Top 6 Best Tennis Ball Machine – Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021

Have you ever imagine that you can play tennis with a machine? It isn’t as you thought that the tennis machine is a body-human machine and can grip the racquet to play together with you. The tennis ball machine is a kind of machine that can shoot the ball to follow a random or set-up directs. Both beginner and professional players wish to have a ball machine. How’s about you? Let’s take a look at the list of the top 7 best tennis ball machine to find a suitable machine.

List of 6 Best Tennis Ball Machine

1. Spinshot – Player Tennis Ball Machine

There are no argue at the best experiences that this tennis ball machine bring to you. People who buy it can claim about the quality it has.

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SPINSHOT PLAYER designed as it can be easily programmed. This machine is used by a free phone app which provided to set up speed, spin, height, angle and feed rate to make your favorite drill. It also can be modified directly at the machine’s body. There are a lot of flexible available options that can satisfy any thrifty players.

This product is not made of plastic, so its weight is 19 kilograms. Despite the weight, in reality, you will realize that it is lightweight than you expect because a couple of wheels will help you move it conveniently.

This tennis ball machine is very quick on charging and has a long-lasting battery so that you can experience your practice without being worried about discontinuity.

  • Pros

👍 Multiple options

👍 Can be used by a free phone app

👍 Lightweight for transportation

👍 Quick charging and long-lasting battery

  • Cons

👎 Pricey

2. Lobster Sports – Elite One Tennis Ball Machine

Please don’t misunderstand this kind of tennis ball machine as a huge lobster because it is the brand of this product.

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Honestly, LOBSTER is really amazing to know what the customer wants. The design is that two wheels linking with a high-enough-to-hold handlebar, and the lightweight make it easier to pull to anywhere you want. What’s convenient! Besides, the capacity is made to be like a bowl with a high wall that will not let any of your balls out.

Additionally, about the feature, it is built for durability. It is designed that has a full corner-to-corner random horizontal oscillation that will challenge most players at any level. Otherwise, the battery life is about four to eight hours, and it means you will not be worried about the interruption of running out of it.

  • Pros

👍 Easy to transportation

👍 Long battery life

👍 Built for durability

👍 Full corner-to-corner randomly mode

  • Cons

👎 Not small and neat

3. INTE Tennis Trainer Rebounder Ball

If you are not a person who can afford some exhibitive tennis ball machine, so this is your best choice. If you buy this product, please don’t be dissapointed because you get what you pay for.

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It is a semi-auto tennis ball machine which is one kind of the original one. You will see it has a kind of rope linking with a ball, and the main part will be filled by sand or water for stability. Although it is too simple, its effect is not as you expect. This product aims to practice swing or hit, and in the guidance, you have to use your foot to make the ball bounce and hit. Because the ball needs to be linked with the rope, so, maybe, it cannot be as good as the new ball.

  • Pros

👍 Affordable

👍 Small and neat

👍 Easy to use

  • Cons

👎 Less feature

👎 It is especially for persist player

4. HAPPIBUY – Portable Tennis Ball Machine

Hey, you should check out this product because it is not the same as other products listed above. Let’s explore the feature of this machine.

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Firstly, it is constructed of ABS shell which is durable and sturdy, and the main part which is inside the body of the machine is made of premium polymer to reduce broken risks from tennis balls. All the materials make it lighter than you think, so it is just 40 pounds. Besides, there is an extension handlebar that helps you be easy to move over grass and curbs to the court.

Secondly, the battery is kind of 16AH lithium that has a large capacity, so that you can use it from 6 to 8 hours before running out.

Finally, this product is easy to use. You can adjust it with a turn of the button, and all kind of backhand training, center-line training, forehand training are available. Otherwise, the serving speed and the frequency of ball shooting are also good, and the detachable hopper can hold up to 150 balls to make your practice consistently.

  • Pros

👍 Durable and sturdy

👍 Long battery life

👍 Up to 150 balls in one serve

👍 All practice modes are available

  • Cons

👎 White color makes it easy to be dirty

5. Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine


Have you read about SPINSHOT’s product above? Actually, if you are buying or take a look at the tennis ball machine of SPINSHOT, so there are nothing to say about the quality of them. This product is also from them, but its feature is as a little bit different as the above one.

It also has flexible options to choose, but the button to adjust is classical than the one above. Despite this, it absolutely cheaper, and the change is quite big money. Otherwise, it’s not kind of controlling by phone app, so you need to adjust by the button in the body of the machine or by a remote.

  • Pros

👍 Cheaper than the modern one

👍 Still have all flexible options

👍 High quality

  • Cons

👎 Control by remote, not by phone app

6. Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine

This machine seem like a big guy, but it’s very effective at pratice. QUICKSTART has many products related to tennis, but this one is the most amazing.

It is designed for beginners and children who just start playing tennis. They make it perfect for the 36′, 60′ and 78′ court so that you should notice this thing to avoid the unnecessary problem.

Moreover, especially, if you are looking for a machine that keeps you safe, and ensures for not shooting too strong to hurt you, so it is the best choice for you. This product only shoots from 14 to 30 mph, and it is a safe speed for you to practice. It is also adjustable for different feed and shooting speeds.

  • Pros

👍 For beginners and children

👍 Safety

👍 Adjustable options

  • Cons

👎 Not small and neat

👎 For 36′, 60′, and 78 court

How to choose a suitable tennis ball machine?

There are a lot of elements that you can base on to make the right decision of purchasing a tennis ball machine.


This is the most important element that affects your choice. Actually, the price of the tennis ball machine is quite expensive. If you cannot afford a machine, so INTE Tennis Trainer Rebounder is a good choice for you. All the things you should know is in this statement:” You get what you pay for”.


The feature is what you should notice if you are confused. Some of the products don’t have a modern feature, so their price will lower than the modern one. Moreover, make sure you see all the flexibility of its like transportation, weight, practice options, etc.


This element is quite hard to check before buying, but the advice for you is that you should enter internet and check out the comment of players who purchased and used it. Please make your decision carefully because you don’t know what comment you can trust.


The tennis ball machine is a friend who always beside you when you need it. Actually, the main function of the machine is that help you improve your tennis skills. If you are a single player or you are looking for a partner to play tennis with you, maybe, the tennis ball machine will be the best one with you creating the perfect tennis experience. If you are a beginner, owe a machine is very important to support your practice. So, why are you still hesitant?

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