Top 10 Best Ice Hockey Skates – Reviews in 2021

One of the most basic equipment that you need to have to play ice hockey is skates. However, you wonder how different between a normal couple of shoes and ice hockey skates. Let’s check it out.

What Is The Ice Hockey Skates?

Ice hockey skates are the specialized equipment that ice hockey players use to surfing on the ice floor. With the structure of full protections, it can reduce the risk of injuries and provide the best experience of playing ice hockey. However, it can be dangerous for the sharpened blade at the bottom of the skates, so, to be safer, don’t play with it as a toy.

Why Do You Need A Couple Of Ice Hockey Skates?

It is the basic equipment which helps you surf on the ice floor to get score easier. Try to imagine that you use your normal shoes to play ice hockey, it will be ridiculous. Besides, most ice hockey players in the world focus on finding suitable skates because of their important role. The success of the match depends on how good the ice hockey skates bring to you. Therefore, let’s read all the list of top 10 best ice hockey skates below to discover your suited one.

List of 10 Best Ice Hockey Skates

1. American Athletic Shoe Senior Cougar Soft Boot Hockey Skates

This ice skates is very good at the first sight. It has many features that you need to explore.


  • Shoelace type
  • Grey and Black camouflage pattern
  • Soft
  • For non-competitive
  • Thick foam padding for keeping warm and comfort feeling
  • Multi-layered to support ankle from movement
  • Stainless steel blade support soft movement in surfing
  • Size follows shoe size

Although it has many features, some of them are highlights for this product. Firstly, the multi-layered supports the player’s ankle and prevents injuries in movement. Secondly, you should pay attention to the thick foam padding which keeps your foot warm and maintain the temperature of your body at the better state. Finally, the ice hockey size should follow the shoe size to be more convenient for the player to choose.

2. American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate

Do you like the simple design of this product? Now pass the design to discover the features.


  • Material: Mostly nylon
  • Level to use: Beginner to intermediate
  • Good for pond hockey
  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Size follows shoe size

This product has an advantage of the lightweight. Most players want a light ice hockey skates because it creates a comfortable feeling for them. Otherwise, these ice hockey skates limit the range of levels to use. It is good for beginners and intermediate players because of the producer forward to produce skates only for those, so it will be better than other skates.

3. CCM Unisex SK9040 Player Tacks Jr Hockey Skate, Junior

Have you ever try this ice hockey skate? It will attract you by the design it has. However, it is also good for the features.


  • Injected Mesh Technology creates durability, fitness and comfort feeling
  • Brushed microfiber liner increase resistance to wear
  • CCM footbed provides support and comfort
  • Speed Blade Pro non-replaceable stainless steel blade with an elevated holder for an increased attack angle

The highlight points of this product are that they are very durable than your expectations. The durability is from the brushed microfiber liner increasing resistance to wear. Otherwise, the special speed blade with an elevated holder support player to make an increased attack angle.

4. Botas – Draft 281 – Men’s Ice Hockey Skates | Made in Europe (Czech Republic) | Color: Black

This is just for the men player, but the fact that female players can also use them if they have no choice.


  •  Recommended use:  for active athletes
  • Upper of skates: resistant synthetic in combination with PA fabric
  • Lining: Padded, synthetic material PENAT
  • Blade: BOTAS ICEHAWK CARBON ULTRA steel white

This ice hockey skate is advised to use for active athletes because they are the target for the design of this skate. The fact that its highlight is about the material in its structure. Most of them are resistant material which increases the durability and also makes you feel comfortable. Otherwise, it is said that you should wipe clean after each use or wash lightly with water (no detergents), and remove the insole and dry all at room temperature to prepare for the next use better.

5. Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Ice Skates for Men, Boys, Women, and Girls

This ice hockey skate is amazing as the features it has.


  • Cushy foam padding
  • Modern design
  • Lightweight
  • Durable nylon
  • Synthetic outsole

This ice hockey skate has cushy foam padding which maximizes comfort and warmth. To utilize it, it is produced follow modern design which reduces weight due to lightweight construction, for example, the outsole is made of synthetic material that is light.

6. Tour Hockey Tr-750 Ice Hockey Skate

Don’t judge it for the outlooking it has. The features is better than your expectation.


  • Composite quarter panels with firm ankle support
  • Deluxe foam padding and Brushed lining
  • Stainless steel blade

Most people want this product, for the composite quarter panels with firm ankle support which create feeling of the fusion of their foot and ice hockey skates. Moreover, the deluxe foam padding and brushed lining keep players foot warm and maintain the balance.

7. PowerSk8r Hockey Training Weights (Silver, 1lb)

If you want a product that look as a warrior in the match, this will be your best choice. Anyway, just take a look at its features.


  • Metal upper
  • Sharpened steel blade
  • Warrior professional design
  • Size follow shoe size

The highlights this ice hockey skate has is the warrior design. It is very attractive for the first sight. The metal upper helps to keep their foot warm. Besides, the blade is good for making a swift movement or surfing.  Otherwise, the size follows shoe size makes people easier in choosing.

8. CCM JR Jetspeed FT340 Skate 2

It is claimed that the design of this ice hockey skate is suited for what it is called ‘Jetspeed’. However, its features are unique as it can increase the speed of the players.


  • Added heel padding
  • Modern fashion design
  • Stainless Steel Speed Blade

If you use this ice hockey skate, you will realize the speed blades are amazing. It supports for increasing the speed in general and speed in changing corner of movement. Otherwise, the design of modern fashion design is one of the most attractive point that ice hokey players want it.

9. SR CCM TACKS 2092 Size12

Every ice hockey players want a suitable skate for themself, and this is one of the products that they consider the most.


  • Durable outer shell
  • Two-tone brushed microfiber tongue
  • CCM footbed
  • Non-replaceable stainless steel blades

This ice hockey skate has a durable outer shell which is excellent in supporting and making comfort feeling. Moreover, the micro-fiber provides comfort and resistance to wear and tear. Otherwise, the highlight point is about the blade which combines with elevated heel holder for the increased attack angle providing for greater strides and edge work.

10. PowerSk8r Skate Weight (Set of 2)

What do you think about it at first sight? The fact is that it has high quality than expected.


  • Recommended for youth size skates (under Men’s 6)
  • Speedy
  • Used for training
  • Lightweight

The producer reduces the weight as possible as they can to make it more comfortable in wearing. Otherwise, it is suggested for players wearing youth size skates, so you should pay attention to before purchasing. Besides. the skates are designed especially for increased durability and speed in training.


In total, you should have a suitable couple of ice hockey skates for yourself. It is necessary to check out how good quality the ice hockey skates are before purchasing. To do that, check the outsole, blade and inside the ice hockey skates. In the list of best 10 ice hockey skates, they are the products that most players check and best recommendations to use. Therefore, they are reliable to purchase, and you just make your decision of which skates are suited you.

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