Top 10 Best Tennis Dampener – Review and Buying Guide in 2021

If you can just take a look at this post, you will realize what benefit you gain from it. It is a serious review post which helps you save your money and have the perfect experience of playing tennis if you looking for a Tennis Dampener.

What Is The Tennis Dampener?

I would like to give you the first understanding of a tennis dampener before we go in-depth to the list of top 10 best ones. So, what is a tennis dampener? Some people think that is is just a toy, but actually, it has an important function that most serious tennis players want to use, and it is vibration reduction. Otherwise, the dampeners are designed as a small shape and go with a packet that makes it easy to bring.

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Why You Should Have A Tennis Dampener?

Vibration reduction is the main function of the tennis dampener which creates a stable shot. If you are a beginner, the tennis dampener will be more helpful because it helps you “feel” the hit more than you expect. Moreover, it is claimed that the dampener might protect your strings of the racket from the impact of vibration, and that is a reason you can maintain your racket in the good state. So, why you don’t have one tennis dampener for yourself? Let’s take a look at the list of top 10 best tennis dampener to discover your best one.

List of Top 10 Best Tennis Dampener

1. Tennis Vibration Dampener – Tennis Racquet Shock Absorber – Weather Resistant and Suitable for nearly all Racket Sizes

The first product of tennis dampener in this list is RIPCORD SPORTS’, and it is amazing product which help solve your problems.

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This tennis dampener is designed to absorb even the strongest vibrations, and it can retain optimum shock dampening capabilities while withstanding the effects of wind, rain, and sun. The players who have been using it claim that it is easy and rapid to attach to their racquet by aligning the gaps with their strings. Moreover, in the tennis matches, they have not been worried about their equipment, so they can focus more than casual.

  • Pros

👍 Premium dampener

👍 Easily and rapidly attach to the racquet

👍 Absorb more vibration

  • Cons

👎 Poor design

2. 21K SPORTS Tennis Vibration Dampener – Tennis Shock Absorber for Strings, Racket

This is #1 Amazon bestseller product, for lightweight, effortless, powerful it has. So, what is the addicted point that most customers choose it?

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This tennis dampener has the perfect blend of minimalism and shock absorption which can optimize your tennis game. By the way, the quality is premium that makes this product’s stability better than expected, so you can use it at least 100 hours of playing. As a result, your tennis experience will be perfect consistently in every shot. Moreover, the comfort of hitting the ball you have when using this dampener is better than whatever dampener you used.

  • Pros

👍 Reliable for #1 bestseller in Amazon

👍 Amazing shock absorption

👍 Stability

👍 Comfort feeling

  • Cons

👎 Poor design

3. ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener – Ultimate Shock Absorbers for Racket and Strings

Imagine that your arm is not strong enough to take a powerful hit from the professional player or even from the ball machine, so that’s why you should have a tennis dampener. This product is the best solution for you.

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If you look in detail of each dampener, you will find out that each one has a different shape, size, density creating its unique balance and feel. For this dampener, it provides the perfect feel on every shot you do. Besides, it is designed to have a locking system that guarantees there is no dropping during your tennis game.

The structure it has is aimed for durability and long-lasting performance, so it is also the reason for its rank in the top-quality tennis products. Moreover, many users of this product comment that it helps them reduce harmful shock to their wrist, elbow, and shoulder leading to the bad injury.

  • Pros

👍 Perfect feel

👍 Attach consistently by the locking system

👍 Durability and long-lasting performance

👍 Reduce the injury risk of harmful shock

4. Tennis Vibration Dampener in Funny Zipper Gift Pack – Best Shock Absorber for Your Racket and Strings

Do you miss the comfort in shots, and this reason make you lose even the weaker opponents? If it happens, you should not overlook at this tennis dampener.

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This product is a premium quality equipment that provides the best comfort and excellent shock absorption. Moreover, it can prevent injuries and find the perfect feel. Some people purchased a bad dampener, and after using, they complain that it loosen their racquet’s string. However, this product is designed to be fit for your strings that maintain the durability of your strings’ racquet.

  • Pros

👍 Premium quality equipment

👍 Variety of color, shape, and size

👍 Excellent shock absorption

👍 Reduce risks of injuries

👍 Perfect feel

5. HEAD Djokovic Tennis Racket Vibration Dampener – Racquet String Shock Absorber

HEAD is a famous brand and their products never make us heart-broken. Honestly, not only the required equipments but also the other support equipment as tennis dampener that HEAD make it be high-quality to satisfy the most thrifty player.

