Top 10 Best Ice Hockey Sticks – Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021

The difference between ice hockey and ice skating is that ice hockey players need to have a stick. Because the weight of each stick is different and the features are suitable for each player, most players want to have the best one for them. However, the progression of choosing suited one is difficult than expected, for the many choices make them confused. To be more clear and to purchase a good ice hockey stick, let’s check out the list of 10 best ice hockey sticks below.

List of 10 Best Ice Hockey Sticks

1. Mylec 60-Inch Sr. Edge Hybrid Stick with Carbon Fiber Blade by Mylec

Have you ever tried this ice hockey stick? What is your feeling of using it? Now, we will explore its features.


  • Materials: Synthetic
  • 60″ reinforced laminated shaft
  • Wrapped carbon fiber blade
  • Crossover stick

The highlight of this stick is on the wrapped carbon fiber blade which gives a comfortable feeling and creates the best performance for players. Moreover, this blade is designed to be more durable to play on rough surfaces. On the other hand, the crossover stick is ideal for street/inline and ice hockey.

2. Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp 1010 Street Tech Hockey Stick

If you want to change your ice hockey stick, let’s think about this one because of its features.


  • Right shot, 40″ Youth
  • National Hockey League License
  • Multi-ply poplar shaft
  • Replaceable high-impact polymer blade

One thing that makes people want to purchase it is shaft and blade. The shaft is made of multi-ply poplar which makes it hard, strong enough to make a strike. Otherwise, the blade is made of high-impact polymer and is replaceable kind, both of which make this ice hockey perfect for players. Besides, especially, its quality is guaranteed by the National Hockey League.

3. STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Hockey Stick

How’s about this ice hockey stick? What features do you like? If you don’t ever try this before, you should take a look at the features it has.


  • Peregrine: innovative, ergonomic shape on the underside of the shaft
  • Precision flex II
  • Stiffness in the upper portion of the shaft
  • Siver streak blade
  • Ultra-high balance point

The peregrine is made in an innovative, ergonomic shape increasing the surface area and maximizing hand contact points to control the stick better. Otherwise, the lower section of the stick as a re-engineered flex peak to enhance quick, responsive play, and the stiffness in the upper portion can maximize load capacity if needed. Moreover, the silver streak blade provide a more stable and durable structure for players.

4. Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick

This ice hockey stick looks so simple for its design. If you are the person who wants a simple ice hockey stick with more features that are suited, this one is the best choice.


  • Material: Synthetic
  • Shaft: 43″ solid wood
  • Blade: Replaceable Patented Jet Flo
  • Great for driveway

One of these features that a person wants to use this product is the wood shaft. Characteristics of wood are strong, comfortable and prevent the sweaty from the hands when holding. Otherwise, the blade can be replaceable to be suitable if it makes you uncomfortable. What do you think?

5. Warrior QRE Mini Composite Hockey Stick

The most wanted ice hockey stick that most players want is this. Look at it, you can feel comfortable at the first sight of its design.


  • 26″ length shaft

6. Mylec MK1 – Senior – ABS Stick

MYLEC has many high-quality ice hockey stick, and this one is one of them. Let’s check it out.


  • Wood Shaft
  • ABS Blade
  • Durable
  • Use on all surface

This ice hockey stick is amazing, at first, it has a wood shaft which is strong and comfortable enough to make a hit. Moreover, the ABS blade is designed to be more durable on all surfaces.

7. Mylec 57-Inch Ultra Curve Air Flo Pro Stick

To be more clear about this ice hockey stick features, let’s discover its features.


  • Materials: Synthetic
  • Shaft: Multi laminated
  • Blade: Mylec’s original air Flo, fiberglass-reinforced blade
  • Precurved for the left-handed player

The advantage of this ice hockey stick is the blade. Most of the players think that the blade needs to be heavy to balance the movement. However, this one is designed to be lightweight to improve the speed of all actions.

8. Arsenal Envy Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick

If you are a serious ice hockey players who want to choose for yourself the most addicted ice hockey stick, so you should pass over this choice.


  • A92 Curve and 65 Flex Blade
  • Optimum balance
  • Recommended for any ice rink
  • High quality

Have you ever heard about the A92 curve and 65 flex Envy blade? This blade pattern matches today’s most common curve pattern and the intermediate 65 flex 57″ shaft has an optimized kick point for a fast puck release. Otherwise, it is designed for the experienced hockey player that demands more from a stick, using the optimum balance of composite materials to create performance and durability. Moreover, the high quality is proved as the big brands using high-performance carbon-fiber competitive adult leagues, beer league hockey, intramural squads, and of course, are right at home for any frozen pond hockey game. One thing that you should know about it is that you will feel great in your hands with the right weight-balanced blade-to-shaft ratio.

9. Franklin Sports NHL 1090 40″ Phantom Street Hockey Stick

To make your decision more exact, this product is recommended to check out.


  • Multi-ply poplar/birch shaft
  • High-impact rigid ABS blade
  • Fused shaft/blade construction
  • Full coverage vinyl graphic wrap

The good points of this ice hockey stick are the blade and construction between shaft and blade. The blade is designed as rigid and high-impact which makes players feel comfortable for each hit. Ice hockey is a sport that not only requires the soft in each movement, but also requires the strong, exact, and flexible in the shot. That’s why this blade adapts to this condition. Otherwise, the construction between blade and shaft is amazing as balanced the feeling of the players in moving.

10. Bauer Nexus 2N Pro XL Mini Composite Stick

How much this ice hockey stick addicts you? Let’s check its features to realize that thing.


  • Extended length
  • Authentic
  • 24″ from top of the stick to the heel

The extended length is the advantage of this ice hockey stick because it’s suited for the players who are impossible to use the casual hockey stick (with casual length). Otherwise, the play strategy is different if choosing this ice hockey stick.

How to choose a suitable ice hockey stick?

You should follow some requirement in choosing a suitable ice hockey stick as below:


The length of the ice hockey stick is one of the important elements that affect your play. You will realize it if you use the unsuitable one, because of the imbalance in moving. Therefore, you need to feel and choose the length which is suited to you.


How much it weighs? How big it is? They are two questions that ice hockey players ask when buying a stick. You should answer these questions to find out your best one. To do that, just try and try, and finally, you will find it.


The shaft is what you holding, so it has to be more comfortable to play. The recommended material is wood. However, the other materials are acceptable if you like the comfort it brings.


To find the best ice hockey stick, you should check the list above because it will help you find out the suitable one as soon as possible. Otherwise, do not be rushed on choosing, for any decision you make is important than what you look for.


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