Top 10 Best Tennis Racquet Bag – Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021

The fact that whoever plays sport also has a bag which is used to store their equipment or private stuff. In tennis, the racquet bag is not only used to store the favorite racquet but also for other goals. For example, if you have a good looking and useful bag, you will look more professional than casual. Therefore, let us help you find the best tennis racquet bag with the information below.

Why Should You Have A Tennis Racquet Bag?

The tennis racquet bag will help you not only to store the racquet but also other stuff. However, the fact that the main equipment you need to store by the bag is the racquet. The professional will have more than one racquet, and that’s why they need a tennis racquet bag. Otherwise, if you use the bag, you can preserve their racquet from the impact of outer elements as weather, moistures, etc. Therefore, let’s take a look at the list of top 11 tennis racquet bag below to discover your best one.

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List of Top 11 Tennis Racquet Bag

1. Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag

This tennis racquet bag is amazing, not only for the design but also for the features. Let’s check it out.


  • Store up to 3 tennis racquets and balls
  • External pockets
  • Shoulder strap and handle tote

This product can store up to 3 tennis racquet and balls, so you will be comfortable in bringing your favorite racquet for the match. It is also adding protected padding which keeps their racquet better. Moreover, the external pockets are designed for balls, phones, and other small accessories. It is convenient for you to bring all in one bag, for the design has a padded shoulder strap and handle tote.

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2. HEAD Racquetball Deluxe Cover Bag

HEAD is a big brand, so you don’t have to concern about the product’s quality.


  • HEAD performance
  • Racquet protection
  • Multiple carry options
  • Ample storage space

It is born out of revolutionizing how we ski and play tennis, so HEAD has constantly pushed athletic equipment into the modern era. Otherwise, the protection for your racquet is confirmed by the high-quality of the bag which is manufactured by HEAD. This bag is suitable for multiple carrying options as the adjustable shoulder strap and handles grab.

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3. Wilson Federer Tennis Bag Series

How’s about WILSON product? Does it satisfy your requirement? If you have not used it yet, let’s check it out.


  • Modern black design
  • Perfect protection
  • Convenient with pockets and carrying handles

This tennis racquet bag is modern for the conveniences it has. For example, it has side panels that are designed as molded. Moreover, there are 2 exterior side pockets for personal storage and 2 main compartments for equipment and apparel – both lined to protect against extreme heat. Otherwise, it also has convenient carrying handles and is improved zipper functionality.

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4. Wilson Fed Team Tennis Bag

WILSON is famous not only for the racquet but also the racquet bag. They make these two kind of equipments as a couple which you have to use as a pair.


  • Storage up to 12 racquets
  • Exterior side pockets for personal storage
  • Roger Federer signature on each side
  • Backpack shoulder straps
  • Top carrying handle

It can bring up to 12 racquets, so you should consider carefully before buying it because you will have a feeling as it is not necessary to buy a big bag as this product. However, you will find out that the bigger you buy the more convenient the bag brings for you. Besides, the backpack shoulder straps and top carrying handle support for bringing easily. Bag dimensions are 30 x12.5 x13.5″.

5. Wilson Super Tour Tennis Bag Series

Another best tennis racquet bag is manufactured by WILSON. Let’s consult this product.


  • Two-toned red canvas weave polyester with TPU coating
  • 2 small fleece-lined side accessory pockets
  • 2 large exterior side pockets
  • 3 main compartments holding space
  • Removable interior divider to help keep goods
  • Dual air vents in one main compartment and guard lining on two outer main compartments
  • Dual carrying systems

You will see many features it has. The most one that players want is the many pockets and functions of the main compartment it has. Therefore, it allows you to bring up to 15 racquets with other accessories, apparel, shoes. Otherwise, the dual carrying system support for bringing equipment conveniently.

6. HEAD Core 3R Pro Tennis Racquet Bag

It is another HEAD tennis racquet bag, but the design and features are improved.


  • HEAD performance
  • Store up to 3 racquets
  • Multiple carrying choices.
  • SPACES: 29x12x4″
  • Durable fabric materials

There is less complaint about this product, because of the trusted high-quality. You can bring up to 3 racquets if using this bag. It also has adjustable straps for easily bringing, and it can be casually flipped over the shoulder or carried like a duffle bag.

7. Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag Series

This tennis racquet bag is amazing for the attractive outlooking it has. Many people claimed about the professional looking and the good features it has.


  • Primary compartment holds up to 3 racquets, larger equipment, and apparel
  • Deep
  • Ample room in secondary compartment
  • Size: 28 x 3.5 x 12″

This product is big enough to store up to 3 adult racquets and even larger equipment and apparel. It is said that the depth of the bag is good for protecting equipment and make comfort in bringing. Moreover, the secondary compartment in the front provides ample room for personal effects.

8. Babolat – Pure 6 Pack Tennis Bag White and Red – (B751172-149)

This tennis racquet bag is made by BABOLAT, so you can trust it as the guaranteed high-quality.


  • 2 racquet compartments
  • 2 accessory pockets
  • Padded straps
  • Adjustable backpack
  • 2 grab handles
  • Dimensions: (Inches) Length: 29.5 in. x Height: 12.5 in. x Width: 12.5 inch

This product can hold up to 6 uncovered racquets, so you can imagine how big it is. It has 2 racquet compartment and one of them includes ISO thermal protection. It also has 2 accessory pockets that you can put your private stuff, and one of them has a protective shell. Moreover, the carrying system is the advantage of this tennis racquet bag. It has padded straps, adjustable backpack and 2 grab handles that support the best for bringing.

9. Wilson Team Tennis Bag Series

It is said that most players use this tennis racquet bag. However, you should check the features before purchasing it.


  • 3 main compartments
  • 2 large exterior pockets
  • Small exterior
  • Padded shoulder strap

This bag has 3 main compartments for equipment and apparel. It also has 2 large exterior pockets for personal storage and one small exterior pocket for valuable things. Otherwise, the shoulder strap is padded kind and can be adjustable and removable.

10. Wilson Advantage II Tennis Bag – Navy/White

What’s about this tennis racquet bag? Are you interested in it?


  • Lightweight
  • Zippered compartment
  • Holding up to 2 racquets
  • Zippered accessory compartment
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with pad

This product can bring up to 2 racquets. Although the quantity of bringing racquet is less, it is good for people who want to bring equipment as lightweight. Otherwise, the compartment is zippered kind and one of them is for accessories. Besides, there is an adjustable shoulder strap with pad and padded top handle.

How To Choose The Best Tennis Racquet Bag For Yourself?

The fact that you should check the feature like that: Firstly, the materials it is made of is important, for the quality can be proved by the materials. For example, with synthetic or polyester materials, it will be better to protect your equipment from water.

Secondly, you should determine your demand. For example, you should only buy a bag with size for 3 racquets if you have only 3 racquets or less. The bigger one is not necessary if you don’t have enough racquets to bring.

Thirdly, if you have more stuff like accessories or other things, you should buy a bag which has more side pockets or small pockets. Don’t make your stuff and equipment messy by buying the bag, which is not suited to your demand.


In conclusion, having a tennis racquet is not required if you don’t have a good income. However, you should save money for one if you are serious about playing tennis. The best experience of playing tennis will make you motivated in other goals in your real life. Therefore, let’s check the list above to find out the best one.

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