Top 7 Best Honma Golf & Reviews In 2021

Perhaps the greatest success that has made Honma the famous golf brand Produced in Japan – the most prestigious in Japan is the creation of the perfect carbon-powered rotating shaft, helping players to have the golf technique farther and more exactly.

Additionally, the golf ball series is also developed by Honma using several accessories like the bag and stick head,… Along with the expensive and famous Honma golf clubs, Honma has a lot of products with mid-range price sections to achieve the broader marketplace. Have a look at a few of Honma’s golf equipment products below.

What is Honma?

Honma is founded by two brothers in Japan who are committed to craftsmanship, superior quality, and performance. Actually, with years of experience, Honma knows how to make their products perfect in the use of players who are grumpy clients.

Their products are well known for their high quality, reputation, and other elements. If you are a fan of Japanese products, especially that you are playing Golf, you should check the list of 7 best Honma Golf below because it will help you find out the best products of Honma.

List Of 7 Best Honma Golf & Reviews In 2021

1. Honma D1 Dynamic Distance Golf Balls 1 Dozen (White)

Honma D1 Dynamic Distance Golf Balls 1 Dozen (White)

Two piece ball Color: White Cover: Ionomer mid cover Core: New combination rebound rubber cores Dimples: 368 dimples Country of origin: Taiwan Remarks: 1 dozen units (12 pieces).

2.Honma D1 Golf Balls 1-Dozen Yellow

Honma D1 Golf Balls 1-Dozen Yellow

“BIG carry distance ball” is an everlasting theme of the golfer’s needs, and we developed a two-piece ball “HONMA D1” to meet their demand and specialized in flying distance. An overwhelming flying distance is achieved by the original 368 dimples and the spring effect of the new combination high repulsion rubber core. At a high initial velocity performance and a high launch angle, it enables a big and strong trajectory. We strongly suggest to try out our new ball for whom longing to increase the flying distance.

3. Honma D1 Golf Balls 1 Dozen White

Honma D1 Golf Balls 1 Dozen White

“It is the best ball of cop. I always use the BS Tour BX. Other than comparison with BS. The driver feels like D1 is out. The feel is similar. Irons feel that D1 is hard and that there is little spin. The approach is obviously D1 less spin. The feel is hard. Even if you hit the spin approach to stop, the run will come out and will not stop. From the above, there is no inconvenience except the approach, and it is the best ball for those who make heavy use of running and pitch end run.”

4. New 2019 Honma TW-747 18 5 Wood Graphite Vizard 60R Regular Flex

New 2019 Honma TW-747 18 5 Wood Graphite Vizard 60R Regular Flex

This Honma Tour World TW747 Fairway Wood has a shape that was adopted professional needs and incorporating each of the pros needs and preferences. Honma Tour World TW747 Fairway Wood is thoroughly aiming high trajectory and jump. Honma adopted a carbon crown to lower the center of gravity, and also achieved a deep center of gravity with weight weight 9 g and inner weight 20 g, succeeded in low spin while raising launch angle. 5 W, 7 W is not a carbon crown, but it is making the best possible performance aimed at carry by green.

5. Honma New PC-1810 Blue/Silver Magnetic Blade/Boot Golf Putter Headcover

Honma New PC-1810 Blue/Silver Magnetic Blade/Boot Golf Putter Headcover

NEW Honma PC-1810 Magnetic Blade Putter Headcover Brand: Honma Model: PC-1810 Leather Putter Headcover Type: Blade Putter Color: Blue/Silver/Red/Green/Orange/Purple Closure: Magnetic Condition: NEW!! SKU: HONM0152

6. Honma New CB-1808 Dancing Black/Blue/Silver Caddy Bag

Honma New CB-1808 Dancing Black/Blue/Silver Caddy Bag

NEW Honma Dancing Honma Caddy Bag Brand: Honma Model: Dancing Honma Style: CB-1808 Caddy Bag Color: Blue/Black/Silver Features: -5 Way Top Cuff -9″ Top Cuff -Silver Metal Bag Tag -11 Pockets -Padded Carry Strap Included -Dancing Honma Matching Rainhood Condition: NEW!!! In Original Box! SKU: HONM0131

Why should you choose Honma Golf products?

This part will give you the reasons why you should choose Honma Golf products while there are a lot of good brands in the market. Actually, Gondeee considers Honma is one of the first good choices for Golf players, so after reading the list above, you should compare these products with other brand’s products. That is also one of the advice to choose good Golf products that Gondeee gives you. Okay, now, we move to the main part, reasons of choosing Honma Golf products.

  • Reputation: Actually, Honma is one of the well-known brands in the world. We can compare Honma with other famous brands like Travis Mathew, Callaway Apparel, Nike, etc. Honma is also known as a Japanese brand, and you know what, Japanese stuff, even Golf equipment is famous for the quality that makes their name become top of products in the world.
  • Quality: It is claimed that the quality of Japanese products will not make you disappointed. For Golf, this fact is still right. How do you know it? The answer is that check it because this is the best way to find out the truth of high-quality Honma Golf products.
  • Durability: If you have ever used Japanese products, you will know the general features of them, high durability. Honma Golf products have super durability which attracts players because of saving time and money for a reasonable investment.

Gondeee thinks with only 3 reasons above, you will be convinced to choose Honma Golf products as one of your first choices. Additionally, we also give you other advice to choose good Golf products. It is that you should base on the comments and rates that people leave on the Internet because after that, you will know how it is good or not, then you can make the right decision.


Honma golf clubs employ the most innovative technology together with the capability to assist the two new players along with the ordinary individual may additionally produce more powerful shots.

Honma golf clubs enable the ball to travel further, more beautiful, and feel sweet. The merchandise lines are investigated and made in Japan, using exactly the exact same state as Vietnamese people, which can be simpler to select and much more acceptable for European and American manufacturers. Having a history of over 60 decades of development and establishment, Honma provides a large assortment of goods for many audiences from specialist gamers, amateur players, beginners, both women and men of all ages.

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