Top 8 Best Leone Boxing Gloves

Best Leone Boxing Gloves is today’s topic for boxers. Boxing today is a popular sport because it helps to exercise health, enhance the body’s flexibility and responsiveness, rapid weight loss while reducing stress … However boxing is a highly competitive sport and mainly uses hands. Therefore, when practicing requires an athlete or a practitioner to wear boxing gloves. A pair of gloves from the Leone brand is a good choice for beginners.

Introduction of Leone Boxing Gloves

Leone 1947 is founded in 1947 by Cav. Orlando Leone. This brand developed and becomes one of the most famous brands in the world that releasing many high-quality products for boxing. With the love of boxing led the founder to produce specific articles for this sport and the company became a leader in the market quickly, and nowadays, boxers know and purchase Leone boxing products with a belief how good this brand product provides.

About Leone boxing gloves, as you know, there are tons of reasons box-ers purchase and use it. However, to help you realize the reasons why you should use Leone boxing gloves once in your boxing life, we will share with you some general benefits of this brand gloves. Even they are the basic information but it helps a lot in making a vision of choosing boxing gloves that you can compare it with other brands.


  • Unique design: One of the elements that attract boxers to purchase and use this brand is the unique design. After this part, you can check the best design of the products below that prove our confirmation. You can easily get the feeling of strength, motivation when you see these products. Moreover, if you are interested in them, it means their products are really attractive and get people’s attention.
  • Durability: The element that people look for Leone boxing gloves is the durability, and it is also the thing that Leone brand is proud of. You can see that people confirm it will keep the gloves in a long run with your process.
  • The feeling: Of course, the feeling is what people pay attention to before purchasing. You will realize it if you had used uncomfortable boxing gloves that lowered your performance and even made you injured. However, Leone gloves that we recommend for you are the best ones that people purchased, tested, and confirmed about comfort. If you are a person being easy to be pleasant, just choose one of the choices below.
  • The reputation: Gondeee thinks that reputation is one of the benefits of Leone boxing gloves. Most people want the products that others know. Moreover, the reputation keeps them believe in guaranteeing service and quality.

With the information above, we think you can easily understand how good Leone boxing gloves are. If you are concerned about choosing the best Leone boxing gloves for yourself, you should check our list of 8 best products below. They’re really helpful, for they are the best ones confirmed by users in reality.

List of 8 Best Leone Boxing Gloves

1. Leone 1947 Boxing Gloves NEO CAMO Leather MMA UFC Muay Thai Kick Boxing K1 Karate Training Sparring Punching Gloves

  • Closure: Velcro
  • Disciplines: Boxe, kick boxing, muay thai
  • Padding: 70% flex PU, 30% basic PU
  • Sleeve: PU
  • Hand back and palm material: PU
  • Rated 4,5/5 stars

2. LEONE 1947 The Technical, Gloves Unisex Adult Boxing, Unisex Adult, Il Tecnico

LEONE 1947 The Technical, Gloves Unisex Adult Boxing, Unisex Adult, Il Tecnico

  • Hand Back/Palm Material: Bufalo Leather
  • Sleeve: Bufalo Leather
  • Padding: 100% High Quality Flex PU
  • Closure: Velcro
  • Disciplines: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai
  • Sizes: 12; 16oz

3. LEONE 1947 Muay Thai Unisex Adult Gloves

LEONE 1947 Muay Thai Unisex Adult Gloves


  • Velcro closure
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Full-grain bufalo leather
  • Padding: 90% flex PU, 10% basic PU

4. Leone Black & White Boxing Gloves (Black, 16 Oz)

Leone Black & White Boxing Gloves (Black, 16 Oz)

  • Hand Back Material: HIGH PU
  • Padding: 90% Flex PU, 10% PU
  • Closure: Velcro
  • Disciplines: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai

5. LEONE 1947 Flash Boxing Gloves – Black, 14 Uz

LEONE 1947 Flash Boxing Gloves - Black, 14 Uz

  • Italian design
  • 70 year heritage
  • Certified by the World Boxing Council and World Fighters Council
  • Colors: 3
  • Sizes: 2

6. LEONE 1947 Boxing Gloves Fighter Life

LEONE 1947 Boxing Gloves Fighter Life


  • Closure: Velcro
  • Disciplines: Boxing, kickboxing, muay Thai
  • Hand back material: PU
  • Padding: 90% PU, 10% EVA
  • Sleeve: PU


7. Leone 1947 Boxing Kickboxing Muay Thai Leather Gloves | Italy ’47 (16 oz)

  • Hand back material: Buffalo Leather
  • Hand Palm Material: Buffalo Leather
  • Padding: 100% High Quality flex PU
  • Closure: Velcro
  • Disciplines: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai

8. LEONE 1947 Gn059 Boxing Gloves Women, Women’s, GN059, Bianco, 10M

  • Gloves for all ring sports
  • Contoured padding at the top
  • Great for close distance sockets such as Muay Thai and K1
  • Size 10 ounces with a smaller fit designed for female use

Basic Guide to Choosing the Best Leone Boxing Gloves

This part is a basic guide that you can consult from it to get the knowledge and apply it in the reality. The fact that if you don’t have this information, you will lack some points of view to assess the best Leone boxing gloves, so we recommend you to check all of our guides to understand well how to choose the best products.

Step 1: Checking the materials

Like many posts we made, checking the materials is the first step you should pay attention to. The reason is that materials reflect how good your Leone boxing gloves are. Therefore, the better materials, the higher quality of your Leone boxing gloves. Otherwise, the materials also affect durability and your feeling, so you should check it carefully before purchasing.

Step 2: Checking the feeling

Most people complain that their gloves don’t provide a good feeling when they use them. That’s why Gondeee reminds you to check the feeling you have, even the gloves are not kind of the best products, but if the feeling is the best, why don’t you choose it? Of course, you can easily reach the most comfortable feeling with our recommended products above because most people checked and confirmed it.

Step 3: Design

Nowadays, people don’t use sports equipment for the only purpose of playing sports, but also to show up their style. That’s why manufacturers have to catch the trend and make the equipment become more fashionable and unique. As you can see from the best Leone boxing gloves, they all have the attractive design that most people want to purchase and proud of them. If you are interested in some products design above, let’s choose and purchase it then you will know what people confirmed.

In general, Gondeee thinks only with three steps above, it is easy to choose the best Leone boxing gloves. What you should do is just wonder yourself about the detail function, outlooking, materials, etc. you want. If even some of them match with the features of the products above, don’t be hesitant to purchase it because they, maybe are your best one.


Gondeee has selected 8 products most like the 8 best LEONE gloves from the Leone brand. Hope to partly help you choose the right gloves. Besides, remember to practice persistently! Good luck!

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