Top 5 Best Combat Softball Bats Reviews in 2022

In our last blog, we have reviewed some of the most important bats from Easton sports! You can check the theme here on Best Combat Softball Bats Reviews.

In today’s blog, we are going to consider some of the top combat bats. They are very popular among softball players. As usual, we have chosen the 5 best slow pitch softball bats and we shall be discussing each and everything about these combat bats.

Combat is one of the popular sports goods producing company. They say that they have senior developers and engineers who take care of design and production. They’re working since 1994. So, you can say that they’ve some experience in making combat bats!

Let’s have a look at the following best combat bats reviews.

Best Combat Softball Bats Reviews

Combat is a leading technology business in softball bats purchased by the parent company of EASTON. Known as a star with a breakthrough in the sports business, softball, and several other sports. Since those breakthroughs, Combat has quickly penetrated the softball market and produced the finest of composite bats. What sets Combat apart from the market is its experience in engineering and manufacturing products with high technology, configuration and evolving rigidity. These bats are stitched together using a seamless texture. So the reason that we summarize is thanks to what criteria, let’s explore the reason you should own a bat from Combat!

Why should you use Best Combat Softball Bats?

Imagine a wide range of products, including good and poor quality products, so how do you prepare yourself to not buy poor quality products? What criteria should you prepare yourself, is it like Gondeee, product rating by the five criteria below? Let’s explore together!

  • Trademark: As mentioned above, Combat is a “brother-sister” brand to Easton, a very famous brand currently in the softball bats market. With its highly appreciated characteristics of technology and production capacity, Combat will not disappoint you with what they bring in a softball bat.
  • Quality: Quality will be the top concern for any professional player as well as a beginner. Because a good stick will help you maximize your potential, as well as support you so that you can comfortably hone your skills and the body’s coping ability. Below are the softball racquets that are highly regarded for their quality.
  • Appearance: All products have a special appearance and design with colorful colors, making you the one to shine on the field. And each product has different designs, decorations, and different styles for you to choose from to suit your personality. They also come in different colors, you can choose from your favorite color.
  • Material: These bats are made from bats that are safe and well-prepared. The following stages are checked before putting products on the market and to consumers. Safe, durable, and beautiful materials, helping to prolong the product’s service life
  • Price: Many people will be interested in this when buying because they want to spend a large amount of money on an inefficient product. However, the 5 best Combat softball racquets below are all the right products for your budget and will not disappoint you in the effectiveness they bring during practice.

In fact, the advantage you have when making a purchase is a huge source of references from other customers, or reviews like these of websites and referrals from friends. Gondeee is delighted to have perfected an article that will help you with your experience, with Amazon customer reviews. These are all top-selling products of Amazon, get a pretty high star rating, and receive many positive comments from customers. We believe that, as a discerning customer, you will surely have your own criteria for evaluating a good product at your disposal. However, above are the criteria almost anyone who buys first concern. In the midst of the huge market and the vast amount of poor quality products, we hope to help you in your quest to find a good bat and be your companion during the training and competition in the future. .

List of 5 Best Combat Softball Bats Reviews

Before reading the article, you may be hesitating about bats from many different brands. Certainly, after reading this article, you will choose a product like that in Gondeee’s Top 5 Best Combat Softball Bats. We have given the most general overview of the product. If you need to know more details about the products, do not hesitate to comment to let us know!

1. Combat Assault G5 275 Slowpitch Softball Bat

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The first combat bat in our list is assault G5 275. It’s an affordable all associations’ softball bat for all level players. People call a great bat with great pop. Let’s look at the features.


  • It’s a two-piece design
  • Combat G5 has ultra-long barrel features Handle
  • The bat feels good and looks great.
  • It has a large sweet spot
  • Polymer Skin grip is there!
  • It is a balanced swing weight bat.
  • It’s of course, a composite bat.
  • Combat G5 bat is Approved for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF


  • There might be some durability issues, check for the latest purchase reviews would help to know about this issue! There is a room for improvement.

2. COMBAT PG3SP5 Softball Bat

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This is an awesome bat with a large sweet pot. It’s a cheap bat with great features and best design from combat bats. They also offer free shipping facility!


