Top 3 Best Vector Boxing Gloves & Buying Guide

This is definitely the most indispensable and important boxing equipment. You will not be able to start practicing unless you buy yourself a pair of boxing gloves. They are the most important protection for your hands. Moreover, thanks to the gloves, your punches will be a lot more powerful. Get your hands on our range of quality gloves from big brands at Gondeee. Whether you’re a beginner, amateur or a pro, you’ll find the right pair of boxing gloves from VECTOR. Here is Top 3 Best Vector Boxing Gloves & Buying Guide.

List of 3 Best Vector Boxing Gloves

1. Vector Sports Boxing Gloves for Men Women, Maya Hide Leather Hand Crafted Pro Style for Kickboxing Sparring Heavy Bag Training – Color Golden Pink Green Red – Size 8 10 12 14 16 OZ

These handcrafted boxing gloves have gel integrated padding by Vec-Tech design, featuring multi-density gel integrated foam to provide you optimum shock absorption and comfort. Scientifically engineered design helps to protect small joints, bones, muscles, and tendons in your hands from potential injuries caused by the impact of hard punches. Make sure you have no more sweaty palms during training as our Boxing Gloves by having ventilated mesh design on the palm area which provides ideal breathability to keep your hands dry and reduce odor. Boxing Gloves have RAPID-EZ Velcro closure which provides secure fit and wrist support, enables to get the gloves on and off in seconds.

General Size Guide:

  • 8-10 oz gloves: Person under 100lbs
  • 10-12 oz gloves: Person between 100lbs-125lbs (common sizes for women)
  • 12-14 oz gloves: Person between 125lbs-150lbs
  • 14-16 oz gloves: Person between 150lbs-180lbs
  • 16 oz gloves: Person over 180lbs

2. Vector Sports Kids Boxing Kickboxing Children MMA Sparring Gear Junior Heavy Bag Training Gloves 4-6OZ Maya Hide Leather Hand Crafted Pro Style

Do not forget to buy a pair of boxing gloves for children. These youth training gloves by Vector Sport are suitable for children boxing, kids Muay Thai, kickboxing, youth heavy bag training, sparring, mitt work or fitness class and are ideal from beginners to advanced users.

  • MADE OF HIGH-QUALITY MAYA HIDE LEATHER – which delivers greater durability and performance in boxing training
  • DESIGNED TO CONFORM TO THE NATURAL SHAPE OF YOUR FIST – therefore it promotes proper punching technique and prevents injuries while training
  • VENTILATED MESH DESIGN – provides ideal breathability on the palm area, keeps your hands dry and reduces odor

3. Vector Sports Maya Hide Leather Hybrid Sparring Grappling Boxing Muay Thai Punching Bag Training UFC MMA 7oz Gloves Galvarino Series – S/M/L/XL

Our unique Hybrid design by Vector Sports makes these training gloves an all-rounder glove – one of the most versatile gloves in the market. Because of Hybrid design, a seamless transition between sparring, grappling and any type of bag work without changing your training gloves is possible. These training gloves are designed ergonomically: These gloves conform to the natural shape of your hands promoting proper punching technique and preventing injuries. It promotes proper punching technique and prevents injuries.

How to choose the best glove for yourself?

Boxing gloves have long been no longer called auxiliary tools, but it is an indispensable tool of boxing practitioners. Boxing gloves appeared from the 1730s with the purpose of protecting hands from injuries when punching and blocking the blow in the fighting. Boxing gloves must be equipped in competition and since it appeared, many rules of boxing in sports have been established. So, if you want to practice this martial art, you need to buy yourself a pair of suitable gloves.

How many boxing gloves are there?

In order to give instructions on choosing the right boxing gloves, it is necessary to answer the above questions thoroughly. Based on the purpose of boxing practice, you can divide boxing gloves into

Boxing gloves for training: This type of glove has moderate foam density, meaning that it is neither too hard nor too soft, for novice boxing trainer. The design and materials may differ slightly for each specific brand’s gloves, but basically foam is both essential to help newbies protect themselves and their opponents when practicing resistance. These gloves can be used for a variety of exercises and purposes.

Training gloves: This is a type of glove that is designed with soft foam for special training. It works to reduce the pressure of the punch on the partner and significantly reduces the force acting back when you hit the punch at the collision with the opponent. The drawback of this glove is that it is only used for scrims, and because of the soft foam structure, it quickly collapses and tears after a period of use.

Sandbag punching gloves: This is a standard glove of design and ability to protect hands during boxing training. It has a thick and durable foam layer, which protects the joints of the hand muscles strongly when impacting the sandbag during training. Exercising with gloves of this type also helps to increase arm strength clearly. However, when you are new to sandbag punching gloves, you will find it heavy and difficult to control the punch as you like.

Amateur boxing training gloves: This is a glove that selects size according to the bodyweight of the practitioner. You can refer to 10oz and 12oz, which are the two types that many people choose the most.

Boxing gloves for professional competition: this type of glove has the thinnest layer of foam design, so when the boxer will be stronger and more powerful. Professional boxing gloves will reduce the ability to protect opponents, as well as increase the damage for the boxers themselves. With this type of glove, only professional boxers with good technique and dodging will know how to reduce injury to themselves. Note: When competing in lightweight and semi-medium, 8oz gloves are the best fit, and heavyweight you can choose 10oz gloves.


What is the right pair of boxing gloves for you?

It is a good pair of gloves designed to feel comfortable when wearing and practicing boxing. Make sure that the gloves fit the wrist and fingers so that the punch works best. Finally, consider the style and color of gloves.


Should you choose boxing gloves according to size?

Boxing gloves should be selected according to the purpose and weight of the gloves. When entering the practice, you will be instructed by the coach to choose the right boxing gloves. Normally, the weight of the glove and the trainer’s body will be proportional. Therefore, do not choose gloves too heavy or too light. Suggestions for you are as follows: For training purposes, you can choose 12-16oz type boxing gloves For sandboxing purposes you can choose 14-16oz type boxing gloves


Some points to note in this boxing gloves guide will definitely help you choose the best pair of boxing gloves for your training needs. If you are looking to buy a pair of boxing gloves to practice or compete, you will surely be confused between thousands of products sold online and at the store. Which pair of boxing gloves are right for you? To answer that question, you should spend a little time referencing Gondeee‘s article on choosing boxing gloves today.



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