Top 5 Best Miken Softball Bats – Reviews in 2022

Miken softball bats have really good designs, great pop, and legendary performance.

They have won the hearts of many professional players with their great designs. Miken key to success is the latest technology. We have compiled a list of the best Miken softball bats for you, make sure you check out their pros and cons.

Best Miken Softball Bats

Miken Sports is a famous brand and too familiar with softball players. The brand was born to elevate the level of players and athletes. To elevate the level of play for serious athletes by developing the game’s most innovative high-performance equipment. If you are looking for the Best Miken Softball Bats, then do not skip this article. This is the advice Gondeee wants to give you. Miken is a leading brand of add-on products for softball players. The brand is very popular and the softball player is also familiar with the product.

Why should you use Best Miken Softball Bats?

Softball is a popular sport and relatively high coverage today. They are popular with active girls, and a good softball bat is a must. It doesn’t matter which brand they come from, but owning at least one bat is right for you, will help you a lot during your practice. Among a plethora of low-value products, we have selected 5 from the Miken brand that we feel are valuable to you based on various evaluation criteria. Each customer will evaluate the brand and product according to different criteria. And that is why Gondeee selected the following criteria to help you shorten the time looking for some best softball bats. What advantages does the Miken brand have for you to choose them? Let’s explore right now:

  • Appearance: This is the first criterion that Gondeee is very impressed with the products from this brand. Imagine simple, neat soft-ball bats on your hand with swings. Great. In addition, they also have simple colors as their design. These are all traits Miken created for his softball bats, matching the traits he wanted with the appearance of a bat.
  • Brand: We have selected Miken bats that are highly valued for the value that the brand offers.
  • Price: Many people will think twice about this criterion. However, please rest assured because Gondeee has selected products with many different prices to help you make a decision suitable for the budget you intend to buy.
  • Material: They are made from high-quality alloys, providing a longer lifespan for the bats and gaining user value.
  • Quality: Gondeee believes in the quality that Miken brings to its customers. They build a brand associated with reputation and create a trust for customers with real value.

Gondeee knows that when you buy, you will rate the product according to one or several of the above criteria or some other criteria, but it can be rated as the most popular. These are all highly rated products on Amazon, with a lot of positive reviews, high star scores (usually between 4-5 out of 5 stars). Those are all good reviews that you should try out Miken’s products.

List of 5 Best Miken Softball Bats Reviews

Before reading the article, you may be hesitating about bats from many different brands. Certainly, after reading this article, you will choose a product like that in Gondeee’s Top 5 Best Miken Softball Bats. We have given the most general overview of the product. If you need to know more details about the products, do not hesitate to comment to let us know!

1. Miken Ultra 750 Maxload

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Miken Ultra 750 is a perfect choice for professionals who want to feel the bat and have the legendry preference with their bat. If you have plan to buy a bat, try this one, it’s one of the best of Miken softball bats. Looks fancy and good feels great when the ball make contact that sounds really good.

You need to check the following features of Miken softball bats. Ultra 750 comes with cool features and design.


  • The bat is designed in a way that it distributes the load perfectly using Carbon Braid Layers.
  • The composite of Miken Ultra 750 is made of two pieces.
  • Aerospace-grade fiber is used in the design and engineering of this bat.


  • It’s not designed for the senior league. (It’s not really the con but still, you need to know!)
  • Mishits sting if you don’t wear gloves, so be careful!

2. Miken IZZY Psycho Supermax One Piece USSSA Slowpitch Bat

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If you are looking for a great design of Miken softball bats which has improved paint and graphics, go for this bat. It feels good and looks good, you would love it! You will find it an amazing softball bat designed with latest technology and great care.

Looking for something unique from Miken Sports? This bat is improved and Look at the smart design. And its features are awesome.


  • Its single piece composite, good design.
  • The Pop is great no sting! The sound is just perfect.
  • The Paint scheme and graphics are improved a little.
  • Miken Izzy Psycho SuperMax Slow Pitch Softball Bat carry the NSA stamp!
  • Comes with One Year warranty from Miken Sports.


  • Graphics are not what we expect from Miken!
  • The general feel is good but needs to improve a bit and yes, break-in time also needs improvement.

3. Miken Psycho Maxload ASA

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The latest Miken Psycho Maxload takes Miken’s legendary “Psych” brand to the next level. This is what a player expect to have while playing great games! If you have not tried this bat, I’d suggest you to give it a try! This is made with Miken’s latest technology which is the key for Miken’s business.

Here comes the Psycho, one of the great softball bats by Miken Sports. It has the following pros and cons!


  • This bat out of the wrapper is really hitting solid line drives, you need to try it once!
  • Made in the USA it’s using advanced composite technology.
  • Aerospace-grade fiber is used in the design.
  • Great pop and no sting.
  • 1-year warranty. That’s cool!
  • ASA certified and stamped.


  • No NSA stamp! So, it’s not approved by NSA.

4. Miken Freak Black Balanced USSSA Softball Bat

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An all-new multi-wall two-piece design from the latest techniques of Miken, Freak Black is awesome softball bat. Aerospace grade material is used to make this sting free great softball bat which is approved by USSSA and NSA.

This one has a list of cool features, a very good looking softball bat, and feel great! It would be a smart choice if you don’t have any issue with its price. Approved by USSSA and NSA. Check out the following cool features.


  • Aerospace grade fiber is used in design.
  • Great features to optimize the speed in the hitting zone!
  • Technology will mean the most when you step to the plate
  • USSSA, NSA Stamped.
  • Two-piece composite, smart design.
  • 1 Year Warranty. Use it and check if it breaks in a year or not.
  • Made in the US and 20% Off in the US as well!
  • Length/Weight are the following.
  • 34/25, 34/26, 34/27, 34/28
  • 14″ Barrel Length
  • 2 ¼” Barrel Diameter


  • A little expensive!

5. Miken Ultra II SSUSA Bat

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Yet another great Miken softball bat. Although composites are the latest trend in softball bats, the technology has been the core of Miken’s success and their products are just awesome because of the engineering design and technology to eliminate the stress and make the product up to the user expectations. We’ve listed out the best features of Miken softball bats. Checkout the pros and cons of Miken Ultra II SSUSA Bat here.

A very rich feature full bat from Miken. This bat has some issues as it cracks after playing consecutive games. A lot of customers’ reviews show that this is a good bat but its lifespan is a bit shorter. Check out the pros and cons of Miken Ultra II SSUSA Bat here.


  • Senior league softball bat made with great technology and care.
  • This is a balanced bat.
  • Great pop and no sting at all. We all need this feature!
  • Great technology and good design.
  • It’s 100% composite Construction.


  • Durability factor needs improvements as a lot of the reviews are saying that the bat cracks soon!
  • Graphics are not that great as expected, Miken’s are great at technology though.
  • No warranty and if you break in a week you’ll have to buy another!


So, this is all about the best Miken softball bats, these five really deserve to be appreciated and used. If you have to choose from these bats, I would suggest checking out these pros and cons. We’ve tried our best to not make any biased arguments. If you’re already using Mikens and want to try some other great softball bats, we suggest you look at these best softball bats from Softball bats unlimited!