Top 4 Best Snell Golf Balls & Reviews In 2022

Best Snell golf balls were founded by Dean Snell and as I discovered when I interviewed him he has a background in creating top-selling superior balls for Titleist and TaylorMade.

Most golfers don’t have any idea who Dean Snell is, much like most drivers don’t have any idea who’s the lead scientist in Ford. But if you’re a golfer, there is a very good chance you’ve used one of his designs! Don’t think so? Well, Dean Snell is the proud owner of 38 golf ball competitions. He was the designer or co-designer of a few of the best performing and most popular golf balls in the business. While working for Titleist, he had been responsible for the ProV1/ProV1x, Tour Prestige, HP2 Tour, and HP2 Distance. Following seven years with Titleist, he transferred to TaylorMade as the Vice President of Research and Development where he devised the TP Red LDP, TP Black LDP, Penta TP, Penta TP5, Lethal, Tour Preferred, Tour Preferred X, Burner, Noodle, RocketBallz and Project (a) golf balls.

What is Snell Golf Ball?

Actually, Dean Snell is a plastics engineer and designer of many name brand golf balls including Titleist Pro V1 and TaylorMade TP. He is the founder of Snell Golf, a company that design and sells namesake golf ball.

You are wondering why Gondeee recommends you use his Golf Balls, right? The fact that Dean Snell Golf Ball is one of the top high-quality Golf Balls in the world. Their products are known for many good features that bring benefits for Golf players. This is also the reason why Gondeee now shares with you how good Snell Golf Balls are. Let’s check the features below and you will find out one of the recommended products of Golf.


  • Structure: Structure is one of the elements that the Snell brand focuses on. With a special structure like double, triple, or multiple layouts with a urethane cover, the balls are improved in many aspects like speed, feeling, distance, etc. You should check Snell Golf Ball once in your Golf life, and compare it with other products to find out our truth.
  • Feeling: With a special structure made by high technology, Snell Golf Balls provide a feeling of the soft, interesting strike. That’s why this ball attracts people and makes them love Golf.
  • Durability: Snell Golf Ball is not only good at the feeling when you hit it, but also amazing at the durability. With high durability, the Sell Golf Ball can satisfy any long-lasting game and provide players a perfect experience.

These features above are what Gondeee wants to share with you after some investigations checking in both the Internet and reality. Moreover, we also make a list of the 4 best Snell Golf Balls and review each product, so if you read this list, you can save your time and your money in choosing Snell Golf Balls because they are all the products that have good comments and high rates.

List Of 4 Best Snell Golf Balls & Reviews In 2022

What makes a great Snell brand with effective golf balls for golfers? Do you know what is the best golf ball product, Snell? Here are the 4 Best Snell Golf Balls that you can’t ignore and take your eyes off of them. Experience 1 of the 4 Best Snell Golf Balls below and let us know how yours was!

1. Snell MTB Black My Tour Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

Snell MTB Black My Tour Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

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Don’t miss the first spot on this list of Best Snell Golf Balls, because Snell MTB Black My Tour Golf Balls, White (One Dozen) is sure to give you a sense of satisfaction with what they have to offer. MTB Black utilizes our 3 piece construction and a Tour recognized urethane cover. Improving upon the original MTB, The MTB Black provides a softer feel and more distance, while continuing to give premium short game spin and control.

2. Snell MTB-X Golf Balls

Snell MTB-X Golf Balls

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The second place in this list of Best Snell Golf Balls, can not help but mention the Snell MTB-X Golf Balls, one of the products that is highly appreciated by golfers. Have you tried yet? New smaller core provides low driver spin & quicker speeds. A thicker, firmer mantle layer for enhanced mid and short-iron approach shots. Low lift, low drag for controlled ball flight to reduce”ballooning” and provide excellent performance in the wind Firmer Feel. MTB-X features our CAST urethane cover for excellent control, feel, and durability. 2019, Named MyGolfSpy “Longest” and “Best Value”.

3. Snell Get Sum Golf Balls

Snell Get Sum Golf Balls

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Snell Get Sum Golf Balls are at number 3 in the list of Best Snell Golf Balls that you cannot ignore. So what do they have outstanding features that make golf lovers love so much? Let’s explore together! A large, soft low compression core again allows for the ball to get quite low spin speeds which increases distance and creates fewer pins and pieces. Thin, soft Surlyn cover leads to the soft texture of this ball. This core cover mix was designed to help golfers get the ball in the air easier, and reduced spin rates for straighter shots from tee to green. All with fast ball speeds for any swing speed, and exceptional soft feel and control. Conforms to USGA standards and are legal for tournament play.

4. Snell 50 Mix – Mint (AAAAA) Grade – Recycled (Used) Golf Balls

Snell 50 Mix - Mint (AAAAA) Grade - Recycled (Used) Golf Balls

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In the last place, the Snell 50 Mix – Mint (AAAAA) Grade – Recycled (Used) Golf Balls are prized for the basic characteristics that make it the top best Snell Golf Balls you should own. Try them out and let us know the results! Almost new, with very few visible signs of wear. Like a ball that’s been hit a couple of times. Still guaranteed to perform like new. Player pen logos and markings could be present. MY TOUR BALL is our 3-piece, tour caliber golf ball engineered to provide outstanding tee to green functionality, with a mission to enhance scoring for golfers of all ability levels. The Core was developed with very low compression, soft texture, with high velocity to help with ball rate irrespective of swing speed and creates low driver spin rates for longer distances. The Mantle layer works on more shots to maintain charge of the spin and works with the soft throw urethane cover on shorter irons and chip shots to make higher spin rates for much better control into the green. The Cover coating is made of a thermoset throw urethane tour known to cover. This technology allows very thin covers for a greater short game spin controller and is extremely soft and durable.

How to Choose a Good Golf Ball

There are many Golf Balls in the world like Callaway Golf Balls, Taylormade Golf Balls, Pinnacle Golf Balls, etc., and the fact that if you face products in the market, you will be confused immediately. The advice for you is that following the elements Gondeee shares below to find out your best one.


The structure is one of the most important elements that you should pay attention to because it affects how good Golf Balls are. Different Golf Balls are made by a different structure, for example, you will read in the description of Golf Ball the layouts it is designed, 2, 3, or even 5 layouts. That’s why you should check the detailed information carefully to get what function you want from the Golf Ball, and after that, you will find the best choice.


Materials affect directly the Golf Ball and indirectly the game you play. You will realize the important role of materials soon after watching its bounce, the distance, and the height it flies. Otherwise, the material is one of the elements that affect the feeling that you have when hitting the ball. Therefore, you should pay attention to the materials which are used to manufacture Golf Balls to buy what you expect.


You should consider the durability of the Golf Ball. If the durability is low, it can interrupt your experience and performance.


From the golf ball globe, there’s a minefield of patents, and Best Snell golf balls have 40 to his name, so it is quite impressive that he has been able to get a 3-piece chunk out whatsoever in this class. The key to the whole thing is that the cast urethane cover as that’s exactly what creates the feel and control, but additionally, it is expensive and difficult to use so that is the reason why you only find it on premium tour chunks like the Titleist Pro V1 and TaylorMade TP5.