  • It’s a good bat made with Precision Molding Technology by combat.
  • It’s COMBAT one-piece slowpitch bat.
  • The design is good. The latest technology is used in the manufacturing of this bat.
  • It has Balanced Weighting System for Power and Batting Average. This is important for all players.
  • Maximum Barrel Compression for Explosive Trampoline Effect is achieved by PED Technology.
  • The bat feels good and looks great.
  • It has a large sweet spot and that’s what we want. Isn’t it so?
  • Combat PG3SP5 is a composite bat.
  • Combat PG3SP5 is approved for ASA play only.
  • Is this bat end loaded? It is slightly end load, but feels like mid load.


  • The design can be improved a little.
  • Break-in time is a bit more.
  • Only ASA approved, so it’s like a practice bat for all other leagues.

3. COMBAT DBGSP6 Softball bat

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This is a great design by combat with lots of new features and improvements. This bat from combat is approved by Chris G-man Greinert. And, of course, it an affordable, stylish and modern bat for all professional players of softball!

The best thing you find about combat bats is that they have good features and are affordable! Let’s see the best features of combat DBGSP6 bat.


  • It’s a great design approved by Chris ‘G-Man’ Greinert.
  • This combat bat is a 1-Piece Composite Design.
  • The bat feels good and looks great.
  • It has a large sweet spot (as usual)
  • Polymer Skin grip is there!
  • Performance Enhancing Disc [PED Technology is used in the manufacturing of this bat.
  • It is a fully loaded swing weight bat.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • COMBAT DBGSP6 is approved for ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF. So, you can play with it anywhere. True that!
  • Free Shipping available. So, can save a few more bucks by ordering this bat as it an affordable bat approved for all leagues and you don’t need to pay shipping charges!


  • This is the only type of great bat you can buy at this price! Certainly, No cons!

4. 2016 Combat Virus Plague USSSA Slowpitch Bat

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The latest combat bats are amazing. They are developed by genius people with great care and the best thing is you can buy these latest bats as they are cheaper than other brands like this. For example, this bat would have a price of $100 or less while the same features and design from other brands such as Easton or DeMarini will cost you $350.

Let’s have a look at the features of this combat bat!


  • It’s the latest seamless design from combat.
  • Combat Precision Molding Technology is used in manufacturing these bats.
  • The bat feels good and looks amazing.
  • 2016 Combat Virus has a large sweet spot.
  • This Combat bat is a fully loaded bat.
  • It’s a composite bat and has Ultra-Premium Lizard Skin grip
  • 2016 Combat Virus bat is approved for play in USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF.


  • There might be a little confusion, this bat is not approved by ASA, Usually, bats from combat are approved by all leagues but this one doesn’t has the ASA stamp!

5. Combat 2015 Wanted Slowpitch bat

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This is really a good bat with lots of features. Especially designed for USSSA, this bat is a good choice for those looking for affordable prices.

The top trending bat of combat in 2015 has a lot of features to be discussed here! Let’s see some of the best features here!


  • It’s a two piece design and has Combat’s exclusive Handle Isolation Technology.
  • A bat with great performance and power.
  • It’s an End load bat.
  • The bat feels amazing and looks great and the design is just awesome!
  • Combat 2015 Wanted has enough sweet spot to give the ball a blow!
  • Made of composite, the latest technology is used in the manufacturing of this bat.
  • Combat 2015 Wanted bat is approved for play in USSSA only. It has the certification of USSSA 1.21 BPF.
  • This bat is available in different sizes.


  • This is a nice bat with USSSA Stamp only! It Will be great for practicing but I’d rather suggest other bats as they are equally great and are approved for all associations. If you’ve read their features, you probably know.

What’s your choice from today’s blog about combat bats?


Above is a list of 10 Best Combat Softball Bats Reviews that Gondeee would like to recommend to you. Owning a good bat means you’re ready for a good fight. Not only that, investing in a good bat, during practice, you will be assisted by the bat to train and find the best swing way, with the most accurate dropping point. Once you get used to the practice, there is no hard battle for you.

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