Top 9 Best Ice Hockey Stick Bags

Best Ice Hockey Stick Bags is one of the things you cannot forget when bringing your stick to any match. Equipping a stick when you become an Ice Hockey player is a must and is a must. Without it, you cannot play this sport. A stick is not cheap, so when you bring them to any match or training session, do not forget to equip yourself with an ice hockey stick bag to protect the sticks from impact.

List of 9 Best Ice Hockey Stick Bags

1. STX Field Hockey Prime Stick Bag

STX Field Hockey Prime Stick Bag is designed to serve the needs of ice hockey athletes. In addition to being able to hold a stick, you can also store shoes, accessories and personal items for matches and practice. With 5 outstanding and different colors, including: Black; Electric Blue; Grape Purple; Lizard Green; Punch Pink; Both men and women can choose for themselves the most suitable and favorite one. The product has a length of 33,782 cm; depth to 21.59 cm. An ideal size for any specialized hockey stick.

2.A&R Hockey Stick Bag

The A&R Hockey Stick Bag from A&R Sports is on the Amazon’s Choice for hockey stock bag. The product is made of 600 polyester material. They are waterproof and can hold 2 – 3 sticks. Colors easy to use for both men and women: navy blue. This color is also very clean so you don’t have to worry about them getting dust. A&R is also a very famous brand with leading sports products and accessories for more than 20 years.

3. Byte SX Field Hockey Stick Bag Cyan Grey

With its bright blue color, the Byte SX Field Hockey Stick Bag Cyan Gray is a bag rated as one of the top best ice hockey stick bags and is ideal for hockey players every time they go on the field with a certain amount more items. Designed with soft and airy cushioning, for maximum protection for your belongings. You can keep sticks, shoes, sandals, clothes and personal items inside without worrying about space in the bag. There will also be an extra compartment for you to store shinguards or water bottles. This is a product made from 600D polyester.

4. Byte HX Field Hockey Stick Bag Pink

Continuing to be a product from the Byte brand, the Byte HX Field Hockey Stick Bag Pink with pink color is sure to be an impressive product for girly girls. They are also more compact to suit girls and little girls. The bag comes with a shoulder strap, a mesh front pocket that can hold shinguards and a water bottle, and a large front pocket for personal items.

5. STX Field Hockey Passport Travel Bag

As the name suggests, STX Field Hockey Passport Travel Bag is a product that allows you to hold a lot of things while traveling and still want to play ice hockey. Black / Black and Black / Red could not be simpler than will be the choice for you. 600D material with good water resistance and resistance to force, but also products of the same type on the market are used this material. The backpack cushion system will assist you in the process of traveling when traveling long distance without worrying about shoulder pain or arm / back pain. The cane holder can hold up to 4 pieces, suitable when used to hold group sticks while traveling to save space. They are pretty good reviews and Gondeee thinks this is one of the best ice hockey stick bags you should own them.

6. STX Field Hockey Junior Starter Pack with 2See-S Goggles

Continue to be a product from famous brand STX with good reputation. A special product with many supported equipment included. It is ideal for professional ice hockey players.

  • The STX Field Hockey Junior Starter pack includes an HPR 50 beginner stick, Black Prime Stick Bag, Adult Reversible Shin Guard, 2See-S Dual Sport Adult Goggle
  • The goggle included in this pack meets NFHS field hockey regulations
  • Available in size 34 “, 35” and 36 “

7. A&R Pro Series Hockey Stick Bag Holds Up To 3 Player or 2 Goalie Sticks, Black

The A&R Pro Series Hockey Stick Bag is designed for athletes who are just starting out in the sport in the hopes of keeping their stick safe and free from bumps. This bag can hold up to 3 sticks, which is awesome! However, they are only for sticks that are 26 ” in length. Material is also made from 600 denier Polyester with good water and force resistance. An included bag is a nameplate for you to mark your name and your ownership on.

8. Byte MX Field Hockey Stick Bag Teal

Byte MX Field Hockey Stick Bag Teal with a more compact design is yet another new option for ice hockey players who are looking for at least one of the best ice hockey stick bags. Bright blue color suitable for all subjects, easy to use and clean. The key features:

  • Single shoulder strap
  • One large front pocket
  • Mesh side pocket for keeping shinguards and water bottle
  • Stick capacity – two sticks
  • Material: 600D Polyester

9. Byte HX Field Hockey Stick Bag Purple

The final item on this chart is in the collection of best ice hockey stick bags from the Byte brand. With a very classic pale purple color, you will absolutely stand out on the field and make everyone impressed. Youthful but equally romantic, this is a purple that is considered very beautiful among Byte’s best ice hockey stick bags. Like the above product, Byte’s HX stickbag is the ideal stickbag for junior hockey players. Features include a single shoulder strap, mesh front pocket for either shinguards or water bottle and one large front pocket. The stick capacity is two sticks. The material is 600D polyester.


Equipping a stick bag will help you a lot, it will be much more convenient than you have to splurge to carry each bag. In addition, the stick also takes up a lot of area, so it is easy to crash. Choosing one of the top best ice hockey stick bags is something you should do right now to solve those worries. Gondeee has recommended 9 best products we believe will work for you. Let’s explore!



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