Top 5 Best Tennis Balls – Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022

It is ridiculous if you play tennis with a racquet and without balls. The tennis ball is as important as the racquet. Imagine that you use a good racquet but you still can’t control the ball as you want, it will be a horrible situation.

The good tennis ball which is looked for by tennis players must have a good price, consistently bounce, comfortable feeling in control, etc. In this topic, I want to share with you the best tennis balls that I have experienced, so let’s scroll down.

List of 5 Best Tennis Balls

How to choose Tennis balls for beginners and what are the top best tennis balls? To answer this question, please read and follow our article below, shared from experts with long experience in this sport.

1. WILSON Championship Regular and Extra Duty Tennis Ball

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This list of Top 5 Best Tennis Balls opens with an appearance by WILSON Championship Regular and Extra Duty Tennis Ball. We believe that they really deserve that position. Never ignore them.

One of the best tennis balls that you can use to play is from WILSON brand. It is made in USA and approved by USTA and ITF. This product is used as the official ball for NCAA Tennis, and both men and women can use it for their tennis game.

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This kind of ball is amazing as it provides a durable hit for the player. The extra duty is very special for playing it longer on hard surfaces. Besides, the precision and durability are increased by The Exclusive Dura-Weave, and the bounce is suitable for anyone who wants the best tennis match experiences.

  • Pros

👍 Approved by USTA and ITF

👍 The bounce is suitable for range of level player

👍 Longer playing on hard surfaces

  • Cons

👎 Go flat pretty fast

2. TOURNA Pressureless Tennis Ball

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Following the list of Top 5 best tennis balls is the appearance of TOURNA Pressureless Tennis Ball. We appreciate your experience with TOURNA Pressureless Tennis Ball.

This product is what you are looking for. It is useful not only for tennis but also for other situations. It can be used for tennis practice, ball throwing machines, or even playing with your pets.

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TORNA brand made this ball so durable that it can bounce consistently for its life. The size of the TOURNA tennis ball is regulation. and it can perform at the regular height.

  • Pros

👍 Used for many goals

👍 High durability make it bounce consistently

👍 Good price

  • Cons

👎 Not a high-quality ball


3. KEVENZ Standard Pressure Training Tennis Balls

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Following the list of Top 5 best tennis balls is the appearance of KEVENZ Standard Pressure Training Tennis Balls. We appreciate your experience with KEVENZ Standard Pressure Training Tennis Balls.

If you are a player who is looking for the best training ball, this product is an ideal choice. This is standard ball which used for training or practice.

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This ball is made to create a slow speed hitting which is only special for the new players. Besides, the beginners always like it because of the comfortable feeling and the landing point is easy to control. KEVENZ ball is also used for other goals like playing with pets or tennis ball machines.

  • Pros

👍 Used for many goals

👍 Standard quality is especially for beginner level or tennis training

👍 Comfortable control and feeling

👍 Cheap

  • Cons

👎 It can bounce not good at all if you are unaccustomed

4. PENN Championship Tennis Balls – Regular Duty Felt Pressurized Tennis Balls

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Following the list of Top 5 best tennis balls is the appearance of PENN Championship Tennis Balls – Regular Duty Felt Pressurized Tennis Balls. We appreciate your experience with PENN Championship Tennis Balls – Regular Duty Felt Pressurized Tennis Balls. This product is really famous. It is known as America #1 selling ball and is tested in 100 years to be a perfect ball.

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This ideal ball has controlled fiber which provides a perfect nap. The consistent rubber can reduce shock and make it bounce longer. This is an outstanding high-quality and consistent ball that Penn QST produces and approved by the USTA and ITF.

  • Pros

👍 Tested in more than 100 years and be approved by the USTA.

👍 Suit for soft court

👍 Rubber is designed as the ball can bounce consistently, and it helps to reduce shock

  • Cons

👎 Not good at the hardcourt



5. GAMMA Beginner Child or Adult Training (Transition) Practice Tennis Balls

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Following the list of Top 5 best tennis balls is the appearance of GAMMA Beginner Child or Adult Training (Transition) Practice Tennis Balls. We appreciate your experience with GAMMA Beginner Child or Adult Training (Transition) Practice Tennis Balls.

