Top 6 Best Fighting Gloves

To the casual observer, all gloves look essentially the same; however, it has subtle shades in the different brands of gloves that are likely to be the difference between a win and lose on the battle night. So here are a selection of the most popular boxing gloves used by top professionals, amateurs, and only boxers to stay fit. Fighting is a brand with amazing gloves, they are used by battle boxers that need hand protection but still not too much to be considered as pillow type gloves. Today, Gondeee brings you the Top 6 Best Fighting Boxing Gloves!

Introduction of the Fighting brand

Fighting is one of the most famous brands releasing quality gloves for boxing. Boxers are attracted by their products because of the many benefits they provide. If you have tried Fighting gloves, you will realize it is really satisfied that you have to use it every time you play boxing.

Moreover, people research more about this brand and totalize their benefits to compare with others. Therefore, today Gondeee is here to help you check the benefits of using Fighting brand’s gloves that help you widen your vision, compare the advantage with others to make the right decision. Okay, let’s check the benefits below.


  • The design: One of the benefits that Fighting gloves provide is the design that suitable for your fashion. Most people are attracted by their design with the young, modern and beautiful. They are suitable for a wide range of ages and both gender. You can easily realize it if you check our list of 6 best Fighting gloves below. They are the best design that people love the most on the Internet.
  • The various products: One of the things that people agree with us is that the Fighting brand provides a lot of choices for you to choose from. This point will be an advantage that others cannot compete because people will toward to choose the brand releasing many good products than others with lesser. You can check and choose what you want and it is easy to find suitable Fighting gloves.
  • Durability: Many brands in the world focus on the durability of boxing gloves, and Fighting too. They apply the newest technologies and use high-quality materials that can contribute to the product’s high durability. This point is what most boxers love and chase for. If you are a person who wants to love your gloves as a soulmate, you will not want it to be broken, and the durability of Fighting gloves will solve your problem, meaning last the life of gloves longer.
  • Comfort: There is nothing to complain about the comfortable feeling that Fighting gloves provide. However, there is a difference among products, so the list of 6 best Fighting gloves are all the products providing the best feeling for boxers. We can confirm it because we have tested and researched it.

With all the benefits above, Gondeee thinks you have no reason to refuse to use Fighting gloves. At least, you should use this brand’s products once in your boxing life because the more experience you have the sooner you can find your best gloves. We hope that the list of 6 best Fighting gloves below can help you save your money and time in choosing products for the current state, and future.

List of 6 Best Fighting Gloves

1. Fighting Sports Fury Professional Lace Training Gloves

Topping the list is the Fighting Sports Fury Professional Lace Training Gloves. With a high score of reviews, I firmly believe that this is the best product from Fighting firm that you can choose first. These gloves come in 3 colors and 3 different sizes, they are made from carefully selected leather. So very durable and good quality. The gloves are equipped with lanyards to help you make adjustments as needed. In addition, the sponge in the glove creates a smooth and absorbent effect.

2. Fighting Sports S2 Gel Power Sparring Gloves

The next pair on the list with Fighting’s exclusive S2 GEL technology will give you even more confidence. Foam cushion inside helps absorb force, anti-shock. Gives you the right hand adjustments when operating. The gloves are made from carefully selected leather, so they are very durable and can last a long time. This product is rated 4.7 / 5 points. With the main colors black and white, the gloves are very simple.

3. Fighting Sports Tri-Tech Tenacious Training Gloves

Fighting Sports Tri-Tech Tenacious Training Gloves is Fighting’s next shoe that Gondeee would like to recommend. Also still the mainstream black and white, these are carefully selected premium leather-made gloves featuring a neck strap and a glove cuff designed for easy adjustment. The inner lining of the gloves also absorbs sweat very well, giving you more confidence in action.

4. Fighting Sports S2 Gel Power Training Gloves

At Fighting, I realized that S2 technology is a special thing that the company creates. Therefore, each pair of gloves has this exclusive S2 Gel technology applied. This technology makes the gloves of the company very resistant to shock. In addition, the foam inside the glove absorbs force at high density. It is still the selected premium skin, which will ensure aesthetic factors as well as usability

5. Fighting Sports S2 Gel Fear Bag Gloves

Suwk combines 3 colors red, black and white, creating the Fighting Sports S2 Gel Fear Bag Gloves with 2 different colors arranged. Consists of 3 sizes 12, 14 and 16oz. Highlights:
– The gloves are made from high quality leather
– Equipped with shock-absorbing and force-absorbing internal foam.
– Shock resistant gel S2
– Foam cushion K329 and BL05S

6. Fighting Sports S2 Gel Power Bag Gloves


  • Exclusive S2 GEL technology
  • S2 series utilizes select grades of full grain leather
  • Dura-Gleam synthetic precision insert
  • Additional S2 GEL inserts in the wrist and palm delivers superior cuff support
  • Moisture-wicking

Tips to Choose The Best Fighting Gloves

Even your products list are shorten to be under 6 products, for example in above, but it is still confused if you don’t have any tips that lead your way. Therefore, Gondeee think it is necessary to check our information below because they will set your mind to understand well about some points that you should pay attention to before purchasing products.

Tip 1: Materials

As we remind in many articles, to choose the best gloves, you have to check the materials, and with Fighting gloves also. If you look over it, you can easily get your wrong product that will not serve your requirements. The materials build the features of the gloves, so it means you can follow your requirement to check the suitable materials. It is an easy task, but it is important to understand and act.

Tip 2: The design

Some people think that it is wasted time to remind them about design because it is likely the things they always do. For us, we want to remind the lesser people who forget to choose the design. Some of them just think to get the most suitable features and pass the design, so it is a serious problem. Even the features are just enough for them, but the design is very suitable, that gloves will be the best choice. If passing the design, boxers have a risk of being not confident in the match or practice time.

Tip 3: The fit

A glove can serve your requirement have to be a fit one. The fit increases the feeling of pure hand that most boxers are looking for. The fit also creates a comfortable feeling that an unfit one cannot provide. Just imagine, the bigger can make you injured with the inaccuracy punching, and the tight one will lower your performance efficiency and experience of playing boxing.

Totally, we think with just 3 tips above, it is a piece of cake to choose the best Fighting gloves. If you can save your time of choosing products from this part, or even by our list of 6 best Fight gloves above, we will be really satisfied because we make all information to help you mainly.


Above are the top 5 products that Gondeee feels best comes from the Fighting brand. If there is a better product, do not hesitate to share with us in the comments. We will experience together to choose the most suitable gloves!

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