

Cleto Reyes Lace Up Hook and Loop Hybrid Fit Cuff Boxing Gloves are the best quality gloves with a respectable price. If you are looking for a pair of quality handcrafted gloves, you should not hesitate to buy these gloves. Because they are made of real pieces of leather sewn to protect your hands. The double-stitched for increased durability added with genuine leather to create gloves that will last for a long time. The hybrid style with the lace-up hook and loop with Velcro strap is perfect for people who want lace up for sparring or Velcro strap convenience on the heavy bag. With its sizing a bit unorthodox and inaccurate weight being the only things bad about the gloves.

4. CLETO REYES Extra Padding Training Gloves

These gloves are equipped with extra padding for better protection and a great effect in every punch. They are manufactured under strict quality control in genuine leather and all materials. Besides, they have water-repellent lining for more weight constant. This item is real handmade in Mexico before it reaches you. The attached thumb of these gloves can prevent your eyes from injuries. Like other Cleto Reyes gloves, these one have hook-and-loop closure for the faster adjustment of the gloves. They are rated 5/5 and available in 2 sizes.

5. Cleto Reyes Boxing Training Gloves With laces and attached thumb – Solid Gold – 16-Ounce

  • Cleto Reyes is the global famous boxing gloves brand.
  • These gloves are handcrafted in Mexico and made of the best quality control in leather and all materials.
  • They are 100% full-grain leather for durability
  • Having the contoured design, the out-standing color and the sleek with nylon water-repellent lining
  • These gloves provide the best protection against sweat
  • New style boxing gloves without laces with a leather wrap around the wrist and an extra-long cuff for greater wrist protection.
  • Attached thumbs protect the eyes.
  • They are created for sparring and all kinds of boxing training.

6. Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves – Regular Padding – Purple 14-Ounce

With a special shade of purple, these gloves will help you shine on the battle. Simple design – gloves are designed with less padding in the fist area and form to have a smaller fist. Besides, they feature long lasting latex foam padding. 

They are equipped with a leather strap and hook-and-loop closure for quick adjustment. They are manufactured with leather and the best quality materials for durability. These punching gloves are stronger and can also bypass the opponent’s defense more easily.

8. CLETO REYES Women’s Official Lace Up Fight Boxing Gloves – Pink

Reyes really is a model, a standard of Mexican style gloves and the style of Mexican boxing. Representing aggressive Sluggers, aggressive fighting style, compact design and thin tangy fist protectors. If you are a passionate woman in pink, choose these gloves. It will certainly make your opponent be wary of your every punch.

  • These best professional boxing gloves, preferred by world champions
  • They have a traditional slim and simple design
  • Like other Cleto Reyes gloves, they are manufactured and handcrafted in Mexico
  • The lining is water-repellent and extra laces for more safety.

Tips to choose the best CLETO REYES boxing gloves

If you have read our post related to the best boxing gloves, you will realize that there are some tips to choose the best boxing gloves. However, it is used for casual, how about the special case such as CLETO REYES boxing gloves? It is easy for you to apply the tips of choosing boxing gloves to choose this brand. Let’s figure out.

  • Materials: It is always a thing that you should pay attention to. There are many reasons, but trust us, you will have the best CLETO REYES boxing gloves if you can spend your time checking the materials.
  • The design: Of course, this point is easy to understand. No one wears unsuitable boxing gloves, and even the CLETO REYES has a simple design, you still need to choose your most suitable. For example, you have to choose the color that you can mix with your clothes.
  • The size: This point is basic to choose, but most people forget it. Therefore, if you can pay attention to it, you will not make a mistake while going shopping, even online or in reality.

With some basic tips to remind you, we think it’s easy to get the best one. Let’s apply our tips to the list of best CLETO REYES boxing gloves in the list above.


All the gloves from Cleto Reyes are commonly made by hand in Mexico. This is a leading Mexican brand in boxing with perfect leather quality and compact design. Besides, all the designs of Cleto Reyes are simple with less wrist protection evenly spread and thinner foam than other gloves brands. Truly worthy of the saying Cleto Reyes – “Gloves of the Fists”.

Above is a list of 8 Best CLETO REYES Boxing Gloves which we hope you will have a great experience.

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