Top 9 Best Target Boxing Gloves

The target boxing gloves are indispensable training tools for boxing athletes. They are used to support training to speed up the arms and legs for players. Training with the target boxing gloves is always preferred by boxers and coaches because of its practicality. In addition to improving the power of punches and kicks, the target boxing gloves have many advantages in the training process. Join us to learn more about this type of sports equipment through the below list of 9 best boxing gloves.

Benefits of using target boxing gloves

Nowadays, you can check from the market many kinds of boxing targets, for example, body targets, fixed targets, ball targets, etc., and one of them is target boxing gloves. Is it a strange name for you?  If so, don’t worry because now we will give you the basic information about the boxing target to help you create a vision about it.

CLASSIFY: In our opinion, there are two types of boxing targets

  • Fixed boxing target: This one is called ‘sandbag’ to be easier for imagination. The fixed boxing target can be considered as a target without human support, so you can use them to practice alone, and whenever you want. It has both advantages and disadvantages, but today, we will not talk much about it.
  • Un-fixed boxing target: This one is likely a mobile boxing target. However, to understand it properly, you should know that the boxer can aim at any target in the human body, such as the waist, chest, head, etc. Therefore, this type will help the boxer practice more effectively than the fixed boxing target because boxers have to chase the rhythm of the trainer who uses the un-fixed boxing target. Today, Gondeee wants to introduce you to the target boxing gloves, which are popular in the market because of their effectiveness.

BENEFITS: There are a lot of benefits from using target boxing gloves, but we just share with you the main one, that most people look for.

  • The main function: Of course the main function of using target boxing gloves is a target for boxers to hit. Its effectiveness in training is to improve the reflex and speed of reaction that boxers have. In a match, the speed of reaction is very important because a second can decide who wins that match. Therefore, the manufacturer produces a lot of products to train the speed of reaction and reflex, and target boxing gloves are one of them.
    • Moreover, the main function of using target boxing gloves is the improvement of technique which most boxers want. The technique is very important because, without it, they cannot maximize the power, and cannot hit the opponent exactly.
  • The skills of using power: By using target boxing gloves, boxers can easily control the power that they punch or kick. Some people think that it’s not good for a match because the more power you have the faster you can beat the opponent. However, it’s not as you thought. If you can control the power well, you can easily maximize your power in a match, and in reality, control the power can help you not over the power to make people painful.
  • The motivation: When you have a partner who uses target boxing gloves, you can have a better motivation for your boxing life. It is easy to understand that work with two people, you can go far than going alone.
  • The safety: This benefit is not for boxers, and it’s for trainers. The trainer needs equipment to protect themself when they practice with boxers. If they train boxers without equipment, they can face the situation of being unwanted injured.

With the classify and benefits above, we think you can easily understand deeply the target boxing gloves. There are also two parts more for you to discover, our list of 9 best target boxing gloves and the tips to choose the best products. Let’s check it.

List of 9 Best Target Boxing Gloves

1. Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts

This type of target gloves is specialized for kicking but can also be used for punching, so it is very useful. With a thick foam layer design inside; No flat or flattened only when kicked a lot, so your feet usually have very high durability. All products from the Sanabul brand are highly appreciated in the field of boxing.

With the first position on Best-seller in Punch Mitts, they are rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from 1530 customer ratings on This item is perfect from the careful stitching to strong materials. We think you will definitely keep these gloves in your mind. They are very light and cushioned with the hand-shaped mold and the Satec ultralight foam. Besides, they have the adjustable wrist strap so, you can adjust easily based on your hand size. They are made of engineered leather construction for durability and long life. 

2. Elite Sports Boxing Mitts for Muay Thai MMA Sparring Training Punching Focus Punch Target Mitts and Pads

Elite Sports Boxing Mitts have 9 different colors so they can match anyone who are looking for the basic design of target boxing gloves. With 319 ratings from customers on Amazon, they are rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. Also, Elite is a famous brand with many good-quality boxing gloves so, you can believe in the service and the quality of gloves from this brand. 

These gloves are made of high-quality and durable PU leather, so they are lightweight and easy to clean. They feature the essential pre-curved concave design of boxing pads focus mitts sparring gear then, they can protect your hands and your wrists.

3. Xnature Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts Boxing Pads 

Target boxing gloves provides the strength for every punch at both low and high range. The design with sharp, sophisticated design; firm and meticulous stitches; the back is also designed to fit five fingers; Ventilated hole design to keep hands from getting sweaty. Therefore, this tool is considered a perfect choice for punches.

These Xnature Essential Curved Boxing Gloves have the supermo-shock goam and hand-shaped mould for the natural feel. They are made of durable Maya hide constructin for the durability and the long life.

