Top 9 Best Tennis Strings- Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021

Your racquet’s strings are broken or loosened? You are pleased with the grip of the racquet but not with the strings, and you think that what wrong with my strings of the racquet. So, why don’t you change your strings of racquet? There are a lot of kinds of strings that are in the shelf market. Each of them is advertised that make you addicted, but actually, you don’t know what is best for you. Don’t forget to read all this topic to find out the best tennis strings that help you get a perfect tennis experience.

List of 9 Best Tennis Strings

1. SOLINCO Hyper-G Heaven High Spin Poly Strings


This product is released by SOLINCO, and many tennis players have used and reviewed. If you are looking for a great product of strings, so this strings should not be overlooked.

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The main material of this string is Polyester which makes it endurable in every hit. The advantage of this material is that it can absorb the force and help you hit the ball following the exact directions. Moreover, it supports your swing not overhitting, and the square frame it makes can create a great spin.

It has multiple colors that you can choose the most suitable one, and one more thing of SOLINCO Hyper G is that it now in the top of 50 ATP players’ string choice.

  • Pros

πŸ‘ Support for great spin and exact hit

πŸ‘ Multiple colors

πŸ‘ Top of 50 ATP players’ string choice make it reliable

  • Cons

πŸ‘Ž A little bit of stiff

2. BABOLAT RPM Blast Black 17g Strings

BABOLAT now give you a best choice of racquet strings. It is designed as a monofilament string type, and the shape of this string is octagonal. This kind of type and shape increases the tangent area between the ball and the face of racquet that make your hit more exact.

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The gauge of this string is 17 – exactly 1.25 mm, and the length is 40 feet. It has only black in color, but this one suits everyone. Additionally,Β  there is advice that it is great for beginner players who want to get an exact hit before the hit that requires advanced skills.

  • Pros

πŸ‘ Monofilament type with the octagonal shape makes it specific

πŸ‘ Great for beginner

  • Cons

πŸ‘Ž Having only one color

3. LUXILON Alu Power 125 Tennis Racquet Strings

If you are a fan of the WILSON product, you will realize that this product is one of the most addicted strings that anyone wishes to have. This product is used by more than 50 % of the top of ATP players.

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This string gauge is 16 – exactly 1.25 mm that suits for feeling and ball controlling. The highlight of this product is its materials. It is made of sturdy, resilient co-polymer fluorocarbon resin fiber which provides excellent touch without compromising power. On the other hand, it is added aluminum fiber by big banger technology that creates stability, accuracy in every durable pass in the match.

  • Pros

πŸ‘ Special material makes it durable

πŸ‘ Increase accuracy

πŸ‘ Used by more than 50% of the top of ATP players makes it reliable

  • Cons

πŸ‘Ž Little bit pricey

4. SOLINCO – Tour Bite Tennis Strings

One of the most famous products that SOLINCO released is this Tour Bite Tennis String. This product can please many grumpy costumer.

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If you feel that you lack power in every hit, you should check out this string. It is developed as a new great generation. People who have used it claim that it provides high-performance. The material it is made of is co-polyester that helps to generate extreme power and create intense spins. On the other hand, it is produced in many sizes from 15 – 20 gauge that you can choose the best one for you.

  • Pros

πŸ‘ High-performance

πŸ‘ Great extreme power

πŸ‘ Massive spin

πŸ‘ Many sizes

  • Cons

πŸ‘Ž Stability is not good as expected

5. BABOLAT RPM Blast Rough Tennis Strings

BABOLAT brand always provides amazing products that addict tennis players to buy, and one of them is this product.

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It is designed as an octagonal shape that can increase your accuracy of every hit. Otherwise, they modified this string by their RPM Blast Formula and make it rough enough to create great spin. The main material is Co-Polyester, and the cross-section of this string is linked by a silicone coat that makes people call it “ultimate spin”.

Besides, there are three sizes that you can purchase that are 15G, 16G and 17G. If you find a good string to replace for the old one, honestly, this is a great idea.

