Top 9 Best MMA Boxing Gloves

In Boxing, boxers can only strike the upper body of the opponent using the punch. Therefore, the design of boxing gloves covers all the fingers in the padding, including the thumb. So when the boxer fists clench his fist to hit the opponent, the entire fist will be protected inside the foam cushion.

In contrast, MMA gloves expose the knuckles and separate the fingers from each other. Although the hands need to be protected when they are punched, MMA fighters need the flexibility of their fingers while performing the grip, object, and squeeze towards the opponent. Therefore, the MMA glove has an open-fingered structure and only covers the back of the palm and the front of the fist. The palm of the MMA glove is also exposed, helping to breathe, avoiding slippery sweat when playing.

For these reasons, Gondeee has chosen MMA gloves to be the next topic we want to introduce to you. This article will list the 9 best MMA gloves for boxing.

List of 9 Best MMA Boxing Gloves

1. RDX MMA Gloves for Grappling Martial Arts Training | D. Cut Palm Maya Hide Leather Sparring Mitts| Perfect for Cage Fighting, Combat Sports, Punching Bag, Muay Thai & Kickboxing

This is the #1 Best Seller in Martial Arts Training Gloves on with 775 customer ratings and rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. These gloves are made of 100% authentic Maya hide leather for the tractability and crack resistance. The item is equiped with Quick EZ Hook-and-Loop closure and the ergonomical strap so, your hands will be ventilated and dry. Besides, they are the combat gloves with design of Sponge X Padding to add the resistance and high-intensity impact. The product is available in 4 sizes. Let’s try them today!

2. Hawk Padded Inner Gloves

The next product from the Hawk brand will surely please both men and women. Hawk Padded Inner Gloves is made of cotton with the good inner construction for durability and functionality. They can protect your hand with correct positioning of your fist and knuckle support. The technology of hi-tech performance punching bag gloves and multi-layered foam padded gel hand wraps, they will prevent injuries. Also, they are washable gloves and they are available in 3 colors. 

3. FitsT4 Half Mitts UFC MMA Gloves

FitsT4 is a relatively new face in the boxing market. Let’s discover what products in FitsT4 have in common and deserve this position 03! The first impression is that these gloves are really suitable for many ages because the company pays attention to creating many different sizes of products. From X-Small, Small … to X-Large, it will be a product that should be owned by anyone who is passionate about boxing, from children to adults. Only 2 basic colors, black and white, the product can still give you the best experience.

4. RDX Kids Boxing Gloves

Unable to forget the kids, Gondeee thinks that the RDX Kids Boxing Gloves will be the essential gloves for children, from girls to boys. Do not worry! The product has 4 colors for them. With fancy pattern and the high-quality materials, they can absorb the shock better than any glove. These junior gloves are designed to be friendly with children because your children can use it easily and safety. The EVA-LUTION foam padding on outer wrists can protect your hands and provide the comfortable and clean feeling

5. Cheerwing Fingerless Boxing Gloves UFC MMA Gloves

Cheerwing Fingerless Boxing Gloves UFC MMA Gloves is designed with an ergonomically improved pre-curve pattern for comfort and safety. All products from Cheerwing always are made of high quality thread stitching. So, they are very durable and suitable for all players with different levels. They are made of high-quality PU Leather and they are extremely dry and clean during use. 

Cheerwing Fingerless Boxing Gloves UFC MMA Gloves is good at training daily. Your hands can be protected optimally. The palms have many perforations to provide breathability and wrist support. There are 6 colors, including white/red-craw/dragon-black/blue-claw/black-claw/black.

6. Cheerwing MMA Boxing Gloves UFC Kickboxing Gloves

It can be seen that products from the Cheerwing brand have novel designs, unique and extremely attractive. The next product we are referring to is Cheerwing MMA Boxing Gloves UFC Kickboxing Gloves.

The product features:

  • Dense, innovative and multi-layered foam: absorb the shock better.
  • Thick padding on the wrist: provide the safety.
  • These gloves are made of high-quality PU leather and EVA foaming: clean easily and absorb the shock effectively
  • Fingerless design with thumb protection
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Dimensions of 8.74” x 5.12” x 1.97” / 22.2 x 13 x 5cm
  • Having 6 colors: black; white; blue; gold; red; yellow.

7.  Brace Master Pro MMA Gloves

Brace Master is renowned as an expert in the production and design of MMA gloves. Brace Master Pro MMA Gloves is designed to improve the filling thickness of peak with the three-dimension design. So, you can find the impact point easily without affecting the experience. Besides the traditional characteristics of MMA gloves, they are equiped with the elastic mesh cloth to be durable and comfortable. They can protect your hands and your wrists with the double-fitted long wristband. These sizes of product is suitable for both women and men with adjustable straps. 

8. Venum Challenger MMA Gloves

Venum Challenger MMA Gloves is made of PU leather and designed in Thailand. So, they are very durable and suitable for both training and fighting. This item is an exquisite quality with an afforable price. You can install easily by the double-closure system for more comfortable. The wrist injuries also are reduced with wide leather velcro closure. Layered foam will protect your hands and absorb the shock. The product is available now in 3 colors, including Black/Black; Black/Grey; Black/White.

9. MeGaLuv Fingerless Gloves

MeGaLuv is known as the perfect brand for all gender and levels, from women to men, kids and even experienced athletes. MeGaLuv Fingerless Gloves is made of premium synthetic PU leather and lycra fabric to provide the dry and comfortable feeling. You can put on or put off easily with the breathable and strong grip of the item. 

These gloves are able to absorb the shock and custom fit. This is the must-have item for any boxers today!

Basic Guide to Choosing the Best MMA Boxing Gloves

In our opinion, you should follow a basic guide to set your mind in choosing the best MMA boxing gloves, so that’s why we make this part to give you basic instructions. You should check it, and make it become your knowledge because there is no redundant to gather knowledge.

Step 1: Checking the materials

You should know materials affect how good your gloves are, for example, the durability. If you want to have the best MMA boxing gloves meaning you want it to be more durable, so you should check it first. On the other hand, materials affect your comfort because it reflexes the quality, so the better materials the better comfort of your products.

Step 2: Checking the feeling

The feeling is really important because, without a good feeling, you cannot maximize your both performance and experience. For example, if your MMA boxing gloves are made of high-quality materials but it doesn’t provide you the good feeling as well as others (to compare with other high-quality materials one), it is not your perfect one. Therefore, choosing the best MMA boxing gloves, you should pay attention to the comfortable feeling.

Step 3: Design

As we mentioned above, the design of MMA Boxing gloves are quite simple, but the fact that you still need to care about it. The confidence and motivation come from the design you use, so if you concern about it, you will get the motivation of keeping you playing boxing any time you see it.

Generally, Gondeee thinks that the 3 steps above are enough for you to choose the best MMA boxing gloves. It is easy to apply the three steps above to any product, not only boxing gloves. Moreover, you can save your time a lot by applying these to our products in the list above because they are all the best one confirmed and tested by people that purchased.


In addition to protecting the hands, MMA gloves also help the attacks have more power and damage. In addition to giving more punch, based on the design, one can see that MMA gloves make it easier to launch attacks. So it can be seen, MMA gloves are more about attacking, and Boxing gloves are more about defense.

Hopefully, you will find out about Gondeee’s article and soon find yourself the best MMA boxing gloves to practice and fight.

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