Top 5 Best WINNING Boxing Gloves & Buying Guide

Boxing practice is a hard and serious process. Boxing is a discipline that is present in most gyms and is particularly loved by practitioners. As a strong personality discipline but boxing is practiced by both men and women. 

Boxing practice gives you a lot of benefits, stronger, toned muscles, the ability to keep balance, react faster and these are only achieved when you work hard. However, besides the skill requirements, you also need to equip yourself with a pair of good boxing gloves to fight. Here are 5 gloves from the Winning brand that we want to mention. Besides the tips to guide you to choose the best boxing gloves for yourself.

Assessment of the best WINNING boxing gloves

“You want to win? Let’s choose WINNING boxing gloves!” It’s a joke that everybody makes when they use this brand. They also made a lot of assessments that can help you in choosing a suitable product. Therefore, let’s check them to understand how good WINNING boxing gloves are.


Number 1: The design

If you take a look at the designs below, you will realize they are very simple. WINNING doesn’t pay much attention to the design, so they keep it in the basic, with no decoration, only color, and logo. However, it’s also their advantage because it is easy to mix with other clothes. For example, the white color can be used to mix with various colors to make your image impressive.

Number 2: The quality

WINNING is famous for the quality they provide. If you use it, you can get a comfortable feeling that other brands can not provide. Moreover, it is said that WINNING brings to you a motivation that just uses it one time, you will not refuse to use it.

Number 3: The reputation

WINNING reputation is all over the world. You can easily hear their name by talking with other people about the famous boxing gloves. The reputation provides honor and confidence in the process of training or the match.

WINNING will never let you down, we think so. However, they have a lot of products, so if you are looking for the best WINNING boxing gloves, let’s check our list below. We investigate in the Internet to make it, so they are all the products having the best comments and rates by people who purchased and tested.

List of 5 Best WINNING Boxing Gloves

1. Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz (MS600)

Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz MS600 is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on and this is the first item we highly recommend from the Winning brand. This product is available in 11 different colors and it is handcrafted in Japan. These gloves are made of best high-quality leather so, they are durable and they can stay cool and dry. 

2. Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz (MS600B)

These gloves are in stock and ready to be shipped. You will really love the inner liner of item because it makes drying and does not retain sweat like other gloves. The quality is greatly appreciated with the fit and the affordable price. Having 10 different colors for you, including blue, black, dark pink, gold, red, white, red&white, blue&white, black&dark green, black&white. It is rated 4.7/5 on

3. Winning Training Boxing Gloves 14oz (MS500B)

Winning Training Boxing Gloves 14oz (MS500B) is worth the money and suitable for training boxers. These gloves will provide the superior comfort, the shock absorption and well made to last. We think they will be exceeded your expectations. These gloves prevent you from the knuckle pain.

4. WINNING Professional Boxing Gloves 8oz (MS200)

WINNING Professional Boxing Gloves 8oz (MS200) is the top-notch quality gloves that you must have. They will form fit your hands and your hands will not move or shift in the gloves when you punch. These gloves feel very fast for you during training. The item is made of durable and soft leather!

5. WINNING Training Boxing Gloves 12oz (MS400)

WINNING Training Boxing Gloves 12oz (MS400) is really the holy grail of gloves. They are manufactured and handcrafted in Japan. Definitely worth the money.The padding has been designed to absorb the impact to not hurt your knuckle.

  • Winning® Professional Boxing Gloves, MS-400, 12oz, Lace-up Design, Black.
  • Handcrafted in Japan.
  • Best quality leather.
  • Anti-thumbing stopper.

How to choose the best boxing gloves?

What if you chose the wrong size boxing gloves?

The wrong size means you accidentally bought a pair of boxing gloves that are too tight or too wide for your hands.

Apart from the type of gloves for teenagers (size 6oz), adult boxing gloves have basic sizes corresponding to the following training purposes:

– 8oz – 10oz: Size gloves used in boxing competition.

– 12oz: Gloves suitable for most women (or men with small and medium hands).

– 14oz: Size gloves suitable for sparring or general training.

– 16oz: Size gloves equipped in the gym, to practice fists with sandbags.

Manufacturers of boxing gloves usually have 3 sizes: S, M, L. In general, the basic size of boxing gloves has the corresponding number of oz: S (12oz), M (14oz), L (16oz). However, there are still cases with the same number of oz but there are still 3 sizes such as 12oz S, 12oz M, 12 oz L, which makes it difficult for practitioners to choose to buy. But you are assured because the coaches at the center will advise newbies on how to choose the right boxing gloves size.


Choose sizes according to body weight and exercise purpose:

  • For ordinary trainees: Under 45kg (small size 6-8oz), 45 – 70kg (normal size S / M: 10 -12oz), 70 – 80 kg (large size 14oz), over 80kg (large size 16- 18oz).
  • For trainer and trainer: Teenager (small size glove 8-12oz), 45 – 70kg (12 -14oz), 70 – 80 kg (large size 14-16oz), over 80kg (large size 16-18oz ).
  • For professional boxers: Under 45kg (8oz), over 45kg (10oz).
  • For amateur boxing boxers: Depending on the level and boxing competition requirements, the boxer selects 10-16oz gloves).

Choose sizes according to hand size:

The most common way of many novice boxers is to choose the right gloves by measuring their hand size. But it is important to measure the method of taking the index across the hand just below the knuckle and on the palm.


Besides, you need to choose good quality gloves and make sure your hands are dry, clean during use.


Finding a pair of boxing gloves will not be difficult when you follow our instructions. Gondeee had the opportunity to experience the products that Winning brought to the market and felt the need to make a list of the best boxing gloves for you who love this sport and love the Winning brand. If you feel which product is better, please comment on this post and everyone knows!

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