Top 10 Best EVERLAST Boxing Gloves

Everlast is one of the most preeminent brands in boxing. The generations of the world champion professional athletes choose the Everlast brand because of the heritage of dedication and authenticity from that brand. If you are a player or passionate about boxing, never forget this brand and never skip this article. Because this will probably be the top 10 best glove products for you when you are looking for a product from Everlast.

The assessment of the best EVERLAST boxing gloves

We gather all the comments and put it in this part, the assessment. If you have time, please check it because it is really useful for your shopping for boxing. Actually, you should know that people gain experience from other’s experience, and it is the fastest way. Therefore, this part will be useful for a person who lack experience in using EVERLAST boxing gloves.

Number 1: Design

Most of the assessments confirm that EVERLAST will just provide the basic design for boxers. They have a unique design with colorful decorations, but it’s not highly recommended. The advantage of the EVERLAST design comes from simplicity. It can be mixed with many kinds of sports clothing, so people will not worry much about the fashion style.

Number 2: The quality

It’s easy to understand if you have a couple of EVERLAST boxing gloves in your hand at this moment. You can touch it and feel the quality, and people assess that EVERLAST boxing gloves is one of their choices if they need a couple for their boxing because of quality. The comfortable feeling and durability are two main things that attract them.

Number 3: The reputation

You should know that EVERLAST is one of the most famous brands releasing quality boxing gloves in the world. We are not a person confirming this, but if you just research in the Internet and reality, you will realize most people know EVERLAST, and they confirm their reputation by the quality of products.

If you are interested in the best EVERLAST boxing gloves, we recommend you to check our list of 10 best products below. It can help you a lot in choosing suitable products that will improve your boxing experience.

List of 10 Best EVERLAST Boxing Gloves


1. Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

The first product Gondeee mentioned was Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves. With 03 basic colors: red; black and pink; This will be the right choice not only of women but also of men. When using, you will feel comfortable because no matter how hard you hit the bag, your hands will not hurt. The large velcro tabs around the wrists are appreciated by the safety of users. The gloves are made of premium synthetic leather with superior construction. So, they can increase durability for long-lasting. They are breathable and comfortable with the full anti-microbial mesh palm and the curved anatomical grip. The product is available in 12 oz; 14 oz; 16 oz and one size.

2. Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves

The Elite series from Everlast features a revolutionary one-piece design. So, all Elite products can optimize the fist placemend and natural range of motion for boxers. Made of premium synthetic leather from the closed cell foam technology, your hands and your wrists will be protected. The mesh palm from the item will provide the durability and the breathability for you when wearing.  The item is available in 7 colors and it is rated 4.6/5 wih 997 ratings on

3. Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves

The next product we want to give to girls who are passionate about this very special sport. Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Glove has 2 colors for women to choose, including Pink/Blue and Pink/White. It is developed with the mind of the fâmle athlete’s hands and wrists so, it is suitable for women. The one-piece design provides the fist placement and the natural range of motion. The prodct is equipped with closed cell foam technolog for safety and protection. It is also made of premium synthetic leather.

4. Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves

Next product is an MMA pair for those who are looking for a pair of perfect MMA gloves. This item is designed with an ergonomically improved pre-curve pattern for comfort and safety. The colors of product is available in 3 trendy colors. The glove construction is excellent with the EverDri Technology and the material of premium synthetic leather. So, your hands and your wrists will be always protected and dry because these gloves have the moisture absorbing lining. Full wrist wrap strap will provid the support and customizable fit. The product is available and it’s rated 4.2/5 with 692 ratings on

5. Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves

This is the product with the new design that refined MMA glove shape for the finger flexibility and the protection. They are sturdy with solid hand protection so, it can improve your workouts. The shape of the glove is nice and flat which also assists in protecting the wrist. These gloves are really lightweight so, they can provide a quick and easy workout with heavy bags or focus mitts.

