Top 10 Best Softball Pitching Rubbers

If you are a softball player, in addition to the necessary equipment such as bats, cleats, bags, .. you need to equip a necessary item, which is pitching rubber. This equipment will help you with the training. Because sometimes, you will not always be able to go to the softball field to practice with everyone.

When you own a pitching rubber set at home, you can practice by yourself as needed. The skills have also improved thanks to your daily training. For the above reasons, we will help you with a list of 10 Softball Pitching Rubbers so you can find yourself a Softball Pitching Rubber. 

List of 10 Softball Pitching Rubbers

1. Franklin Sports MLB Deluxe Spike-Down Pitcher’s Rubber 18”

Franklin Sports is a leading sporting goods brand known worldwide. They brings great ideas and products to all levels of sports participants. So, the first item that Gondeee recommends is Franklin Sports MLB Deluxe Spike-Down Pitcher’s Rubber 18”.

The product features:

  • Warranty: 90 day limited
  • Size: 18”
  • Weight: 3.95 pounds
  • Material: durable synthetic
  • To designed to withstand all the weather.
  • Ideal for softball leagues
  • Users can stake down and remove easily.
  • It is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars from 83 customer ratings on
  • The color is white. The color is bright so, you can spot quickly when running.

2. Franklin Sports MLB Baseball Professional Spike-Down Pitching Rubber – 24 Inches Wide

Next item is still from Franklin Sports. Franklin Sports MLB Baseball Professional Spike-Down Pitching Rubber – 24 Inches Wide is different from the first item. This product’s size is 24 inches wide. One set you get from the seller is 2 stakes. This pitcher’s rubber is sturdy construction and suitable for outdoor use. Also, it is weather resistant and ideal for softball leagues. 

3. MacGregor Rubber Pitchers Plate


  • Solid white molded rubber can help users spot easily when playing softball.
  • You wil get three metal spikes (size 4” x 18”) from seller when buying.
  • Macgregor Rubber Pitchers Plate is suitbale for both baseball and softball.
  • Made of rubber. You can easily clean and wash.
  • Extra grip, even on wet or slick surfaces. 

4. Champro Youth 3-Spike Pitcher’s Rubber

At CHAMPRO, they strive to build teams by providing high-value equipment and apparel. Easily understand that why The Champro Pro Style Molded Base Set is recognized by many top baseball and softball officials as featuring the best in-ground bases.

Champro Youth 3-Spike Pitcher’s Rubber is made of rubber so, you can clean and wash easily. Also, the players can install the rubber simply. The rubber is 710” thick with UV-resistant construction. We think the item is great for this price.

5. MacGregor End Spiked Pitching Rubbers – Youth Size – 4″ x 18″

MacGregor End Spiked Pitching Rubbers – Youth Size – 4″ x 18″  has youth size so, even kids can use it easily. The metal spikes go through steel tabs for simple installation with a hammer. Four Spikes are included for setting the rubber into the place you want. The rubber material is able to withstand the season and any condition of weather. 

6. CHAMPRO Four Way Pitchers Rubber Official Size


  • UV-resistant rubber construction to withstand the heavy-duty side.
  • Solid
  • Four-sided construction provides the long-term and durable use.
  • Available in 2 sizes: official size (6” x 24”) and youth size (4” x 18”)
  • It is rated 5 out of 5 on

7. Champion Sports Youth Pitcher’s Plate

Champion Sports is the most trusted brand for high-quality sports, fitness and physical education equipment as the name’s brand. The product was predominantly created for kids and young players who are learning this game.

Featuring two removable metal spikdesm this pitcher’s rubber is easily anchored to the pitcher’s mound. Also, the users can remove after finishing simply. Heavy-duty rubber can withstand all conditions of weather. It is ideal for younger players learning how to pitch and both boys and girls.  The gear of the product is created to handle repeated use. The color is the bright white so, you can spot easily.

8. Schutt Official Spike Installed Pitch Rubber

Schutt have committed to developing the most innovative and technologically advanced equipment in sports for players. WIth the newest in mound technology, Schutt Official Spike Installed Pitch Rubber was born. It is made of internal plastic so, it is durable and lightweight. The pitching rubber is designed to stake down into the place and give a smooth slope behind. The handle of the item is designed to help lift the mound off the dirt. Also, the picher’s rubber is suitable for even kids, from age 12 and under. This is a great item for both indoor and outdoor use.  The dimensions are 6” x 24” with 3 metal stakes for easy installation. 

9. MacGregor 4-Way Pitchers Rubber

MacGregor 4-Way Pitchers Rubber is made of white tough molded rubber with inner support tubing. It is designed to be rotated periodically. So, it is very useful for even the players who are learning how to play softball. Because of this feature, this product is named 4-Way Pitcher’s Rubber. 

The size is adult size (6” x 24”) that provides for  your pitching team the quality support necessary.

10. BSN Sports Professional Removable Pitching Rubber

The last product on the list is from BSN Sports. This brand is the largest distributor of team sports apparel and euipment.
As what the seller offers, this is a super heavy-duty product made from steel. It is bolted and sealed to the top stanchion by silicone. When buying, you will get two rubbers and anchor plugs. The sizes is 6” x 24” and it weighs only 21 lbs.


Using one pitcher’s rubber from above list of 10 Best Softball Pitching Rubbers, Gondeee believes that you will have enjoyable feeling. The Pitching rubber will encourage and promote experience for you. Also, you will be supported by raising your level with training. Sometimes, you do not have partner to train and improve skills, you need to own at least one softball pitching rubber for you to solve the problem. Hope you can choose one item from above list to be your partner. Do not hesitate to share it with us if any question!

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