Top 6 Best UFC Boxing Gloves

Boxing today is a popular sport because it helps to exercise health, enhance the body’s flexibility and responsiveness, rapid weight loss while reducing stress … However boxing is a highly competitive sport and mainly uses hands. Therefore, when practicing requires an athlete or a practitioner to wear boxing gloves. A pair of gloves from the UFC brand is a good choice for beginners. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a mixed martial arts entertainment (MMA) company. It is the largest MMA promotion company in the world and has some of the highest level boxers in the sport on its list.

List of 6 Best UFC Boxing Gloves

1. UFC MMA Boxing Gloves

The first pair of gloves Gondeee introduced to you was UFC MMA Boxing Gloves. With the main color tone is gray – black, expressing personality and decisiveness in each punch.

Outstanding features:

– Flomation palm will give you a feeling of comfort and confidence.
– Equipped with cushioned grip bar to reduce force.
– Providing maximum breathability and increasing comfort.

2. UFC Official Fight Gloves

The second pair of gloves on the list of 6 best gloves of UFC is the UFC Official Fight Glove. With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, this is a product made for men and women with different sizes. Equipped with a comfortable protective gel in the knuckle area, helping your hand fit and securely, helping to protect your wrist. High quality leather material helps absorb sweat and is used for a long time.

3.UFC 5oz MMA Gloves


In 3rd place, these fingerless gloves will be the new choice for you. With 4 colors blue, black, pink and white and many different sizes for your hands. The open palm design will be suitable for operation. The finger compartment is soft and the product is made of high quality leather for durability and good absorption. You will feel very real and comfortable

4. UFC MMA Gloves


Another glove from the UFC that Gondeee suggests to you. With gray blue and black, you will be extremely personality and stand out when playing and training. The finger area is designed with molded foam, and the easy open palm design makes it comfortable for you to operate. The sturdy, adjustable strap keeps your wrists secure and snugly.

5. UFC Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

MuayThai gloves with enhanced endurance and strength to help focus combat force in your hands. The foam layers of the gloves protect your hands from strong punches, and easily deliver powerful punches to the opponent. The wrist is protected and you can adjust it any way you like.

– Breathable mesh palm for cooler wear.
– Rigid hook-loop closure for a more secure fit.
– Soft and tear-resistant synthetic leather
– Pre-curved design ensures proper form.
– Reinforced stitching enhances durability.
-High-impact absorbing sponge

6. UFC Open Palm MMA Training Gloves

The UFC Open Palm MMA training glove is a highly regarded pair of gloves. With 2 colors blue and pink suitable for men and women. You can choose the right size for you. Still the open palm design feels comfortable and sweat-free like other products from this brand, perfect for when you hit out powerful punches. Made from high quality synthetic leather, good sweat absorbent and long-lasting use


UFC is a brand known for its products for beginners to experience boxing as well as professional masters. Gondeee has selected 6 products most like the best 6 gloves from the UFC brand. Hope to partly help you choose the right gloves. Besides, remember to practice persistently! Good luck!


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