Top 4 Best Drop 8 Baseball Bats Reviews in 2022

Over the last decade or so, advancement in technology has drastically changed the way baseball and softball bats are made.

There is a different kind of bat for every kind of player. Getting the right kind of bat plays an undeniably vital role in making your game better.  It is also necessary to find the bat that weighs just right. In this article, we will show you top 4 best drop 8 baseball bats for you.

List of 4 Best Drop 8 Baseball Bats

Following are the customer based reviews of four of the best 8 oz drop baseball bats:

1. Combat Wanted -8 Senior League Baseball Bat

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This bat features Combat’s exclusive seamless construction and unique precision molding techniques. They claim to give an amazing sweet spot on this bat. The barrel is a good 2 5/8″. It is USSA certifies.  It comes in a wide range of prices and a variety of stylish colors. The unique feature of this bat is the single wall construction with variable stiffness. This offers “optimized barrel compression on contact over a wider span”.  It also has Lizard skin grip. It is available in the following different sizes: 30in 22oz, 31in 23oz, 32in and 24oz.

Customers have loved this bat saying it does provide amazing force on contact. This bat is balanced and easy to swing. The lizard skin grip is most popular among customers as it ensures maximum control. This bat also gives an amazing feel in addition to control. The sleek design makes it a great gift to give someone. Customers have said that this bat was instantly popular with their teams.

2. Louisville Slugger SLS7158 Senior League Select 715 (-8) 2 5/8-Inch Barrel Baseball Bat

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This bat is the best in its class. The fact that Louisville promises more confidence in your swing with a 30 day money back guarantee should be proof enough. The barrel of this bat is also 2 5/8″ . It has a 100% composite handle/AC21 alloy barrel. The Slugger 158 is a step in the next generation of hybrid power. It combines Louisville’s patented three piece technology and hybrid construction.

Customers have rated this bat with 4 stars out of 5 saying it provides with maximum performance. This bat provides a massive sweet spot. This bat has dramatically reduced vibration as compared to other bats and not only this, it also gives a great solid feel and maximum barrel flex. Many players have commented on its “trampoline like swing” saying that this bat has “a great pop”. This bat is one of the lightest swing weights in its category and a great investment for the long run.

3. Easton S400 2 5/8″ Big Barrel (-8) Baseball Bat

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This bat is Easton at their best! This USSA certified bat (obviously) has a 2 5/8” barrel and features 7046 aircraft alloy for fast swing speed. The unique thing about this bat is its 29/32” tapered handle with All Sports grip. This bat provides with Easton’s distinctive feel. The maximum control allows for hits that will change your whole game. This bat also comes with a one year warranty.

Customers have given this bat 4.5 starts out of 5 commenting on its durability. Some players have used this bat for as long as four years without a problem. This is the kind of bat that just keeps getting better and better. The amount of control due to its tapered handle makes it a great choice for newbies as well as experienced players.  This one is definitely worth your money.

4. RIP-IT SENIOR AIR (-8) 2 5/8 Barrel Baseball Bat

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This bat is a single piece design featuring R-3 Alloy. It has an ultra balanced design for fast swing speed and improved bat control. The contact grip greatly reduces vibration. This bat has amazing speed and durability. This bat utilizes RIP-ITs AIR technology to make it outstandingly fast and comfortable.

Customers have loved this bat saying it is well worth the money not only because of its speed, control and sweet spot, but also because it comes with RIP-ITs 30 day “love it or return it” policy and an amazing 400 day warranty. Setting all the technicalities aside, the unique, sleek design is to die for!


An 8 oz drop baseball bat kind of comes in between. It may not be as light as bats with greater drop weight, but it is not impossibly hard to hit and will provide a good amount of inertia. So, it will be just right for many players.