GAMMA ball is one of the best choices for tennis balls.  It is made with a low- compression core and a lightweight outer layer which makes the speed slow down 25% than casual, so it will be easier for beginners to practice or for advanced techniques practicing.

The surface of this ball is an advantage that makes the player performs easier in hitting, returning topspin and slice shots. Besides, it is made for from 60′ to 78′ courts that suit for beginners or youth tournaments.

  • Pros

👍 Suit for practicing

👍 The surface is designed to make the hit easily

  • Cons

👎 A little bit expensive than other tennis balls

What kind of balls should you buy?

Usually amateur and semi-professional tennis players often do not pay much attention to the material or bounce of the tennis ball. But for longtime players or professional athletes, using the right tennis ball for each type of court helps them play much more effectively.

So how to choose a tennis ball is reasonable, let’s find out in this article. There are no recommendations about what kind of balls you should buy. Every kind has both advantages and disadvantages. The advice is just to choose any ball in above, then experience it to find out your best ball.

Distinguishing Types of Tennis Balls?

Did you know that each tennis ball is specifically designed for a different type of court surface? Just like football, tennis balls are also designed differently to suit different types of court surfaces. There are 3 types of standard balls today are:

– Professional competition ball: often used in special tournaments such as Wimbledon, Australian Open, …

– Championship ball: often used at local tournaments

– Training ball: used in training at schools, or amateur tournaments

Depending on the type of court, tennis balls are also used differently, tennis balls are usually divided into 2 types: Extra duty and Regular duty. Conventional tennis ball production material is the core from natural rubber, the shell is made of felt. Extra duty balls usually have a thicker shell than Regular duty balls, in addition this type of ball is more resistant to abrasion and wetness making the ball heavier.

How to choose the right tennis ball for each type of court surface?

When playing on clay, tennis balls tend to bounce higher, the ball speed is slower than grass and hard courts. So the ball used for this court is usually a regular duty ball due to the soft shell structure that helps you control the ball easier, the ball flies faster.

But for hard courts, due to the very high sliding speed, the ball shell is worn out quickly. So the type of ball commonly used for this surface is Extra duty. Extra duty balls are designed for outdoor matches or hard courts only. Regular duty ball designed for indoor or clay court matches.

Choosing Tennis Balls For Beginners
The most popular types of training balls today

– Air compression ball, hard core – fast speed

– Soft core pneumatic ball – medium speed

– Airless ball – slow speed

– Uncompressed ball, hard core – medium speed

For those who are new to Tennis, keeping up with the speed of the ball and the stability in the transmission is one of the initial difficulties. So choose balls with slow speed, you will not be surprised with the spin speed and bounce of the ball.

For longtime tennis players, balls that can withstand continuous impact for hours will be the best choice for practice. Specifically, hard core airless balls will be suitable for these players, as these balls are designed with very thick rubber cores that can withstand impact.

But if you are looking for a more comfortable ball for practice and competition, the soft-core, compressed air balls will be a good choice. These types of balls have moderate speed, making it easier to feel the ball, but also easier to create technical balls.

Depending on the purpose of play, there will be reasonable ball choices for you. However, there is a note when choosing tennis balls, not because of the price difference, but to buy balls in regular nylon bags instead of those in air-compressed boxes. Because these types of balls are more carefully preserved, the properties of the balls are difficult to deform.


Don’t wait to purchase one of the best balls above to have the best tennis game experiences.

The Penn balls are so reliable because Penn brand is an old and experienced brand.

The decision of buying balls is base on your goals in tennis. If you want to be a serious player, just look for a high-quality tennis ball. If you just want a ball for your pet or use it for machines, so take a look at some suitable productions. Otherwise, you should mind what kind of court that you play to choose exactly the tennis ball.