Top 5 Best Easton Slowpitch Softball Bats Reviews in 2021

Easton is one of the pioneers of softball bats manufacturing history. No softball bat can beat the Easton Slowpitch bats when it comes to performance and durability.

They’ve been working for decades to improve the quality of softball bats and hence change the old style bats. They introduced the first ever aluminum handle for the softball bats.

Easton Slowpitch bats are widely used by professional players who know about the latest technologies and batting trends. Obviously, some other competitors of Easton are out there in the market trying to beat Easton but Easton bats are special.

Why choose Easton Slowpitch Softball bats?

It’s quite natural that we always try to find a reason to prefer something over another. So, what are the best things about Easton Slowpitch softball bats? Let’s have a look at the following reason to choose Easton bats.

  • Easton Bats are made with the latest technology
  • They have lots of experience in making bats! They know much more than others.
  • They design bats which become trends
  • Their bats are approved by all leagues. (This is their swag! Isn’t it?)

So, here we are going to review some of the hottest bats from Easton. We will be reviewing these bats individually and then compare all of them in a decision table to make it easier for you to choose your best bat.

List of 5 Best Easton Slowpitch Softball Bats Reviews

1. Easton Salvo Composite Slowpitch Softball Bat

Easton Salvo Composite bat is the first bat in our review list. This is an amazing feature bat from Easton which is very popular among professional players of softball.

We already know that Easton bats are approved by almost all leagues for play! Same is the case with this bat. Let’s have a look at the features of the bat.

This is a cool bat with great features. Let’s list them as pros and cons!


  • The Design is great. The bat feels really good and looks perfect.
  • The sweet spot is enough for great results.
  • Easton Salvo is a Balanced Swing Weight bat with great performance.
  • The size of the barrel of the Easton salvo is 13.5 Inch Barrel Length
  • IMX Advanced Composite is used in the manufacturing of this bat.
  • The design of Easton salvo is Single System Composite Design.
  • Easton salvo is approved for play in ASA, USSSA, ISA, NSA, and ISF. Play with it anywhere!


  • It’s a great bat no bad reviews at all but the durability can be improved. So, we can say it’s the best without any cons.

2. Easton S50 Slowpitch Softball Bat

Are you looking for a branded cheap softball bat? If yes, let’s talk about Easton s50 bat!

This is a good cheap bat for entry level players who need to have an affordable bat!


  • The design is good. Feels great and looks good.
  • The sweet spot is just enough!
  • Single wall bat, Great bat for batting practice!
  • The latest technology is used in manufacturing the bat.
  • Durable aluminum alloy is used in manufacturing Easton s50 bat
  • The smart design of barrel provides a fast swinging evenly balanced feel in the hands of players.
  • S50 Easton bat has an Ultra-thin 29/32 inch handle with an all sports grip.
  • S50 bat is approved for play in USSSA and ASA.


  • It’s a cheap branded bat so don’t expect so much from it. It’s not a lifetime bat, I’d suggest it for practice purpose and for entry level players.

3. Easton Raw Power Brian Wegman Slowpitch Softball Bat

Easton Raw Power is an end loaded bat with great power! It’s an affordable and impressive bat at two figure price!

Let’s have a look at the features this bat. When it comes to affordable prices and latest technology, you get both of them from Eason Raw Power.


  • Great looks and design! Feels really awesome.
  • It has good power and pop.
  • Easton Raw Power bat has IMX Advanced Composite barrel.
  • IMX advanced composite optimizes the sweet spot for maximum performance.
  • Easton Raw Power has a Single System Composite Design which is great for increasing bat control.
  • Easton Raw Power has SIC black carbon handle which perfectly eliminates vibration for better feel.
  • It’s available in different sizes. Choose your preferred size and weight.
  • Easton Raw Power bat is approved for play in ASA and ISF.


  • Easton Raw Power Bat is VERY end loaded, so unless you’re a beast, you may lose some bat speed going through the zone.

4. Easton S500 Slowpitch Softball Bat

The second last bat in our today’s list is Easton S500 bat from Easton.

Let’s have a look at the features of Easton s500 bat which is a good with great pop and sweet spot!


  • Good Design and Looks. Feels really good and its affordable bat.
  • Latest Technology composite (7050 Aircraft Alloy) is used in making of S500 bat.
  • Easton S500 has a 12 Inch Barrel Length which is perfect.
  • The diameter is 2 1/4 Inch.
  • It’s a great bat when it comes to durability.
  • Ultra-Thin, 29/32 Inch Handle is there in S500 bat.
  • Easton S500 bat is approved by all associations. It’s approved for Play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF, and SSUSA
  • Can be shipped only within US.


  • There might be a little Break-In Time issue with this bat. Before buying it, see the latest reviews regarding break-in time. This is a decent bat with this price.

5. Easton S300 Slowpitch Softball Bat

S300 bat is the last in our today’s reviews list. This is another cheap bat from Easton for entry level players and pro players practice.

Let’s know about the best features of Easton s300 bat.


  • S300 bat has overall good design and Looks.
  • It’s all alloy bat made with Latest Technology by Easton.
  • The bat is manufactured with durable aluminum alloy which is widely used in softball bats.
  • 12 inch barrel provides a fast swinging evenly balanced feel to s300.
  • Ultra-thin 29/32 inch handle with an all sports grip.
  • S300 bat is approved for play in USSSA and ASA.
  • It’s a great bat when it comes to durability and price.


  • Good for entry level players and practice.
  • The design can be improved. There are improved designs of this product as well. Buy the latest model of this bat.

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