Top 4 Best Little League Baseball Bats Reviews in 2022

Little League baseball bats are such bats which are specifically authorized for use in Little League matches.

Typically, this requires conforming to a number of specific features, such as barrel diameter, weight drop and bat performance factor. For instance, all Little League baseball bats have a 2″ barrel. Anything above that is not allowed on Little League pitches.

The weight drop, similarly, has to be precisely -12 in all Little League bats. While both wood and non-wood bats are allowed in the Little League matches, the League brings the two on parity by limiting the non-wood bats to a Bat Performance Factor of 1.15 at max. This limits the potential trampoline effect that a bat packs and effectively limits any unfair advantage a non-wood bat may have over wood bats.

Another significant limitation on bats eligible for Little Leagues is that they must not exceed 33″ in length. This makes sure that no player with a longer bat has a barrel-length advantage on other players and is an effective standardizing measure.

Top 4 Best Little League Baseball Bats

1. RIP-IT LITTLE LEAGUE AIR 2 1/4 Barrel Baseball Bat

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Rip-It Little League Air bat is a standard stick perfectly suited to Little League players.

It comes with a 2″ barrel and a -12 weight drop. The bat is optimized for perfect balance so that the player can swing it with perfect ease and precision. The key feature of this Rip-It bat is the sheer speed it offers, letting Little League players swing their hits in bolting fast blizzards.

The bat has an alloy composition with a single-piece construction and a Contact Grip which optimizes player’s hold on the handle during hits.

The solid barrel of the bat with its thin walls optimized for maximum impact make it possible for the Little League players to hit solid shots all over the field. Even if the impact is outside the sweet spot, the players can rest assured that the ball will go farther than their expectation.

The bat is available in lengths ranging from 29′ to 32′ with corresponding weights maintaining the -12 weight drop.

2. Mizuno Generation Little League Baseball Bat (-12)

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Mizuno Generation bat is meant to give players maximum speed and impact on the field.

It packs a 2″ barrel and is entirely manufactured from aluminum alloy. The single-piece construction of the bat brings with it a certain solidity to the stick. The bat has a weight drop of -12 and is perfectly balanced so that the players can swing it confidently and speedily.

The barrel of this bat has a sizable sweet spot allowing the players not just to hit high-impact shots but also to perform comparatively well on mishits.

Mizuno has specially designed the bat with five zones of varying barrel thickness, which offer the maximum possible sweet area. To add to this is the Digi-Grip which offers a comfortable control of the handle and confident grip during swinging.

Mizuno Generation is approved for Little League matches as well as for use in a number of other youth leagues.

3. DeMarini 2014 Uprising Little League Baseball Bat (-12)

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DeMarini 2014 Uprising bat is approved for Little League matches and packs a solid 2″ barrel.

It is available in lengths ranging from 27″ to 32″, all of them coming with a -12 weight drop. The bat has a one-piece manufacture, with a special handle which adds to the speed and impact of the hits.

The barrel has a special alloy composition, promising solid shots and durability over long periods of time. A single-wall construction adds to the barrel strength and lets Little League players master this bat in no time.

The bat packs a Hybrid Performance Grip which is able to absorb most of the vibrations of the impact and mitigate the sting to a minimum. The combination of this solid grip with a high-performance barrel on a balanced bat lets the users swing their shots with absolute control and confidence.

The DeMarini 2014 Uprising comes with a very nominal price tag, making it a very affordable purchase without compromising on the quality.

4. Worth Lithium Amp Little League-13 Bat

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Worth Lithium Amp is a bat approved for Little League matches and comes in a solid lithium-alloy composition.

The bat has a one-piece construction and the barrel on it has very thin walls, allowing for maximum trampoline effect.

The barrel is also of an extended length, being 1.5″ to 2″ longer than most other barrels, offering the players a greater sweet spot. For players who want speed with great impact, this bat is perfect as it can hit farther than most of its contemporaries.

Worth has significantly thinned down the taper of this bat, diminishing its weight and giving the players a light stick to swing, making unprecedented swing speeds possible. The company has further fitted this bat with a Silencer Grip so that the players don’t have to feel the vibrations from hits running down the handle.

Rather, the Silencer Grip entirely absorbs the sting, giving the players a perfectly smooth swinging experience.


Among the four bats, Mizuno Generation comes with the most solid construction and promise of the best performance. The bat has a superior-grade aluminum but at the same time, it has a price tag which is higher than all the other three bats.

DeMarini 2014 Uprising is relatively cheaper and offers a good balance between quality and performance. It is available in a 27″ model as well, a size offered by none of the other three bats.

Rip-It bat packs a great performance but it need a seasoned player to swing it because it has a barrel quite small compared to the rest of the bats.

And while the hits straight on the barrel are very powerful, the frequency of mishits is greater with this bat.

Last in the league is the Worth Lithium Amp which is very light and offers excellent swing speeds.

It also has a longer barrel but the barrel material is not good enough for solid hits and its durability is not very promising.

Nonetheless, the bat is incredibly cheap and can be bought simply for the practice sessions of your kid.