6. Everlast Powerlock Training Gloves

Gondee’s first impression with Everlast Powerlock Training Gloves is that this product has quite a number of special colors. When wearing them, you will completely stand out and a lot more confident. Immediately after use, Gondeee felt it was quite good at a reasonable price. Everlast Powerlock Training Gloves is made of premium leather so, they are durable. With the design of compact glove, they provide superior fist and balanced of speed. Your hands will be protected while delivering a powerful punch. Besides, they are equipped with Powerlock technology and ergonomic layered foam that guides your hands into a natural position.

7. Everlast 14 Oz Boxing Glove (1200011)

Everlast 14 Oz Boxing Glove is designed for optimum training with the material os durable synthetic leather. They can provide the proper punching technique with the natural shape of your fist. Besides, the innovative two-layered foam promotes better shock absorbency. The proper punching technique can be promoted by full padding on the back, front and the wrist. You also are safe because of the Thumblock feature.

8. Everlast Pink Women’s Pro Style Grappling Training Glove

This is one Women’s training gloves for Mixed Martial Arts. With a combination of pink and black personality but no less feminine, this MMA pair will please the girls at first sight. These gloves are made of premium synthetic leather with excellent construction for durability and functionality. The full wrist wrap strap will promote your wrist support and customizable fit. Featuring EverDri Technology, this item is more ergonomic and flexible with new design.

9. Everlast 14oz Slip-On Boxing Gloves

These Everlast boxing gloves feature a convenient slip-on design with a tough vinyl cover and elastic cuffs. They are made of durable leather that grained Everhide with dense foam padding and 100% cotton lining. So, they are washable gloves that you must have. Having the Thumblock to keep hands in proper position. Besides, they have laceless style with elastic cuff. So, you can pull on and pull off easily.

10. Everlast Powerlock Laced Training Gloves

Everlast Powerlock Laced Training Gloves is a powerlock technology gloves from Everlast that we want to recommend. This is the technology of defined anatomical foam construction. So, they can guide your hands in to a natural fist and proper position. You can see the balanced speed with the comfort and protection whenever delivering a powerful punch. This item is rated 4.3/5 and it is available in 9 colors.

Tips to choose the best EVERLAST boxing gloves

There are many tips to choose the best EVERLAST boxing gloves, but good tips are just used to remind you to assess the products and compare them with others. We really hope you can understand it because it saves your time and money in getting the best one.

Tip 1: The color

There are reasons that you should not focus on the design, and just look for the color. Because as we mentioned above, the design is not an advantage of EVERLAST, that’s why they keep their own products basic design (almost no decoration, only logo). On the other hand, it is their advantage. As you know the basic design, meaning the simple design is easy to mix with clothes. Therefore, if you are not concerned about the design, let’s choose the color to be suitable for your fashion.

Tip 2: The materials

We always remind people to check the materials because it affects a lot the quality of the product. For example, materials decide the durability. Everyone needs the product to go with them in the long run, and the high-quality materials it is made of, the high-durability it has. Therefore, checking the materials is always important.

Tip 3: The size

Don’t forget the size because if it’s tight or bigger than your hand size, you will feel an uncomfortable feeling. We think it’s better to remind you because most people forget it when choosing boxing gloves, even EVERLAST. The fit of product can reduce the risk of being injured and keep you motivated.

With three tips above, we think you can get your suitable products. The best way as we think that you can save your time and still get the best one is to purchase from our list of 10 best EVERLAST boxing gloves above. Don’t worry because this list is reliable, for people purchased, tested, and confirmed.


We cannot deny the benefits that boxing brings from health to spirit. Therefore, when playing this sport, equipping a pair of boxing gloves is a completely necessary and almost mandatory job to play boxing safely. Besides, owning a pair of boxing gloves will help protect you from hand and wrist injuries. Everlast has completed its destiny, which is to bring you the perfect boxing gloves. After the actual experience, Gondeee has given you suggestions for the 10 best Everlast boxing gloves. Hope you own them soon!

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