4. Cheerwing Boxing MMA Punching Mitts Focus Pads

Training with the target boxing gloves is considered the best way to exercise. With the weight of 200g and the dimensions of 22 x 18 x 3 cm, Cheerwing Boxing Punch Focus Mitts are made of durable ultra-light PU leather for the long life. Also, they are wear-resistant and explosion-proof. They have full elastic EVA material inside for shock absorption. Your hands can be dry because ò the mesh panels and venting holes of the item. This product is available in 3 colors and rated 4.7/5 on

5. RDX Boxing Pads and Gloves Set | Hook and Jab Target Focus Mitts with Punching Gloves | Hand Pads for MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Karate Training | Padded Coaching Strike Shield

Buying RDX Boxing Pads and Gloves Set, you will get one pair of boxing gloves and one pair of target boxing gloves from the famous RDX brand. They have good leather material and suitable padding for durability and comfort. Besides, the ventilation system is designed in the right position to keep hands cool and airy because there is no sweat during training.

6. SUNMALL 2pcs MMA Boxing Mitts Focus Punch Pad PU Leather Punching Kicking Palm Pads Taekwondo Training Boxing Target Pad Karate Muay Thai Training Gloves with Adjustable Strap

The key features:

  • Sunmall boxing gloves can help you place the pads perfectly into your hands.
  • They are made of durable and high-quality PU leather so, they are flexible and lightweight
  • They are suitable for trainers, kids, and adults to improve struck skills and ensure the training effect.
  • Weight: 290g
  • Size: 25×20 cm
  • Thickness: 4.5-5 cm

7. Guon-Wuvl Sports Boxing Curved Focus Leather Focus Boxing Gloves Mitts for Training Pair for Women and Men MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai Sparring

Guon-Wuvl Sports Boxing Curved Focus Gloves are made of PU leather so, they are durable and lightweight. With the elastic design and the fine stitching, they are the best choice for you. Besides, your hands can be always dry because of the mesh palm. This is a high-end stone landing product that has the advantages of being light, durable, withstanding strong impulses of kicks, horizontal kicks, helping martial arts athletes exercise daily.

8. Sasonco Leather Boxing Gloves Mitts Training Target Focus Punch Pads’

  • Sasonco gloves appear with the bright red color.
  • These gloves are made of PU leather for durability and flexibility.
  • They are just 270 g so they are lightweight and suitable for even kids.
  • Buying this item, you will get 2 punch pads and one carrying bag for comfort whenever you need to training outside of going somewhere.

9. Contour Padded Target Punch Mitts (Pair) for MMA & Boxing

Contour Padded Target Punch Mitts (Pair) for MMA & Boxing is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on so, we think they are very good for you. It is considered that these gloves are the premier mitts on the market for training. They are made of premium synthetic leather and multi-layered impact foam. A 3-in power core of padding in the center of the mitt gives you more stability. These gloves are designed for high-intensity workouts. With the form hug the anatomical structure of the hand. Soft, durable rubber material feels comfortable and minimizes the possibility of injury when used.

Tips to choose the best target boxing gloves

Even if you are a boxer or trainer, and if you are looking for the best target boxing gloves, we recommend you to check our tips below because it can help you solve the confusion of choosing products in the market.

Tip 1: Check the materials

When you hold the target boxing gloves in your hands, the first thing you have to check is the materials. There are a lot of reasons to prove this tip, for example, the durability. If you have used target boxing gloves, you will know that it is easy to be broken because of being impacted a lot by punches or kicks. The high-quality materials, the high durability your products will have.

Moreover, the materials affect how feeling you have. For example, if you hit the target boxing gloves, if the sound is good, it can easily to guess and confirm how good your hit. But with not good materials, you can get the good sound to assess. It is a real difference between low-quality and high-quality materials.

Tip 2: Check the design

The design cannot give you any benefits except providing motivation. It is easy to understand, for instance, if you look at the target boxing gloves that suit your style, you will have the motivation to hit, to practice, and to be a boxer. Because of the visual effect affects, you will have motivation if you use a suitable design.

Tip 3: The stability

The stability is checked by using when the target boxing gloves are not vibrated much when you hit it. Although it depends much on how the trainer keeps it, the back of target boxing gloves with the fabric handle also contributes to the stability. If the fabric handle is not good, tight, or loose, the trainer will face trouble when using it.

With the 3 basic tips above, you can find it easy to get suitable target boxing gloves. If you get your best one based on our tips, let’s share with us, and don’t forget to check our list of best target boxing gloves because we made it especially for you.


It can be seen that boxing is a sport practiced by many people. It helps to train the body; Increased flexibility for limbs and also a way to entertain effectively. Practice boxing with the goal of kicking will help you have better training results and higher efficiency. Gondeee hopes the information of Top 9 Best Target Boxing Gloves in the article above will be helpful to you.

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