Top 5 Best Composite Softball Bats Reviews in 2021

Basically, composite is an alloy made from the mixture of certain elements such as aluminum, carbon and platinum etc. It is one of the advanced technology used for customized performance and features of composite softball bats.

Why Composite Softball Bats?

Composite softball bats are important because of the fact that they are manufactured for maximized performance. They have a lot of benefits and are certainly better than aluminum softball bats and wood bats. Let’s have a look at the following features of composite softball bats.

  • They are Light weight
  • They have Easier Control
  • These bats are Easy to swing
  • These bats have Lower MOI
  • Vibrations are less than others bats
  • Tuning of bending moment is possible!

What is the difference between Aluminum softball bats and composite bats?

Composite bats are better than aluminum bats because of the tuning of bending forces and high damping vibrations. Know more about Softball bats aluminum vs composite bats

List of 5 Best Composite Softball Bats Reviews

1. DeMarini CF9 Fast Pitch Bat

DeMarini CF9 is one of the latest composite softball bat. It’s 2017 Model from DeMarini. Let’s have a look at the features.


  • Latest Technology Composite Barrel is used in CF9. The Paraflex Composite Barrel allows for even more precise weight distribution on the CF9 which makes it a perfect bat for any professional player.
  • The Design is great and the bat feels great!
  • Massive Sweet Spot in CF9 is due to the composite being laid in such a way to have a huge sweet spot.
  • Lightest Swinging Bats have lower MOI. CF9 is the great for this purpose, it has lower moment of inertia and it boosts performance.
  • In CF9 D-Fusion Handle (made with latest tech.) is used which is optimized to redirect energy back into the barrel upon contact for an explosive trampoline-like feel. This ensure to have no sting in the hand.
  • CF9 is approved for play in USSSA, ASA, ISA, NSA & ISF events. So, CF9 can be used anywhere for play.


  • This is an expensive bat!

2. Easton YB17MK10 Mako Beast


  • Easton Mako bats are manufactured using latest Thermo composite Technology with extended speed and performance for pro players.
  • The barrel design is great. It provides a massive sweet spot and unmatched swing speed – They say, it’s a beast.
  •  The Bat feels great and it’s made with care!
  • Design is perfect!
  • Two-piece Conation Technology maximizes energy transfer for optimized feel and it’s the best you can have from Easton.
  • Composite handle with HYPERSKIN grip is good to have. Mako bats have this kind of grip


  • Its a great bat but a little expensive!
  • Some user didn’t like the Hyperskin grip.

3. Miken Ultra II Black Big Cat Endload


  • Triple Matrix Core used in Miken Softball bats
  • The exclusive aerospace grade material is great for maximum performance and durability.
  • In Miken bats, Flex 2 Power optimizes handle flex to barrel loading in order to get maximum speed.
  • It has great sweet spot.
  • The bat design is great and feels really good.
  • 100 Comp, the revolutionary formula is used in the manufacturing of Miken bats to get great performance
  • The bat is Made In USA and can be used in any format of game.


  • This bat from Miken has No Manufacturer’s Warranty. You must be careful while using it! Some people don’t know about this no warranty and carelessly use their bats.
  • Expensive as compared to other branded bats in the market.
  • No Stamps on the ba!

4. Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus

Looking at the pros and cons of the bat we have found slugger XENO bat a good one , we have a features score table at the end of the post where we’ve compared different feature.


  • Performance Plus composite is used in Slugger Xeno bat. This composite is lighter and more durable than previous versions. Latest technology is used.
  • The barrel is great and flexible, the best thing is you can get your customized features from Slugger.
  • New Technology is used to connect handle with barrel for solid feel and great balance of the bat.
  • The bat has Zero friction double wall design, this is the maximum you can have for boosted performance!
  • This bat has balanced swing weight for maximum swing speed.
  • Slugger Xeno bat feels great and the sweet spot is huge and awesome.
  • It is very easy to swing as the bat is balanced and hot!
  • It’s a certified bat by USSSA. You can play with it in different events.


  • Slugger company is known for great wood bats. They have some durability issues with the their composite bats. Within weeks the color chips off the bat. And Some other users alos compalint about the durability. Slugger needs to improve these things.

5. Worth FPL109 -9 Fast Pitch Legit Composite Bat


  • It’s a great composite bat from Worth. It is lighter and more durable than all previous versions of worth bats.
  • Length to weight ratio of this worth bat is -9.
  • The Seamless tri-wall barrel is great and flexible, latest technology is used in manufacturing this bat.
  • The Design is great. Looks good and feels great!
  • It has Balanced swing weight for maximum swing speed
  • The sweet spot of this bat is awesome.
  • It is very easy to swing as the bat is balanced and hot!
  • It’s a certified bat for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF
  • Play with it anywhere! No sting and no vibrations felt during the play, it’s just a good bat from worth.


  • None!

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