  • Pros

πŸ‘ Ultimate spin

πŸ‘ Stability

πŸ‘ Accuracy hit

  • Cons

πŸ‘Ž Not many sizes to choose

6. WILSON NXT Control 16 Tennis Racquet Strings

It is a perfect choice for you in choosing a string for your racquet. WILSON is a famous brand and they never make you dissapointed.

This is a product made of the combination of polyester and polyamide fibers. In detail, it is Mutifilament Xycro Microfibers with polyester and nylon fiber which make this string unique. The advantage of this is providing excellent power, comfort, and control that you will not see in any other string.

This product is 16 gauge – exactly 1.32 mm, 40-foot length, and has a natural color. It seems like not a matter if you are just looking for the best string without judging out looking.

  • Pros

πŸ‘ Provide excellent power, comfort, and control

πŸ‘ The special material make it stability

  • Cons

πŸ‘Ž No choice for color or size

πŸ‘Ž Little pricey

7. HEAD Synthetic Gut PPS Multifilament Tennis Racket Strings

You are using HEAD tennis racquet, and you don’t want to change other brand’s string. Please spend a minute for this product because you will love it for the first time seeing.

This product is born out of revolutionizing how we play tennis. It is for the intermediate player who wishes to have a solid multifilament string, and this string perfectly provides power, control, and comfort. Moreover, it is made from a solid nylon core wrapped by thicker multifilaments. Especially, the powerstrip technology design that a polyamide wrapped around the solid inner core to provide more resilience and increase the speed with every shot.

  • Pros

πŸ‘ HEAD brand make this string more reliable

πŸ‘ Suit for the intermediate player

πŸ‘ Resilience and speed hit

  • Cons

πŸ‘Ž Not many sizes and colors to choose

8. OEHMS Black Pearl Rough | Grooved Co-Poly Tennis-Strings

You will be surprised if you try this one because it is special designed which makes you have a real tennis match.

There are a lot of things that you can explore from this kind of string. Firstly, the innovative shape that is eight internal grooves creates a rough surface which makes your spin last longer. Secondly, this product is especially perfect for athletic players who looking for an explosive but precise spin. The final thing is the materials it’s made of is co-polyester and is an innovative, high-tech monofilament which made in Germany.

  • Pros

πŸ‘ Last spin longer

πŸ‘ Explosive and precise spin

πŸ‘ Innovative, high-tech monofilament

  • Cons

πŸ‘Ž Only one color

9. TOURNA Premium Poly Durable Tennis Strings

Have you ever seen TOURNA brand in tennis court or somewhere when you are playing tennis? TOURNA is one of the famous brand that releases many great product for tennis.

This string is designed for the tennis player who wants to play heavy topspin. It is constructed for excellent durability and control which makes you feel great. This string also allows you to take huge swings at the ball and support for power shot or spin. This string type is 16 G – 18 G, and it is made in Germany with advanced polyester materials.

  • Pros

πŸ‘ TOURNA brand makes it reliable

πŸ‘ Heavy topspin play

πŸ‘ Great durability and control

  • Cons

πŸ‘Ž No choice of color

How to choose suitable tennis strings?

Make sure that you choose the strings that have the stats you want. Now I will list out some basic things you should pay attention to buying the suitable strings.


The size of the gauge is one of the most vital elements that affect your hit in tennis. Most of the products in the market are from 15 G to 18 G size. If you choose thin strings, it is easily broken, but if you choose thick strings, it will be hard to play. So, the best advice is that the best is based on your force of hands. By the way, if you don’t know what size to start, just play 17 G.


If you take a look in the market, there are a lot of shapes of strings such as octagonal, circle, or even twisted. What you should do is looking at the description to know the function it has and purchasing the suitable one.


The third thing you have to consider when you buy tennis strings is the material it is made of. Like what I write a list of strings above, you can see many kinds of material, and each of them has its own advantage. In the market, most product is made of co-polyester for the cheap price, but if you want the special strings, just check out another one to find out the best for you.


Having suitable tennis strings is very important because it is an element that affects every hit you make in tennis. If you are serious about playing tennis, don’t be thrifty to buy other strings to replace the old one. You will realize that your choice is right when you have a great tennis experience by replacing your old strings.



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