With the design of circle shape, this dampener attracts customers from the first look. Moreover, it helps disperse the force of the ball when it hits the racquet, and consequently, the shock is partially absorbed by the rubber dampener lessening the stress on your arm and reducing vibrations. It can also improve the feeling that makes your hit more precise.

  • Pros

👍 HEAD brand make it reliable to purchase

👍 Vibration absorption

👍 Improved feel

👍 Increase precision

👍 Reduce the risk of strain

6. TOURNA Sampras Vibration Dampener

Do you know Pete Sampras? He is an American former professional tennis player, and he first reached World No.1 in 1993. However, what is the concern? The answer in your mind, maybe, is correct. This product is well-known for being used by Pete Sampras.

It is great on any racquet, and you surprised about how good quality it has. Besides, this tennis dampener is released by TOURNA, who is one of the most famous brands for producing tennis facilities, so it is not necessary to think about the quality and features it has.

  • Pros

👍 TOURNA brand make it more reliable

👍 Used by the world No.1 player in 1993

👍 Premium quality

7. BUSYBEE Tennis Vibration Dampener in Fun Zipper Gift Pack – Best Shock Absorber

If you are looking for a product that has good design and shape, so this is one of the best choices for you.  It is cute not only the design but also the name of it, BUSYBEE.

It is released with a variety of colors, black, orange and blue, and each color has different mottos on each side. Otherwise, it is, actually, suitable for both young and middle-aged players. The quality is good as the vibrations are reduced significantly and the durability is improved more than other products. It is believed that the more you use, the good you feel in your hit. To be successful, be a BUSYBEE.

  • Pros

👍 Attractive design and shape

👍 A variety of colors

👍 Good quality

👍 Well motivated quote

8. ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener – Ultimate Shock Absorbers for Racket and Strings

Look at the picture of this tennis dampener, as you can see, this product is simple, but the features are varied.

Tennis players who purchase poor quality products with cheap price often loss their dampeners. However, if you use this dampener, this problem is not a big deal because of the proprietary grooved locking system. After installing, it will stay fixed and not necessary to readjustment. Besides, it is engineered for durability and long-lasting performance. If you use it, you will have a comfortable feeling because it can reduce harmful shock which prevents the risks of injury.

  • Pros

👍 Variety of colors

👍 Locking system

👍 Durability and long-lasting performance

👍 Harmful shock and risks of injury reduction

9. RTP ShockSorb Vibration Dampener

This product of tennis dampener is amazing, and you will never dissapointed about using it.

It is made of the patented shock absorbent and vibration-isolating material, and they are added in space shuttles and guns (recoil pads). With the special structure, it can reduce most of the tester’s arm (wrist and tennis elbow) and shoulder pain from shock and vibration. Otherwise, the shape is a circle to attract customers, and the weight is only 4 grams. It will not affect the weight of the racquet, so you can use your favorite racquet with this dampener.

  • Pros

👍 Shock absorbent and vibration-isolating material

👍 Shock and vibration reduction function

👍 Lightweight

  • Cons

👎 Only one shape

10. Tennis Button Vibration Dampener – Premium Quality Shock Absorber for Tennis Racket and Strings

If you are confused in choosing for yourself a tennis dampener, please take a look at this product.

It is designed as the best shock absorber, so the first thing it brings to you is injury prevention. After using, you will have the perfect feel of reducing harmful shock to your wrist, elbow, and shoulder. It is said that this product has premium quality and maximized comfort which can last for a year without ever being lost. Moreover, the players who used it tested for having longer durability and sustainability on tennis racquet when attached. Besides, the weight is only 0.3 ounces that is less than half of what others weigh.

  • Pros

👍 Lightweight

👍 Shock absorber and injury prevention

👍 High durability and sustainability

Guide to Choosing The Best Tennis Dampener

There are two elements of a tennis dampener that you should pay attention to when you purchase any products. The first is that it should be fixed in your strings. The loosen one can be lost when you hit the ball, so it is good if your tennis dampener has a locking system or is fixed enough not to be dropped. Secondly, the design of the dampener is depended on you, which means if you want a colorful, good design and shape, so the one as BUSYBEE’s product is your good choice. If not, you should pick the simple one.


The tennis dampener is not a requirement of playing tennis, however, if you have one, your experience will be better than before. Actually, the price of a dampener is not pricey, so if you obsess one, you will be a smart tennis player. There is one thing you should remind your self: “The good experience is not easy to get.”

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