Top 10 Best Ice Hockey Pants – Reviews in 2021

Whatever sport you play, you have to follow the rule it sets. If not, it will confront you to have a good experience. For ice hockey, the basic pieces of equipment include many kinds of stuff, and one of them is pants. Some people think that they can wear any pants they want, however, when they start playing, they accidentally realize that they need ice hockey pants which are designed for only ice hockey.

Why Should You Have Ice Hockey Pants?

There are many reasons, however, the most important one is that it makes your performance better than any casual pants. With the special design, it is suitable for the movement of the ice hockey players who always have to skate on the ice floor, and need to move fast to get the ball before the opponent.

Therefore, to help you find the ice hockey pants suited your fashion style, feeling, playing style, etc., you should take a look at the list of 10 best ice hockey pants below.

List of 10 Best Ice Hockey Pants

1. STX Ice Hockey Surgeon Rx 2.1 Pants

Many people try to get these pants because of the function it has. With high-quality, there is no regret to buy this one.


  • Precision fit
  • Concealed zipper
  • Triple-density foam in kidney pads
  • Stretch panels in the thigh

The most addictive point of this product is the stretch panels in the thigh which help to increase the movement of the players. The comfortable feeling makes them easy to move confidentially. Otherwise, the concealed zipper provides customizable length, and the perfect combination of anatomical and tapered profile creates better performance in playing.

2. Tour Hockey Adult Code Active Inline Hockey Pants – HPA64

You should try it, for the most customized fit it has, and the comfort it brings.


  • Durable and breathable
  • Fit

The highlight of this pant is the fit which creates the feeling that many other pants do not have. It has durable AIREVECC breathable panels with WearMax knee panels which keep the players dry and cool. Otherwise, most users claim that they can move as relaxing because of the comfortable feeling from the fit.

3. Bauer Hockey Essential Compression Jock Pant, Adult

Bauer Hockey Essential Compression Jock Pant, Adult (Large)

There are two kinds of pants. One is the big kid, and one is the tight-fitting kind. This product is tight-fitting which is good for the one who is afraid of being cold.


  • Tight-fitting
  • Keep warm better
  • Pant Size / Waist Size
    SR SM / 29″ – 30″
    SR MD / 31″ – 33″
    SR LG / 34″ – 35″
    SR XL / 36″ – 37″

As you know, tight-fitting pants have the advantage of keeping warmth for the body, especially the lower body. Otherwise, because of the kind, it can be fit as expected.

4. Fang Inline Roller Hockey Pants

Fang Inline Roller Hockey Pants Adult Senior (Graffiti, X-Large)

This ice hockey pants have the funny outlook. However, the features it has is important that what it looks like.


  • Lyrica stretch upper
  • Air mesh
  • Durable
  • Synch pull straps on waist

The good point of this product is the air mesh in thighs and leg allowing providing the breathability for players who are often sweaty in intense activities as playing ice hockey. Moreover, the pull straps on the waist are adjustable on the fly which creates the best comfort for players.


5. Black Biscuit 3600″ Rookie Mesh Inline Hockey Pant

Have you ever tried this ice hockey pants? In your opinion, is it good? The fact that most people who tried this claimed that it is good pants with a reasonable price. What do you think?


  • Flex fabric material
  • Lightweight
  • Flex waistband
  • Double-layer knee panels with Cordura Outer Layer

This product is made of flex fabric which is better than other materials in making ice hockey pants. The function of this material is that creates the lightweight and breathability for the user. With the elastic flex waistband, the players will feel more comfortable than casual pants. Otherwise, the knee panels are designed to enhance durability.

6. Spartan Spark Hockey Referee Pants R5000

It is highly recommended for ice hockey players to try at least once in their life, because after that, you only want to use this pant for your playing.


  • Polyester material
  • Flexible contoured padding for added rib and kidney protection
  • Fit
  • Anatomically design

It is a 100% durable lightweight and breathable knit polyester material. Otherwise, the flexible contoured padding makes the players more safety for the rib and kidney. Additionally, the pants are fit as expected by the adjustable belt which creates the comfort and flexibility for ice hockey players.

7. VERBERO Prime Ice Hockey Pants

Some professional players advertise to use this kind of pants, for the best performance in ice hockey. Let’s check its features to find the reasons.


  • Size: small
  • Breathability
  • Protecting panels on sides and legs
  • Unique zipper + Velcro

This product is quite good, for the featuring breathable mesh gussets in back and groin. Otherwise, the flexible protecting panels on sides groin and legs that will allow for excellent motion with sturdy protection, and another feature is in the leg, the unique zipper and velcro on the opening with extra fabric for width extension.

8. Zebrasclub ZP1 Hockey Referee Pants – Officials

These ice hockey pants are perfect for people who want a simple design but good quality.


  • Made with quality polyester
  • Stretched material
  • 6 black button for suspenders
  • Back pockets to put your riot and pen
  • Deep side pockets to fit all your accessories

The ice hockey pant is made of quality polyester which provides the comfort feeling and flexibility for players. The stretched material support to wear a girdle under the pants. Moreover, there is 6 black buttons for suspenders (suspenders not included), and the deep back pockets to put the stuff you need.

9. STX HP PT31 SR 03 BK/XX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3.1 Pant, Black, Large

This product is amazing for the fit it has. However, the features are good to look for.


  • Precision fit
  • Concealed zipper
  • Foam spine pad
  • Traditional tailbone design

It has a precision fit because of the perfect combination of anatomical and tapered profiles. The stretch panels in the thigh area are increase movement of the players. Besides, the concealed zipper provides customizable length.


You should have suitable pants to play ice hockey with the best experience. The pants are tremendous equipment you should have. Therefore, the ice hockey pants can make you win, and also make you lose in a match.

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