Top 10 Best Lacrosse Helmets

Finding out which lacrosse helmets that you need will depend a great deal on the amount in which you play what you anticipate using it to get. Whether you play at the National Lacrosse League or even only a beginner trying to get in the game, it’s absolutely rewarding learning about different brands out there and to what to watch out for while purchasing lacrosse helmets.

List Of 10 Best Lacrosse Helmets

1. CASCADE LX Women’s Lacrosse Headgear

CASCADE LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear

Poron XRD delivers the utmost comfort together with the capacity to exude influences. The LX steel mask is made with spacious sightlines and a ergonomic form. An Integrated goggle system alleviates the facial strain experienced by a different goggle. A back adjustable strap, double hair slots along with interchangeable cheek pads permit the Cascade LX the ideal match adjustable to each player. Substantial air vents allow for maximum breathability maintaining players cool and comfy.

2. Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet with Black Face Mask (Choose Your Shell Color)

Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet with Black Face Mask (Choose Your Shell Color)

The SPRfit adjustable ratchet system enables players to produce nicro-adjustments on the fly. The no-nonsense, all crazy and business simple fit enables you to concentrate on the game-action rather than your gear. The CPV-R becomes the primary helmet at the R-Series to be provided with an EPP lining system for elite level protection along with superior comfort. The 4th quarter will probably feel as comfy as warm-ups. Offered in 4 distinct sizes: XXS, XS, S/M & M/L.

The R-Series Shell includes FreeFlow venting to help keep you cool in sweaty scenarios and provides an unmatched degree of speed and style that is distinctively Cascade. The Chevron Mask supplies a heightened downward vision by integrating a small V shape at the middle of their latitude bars. Say it with me “Ground ball Edge!” . The CPV-R visor and chin are tailored to accommodate a broad array of head sizes in severe fashion.

3. CASCADE CSascade CS Junior Lacrosse Helmet

CASCADE CSascade CS Junior Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade CS junior lacrosse helmet is especially designed to match the changing sizes of developing players under 12. It is crafted using a one sided FutureStar Mono™ casing for greater impact resistance along with a mask that offers exceptional vision on the area. The CS Complete Pivot System incorporates pull tabs and a pivoting liner to permit rapid, easy adjustments and a secure fit every time.

4. Hummingbird Sports Girls Ladies Lacrosse Helmet Headgear

Hummingbird Sports Girls Ladies Lacrosse Helmet Headgear

Creator of Windpact & famous for his award winning”Crash Cloud” protection. Made to absorb and distribute energy from casual stick and ball touch. Our headgear protects the whole head! We meet the standards for security but in most regions exceed them.

Players may utilize their present goggles that provide clearest sightlines, optimum relaxation and eliminates strain to the mind connected with incorporated goggle systems. A simple transition into sporting headgear! Lightweight headgear together with a flexible spin dial gives a snug, comfy fit. Eighteen vents to optimize airflow and keep your head cool.

5. Cascade CPX-R Helmet

Cascade CPX-R Helmet

Characteristics Seven Tech, a radical effect attenuation system to effectively handle energy transfer out of direct effect. Contains white chin strap. 1 size fits most. Seven Technology lining system compresses to laterally displace energy and within minutes, fully reset to prepared for another effect.

6. Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet (White Shell/Chrome Facemask)

Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet (White Shell/Chrome Facemask)

Characteristics the Cascade Tri-Liner protective technologies to tackle a vast selection of impacts. Designed to safeguard against variable force affects especially towards the front part of the helmet and facemask. Precision molded impace foam offers maximum protection to the crown of their head. Especially engineered and put in key impact zones to compress on impact and displace impact energy laterally from a players mind.

7. Bangerz HS-8000 Men’s Lacrosse Helmet Eyeshield

Bangerz HS-8000 Men's Lacrosse Helmet Eyeshield

The stallion 500 helmet includes revolutionary d3o substance that stays soft and more flexible in its normal condition but locks depending upon impact for exceptional impact dispersion. The stallion 500 comes with an ABS shell with effect modifiers for extra strength. The stallion 500 helmet comprises surfeit Air lining that comprises an Air pump for Adjustability that allows the helmet to make better to your mind. The stallion 500 helmet applies adjustable EVA jaw pads using TPU cushioning for effect Absorption.

8. STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet

STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet

The stallion 500 helmet features revolutionary d3o material that remains soft and flexible in its natural state but locks together upon impact for superior impact dispersion. The stallion 500 includes an ABS shell with impact modifiers for added strength. The stallion 500 helmet includes surfeit Air liner that includes an Air pump for Adjustability which allows the helmet to form better to your head. The stallion 500 helmet employs adjustable EVA jaw pads with TPU cushioning for impact Absorption.

9. CAS Cascade S Helmet w/Black Mask

CAS Cascade S Helmet w/Black Mask

Fantastic lacrosse helmets which off amazing protection and a 1 size fits most fashion. 3 colour choices in easy choices.


Picking the proper lacrosse helmets will be determined by how much you really enjoy the match and what type of design you’re searching for. The majority of the lacrosse helmets available on the market will continue to keep your head protected as much as possible.

In the long run, the very best thing you can do is try on a few older lacrosse helmets or utilized lacrosse helmets. Try a buddy’s lax helmet for a match or visit a lax store and have a peek at the various products they have got before you purchase one. You will have the ability to tell if lacrosse helmets are economical or not. These helmets protect your mind, but the gaps in style and fit may create an effect on the way you perform.

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