Top 10 Best Xeno Softball Bats (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Louisville Slugger is really familiar with softball players as well as other sports.

It is one of the greatest company that knows what customers need. The best thing about Slugger Softball Bats is the custom design and features. In many series of this brand, Gondeee chooses The Xeno Series is the list that we highly recommend. We have reviewed 10 of the Best Xeno Softball Bats from Slugger.

List of 10 Best Xeno Softball Bats

1. Louisville Slugger Xeno X20 (-11, -10, -9, -8) Fastpitch Bat Series

Louisville Slugger Xeno X20 (-11, -10, -9, -8) Fastpitch Bat Series is the first must-have item for you with 4 sizes of drop weight. Full composite with patented dual disk barrel Tech and two-piece design, the bat provides the high-performance and more solid feel for players. The end-cap design is equiped with ultra-lightweight X-cap for more speed and control at the plate.

2. Louisville Slugger 2019 Xeno X19 (-10) Fastpitch Bat




Louisville Slugger has sold north of 100 million bats – making it, without question, the most popular bat brand in history.


  • Patented S1ID Barrel Tech: provides maximum pop on contact
  • IST XSTIFF Tech: two-piece construction gives you more energy transfer you feel
  • Ultra-lightweight X-cap Design: durability and improvement of swing speed.
  • Synthetic comfort grip
  • Handle diameter: 7/8” standard

3. Louisville Slugger 2018 Xeno -10 Fast Pitch Bat




  • The VCX Tech: independent movement of the barrel and handle
  • The bat can control the vibration and unmatched feel on contact.
  • LS Pro Comfort Grip
  • Ultra-Balanced swing weight: easily control and maximum speed.
  • Ultra-lightweight X-cap design: improve swing speed and have more sweet spot
  • It’s rated 4.6/5 on

4. Louisville Xeno Fastpitch BAT -11



Louisville Xeno Fastpitch BAT -11 is a 2-piece construction bat. It was created with performance PLUS Composite with no friction double wall design. The IS and S1ID Tech provides the flexibility and durability for the bat.  You can see and hear right out of the wrapper! It is rated 4.5/5 on

5. Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus 17 (-10) Fast Pitch Softball Bat



This is a good entry level slow pitch bat from Louisville Slugger for softball players. This bat is made with Aluminum and let’s have a look at the features.

  • Performance Plus composite is lighter and more durable
  • The barrel is great and flexible
  • Zero friction double wall design for maximum barrel flex
  • It’s a certified bat by USSSA

6. Louisville Slugger 2018 Xeno -11 Fast Pitch Bat


  • 100% composite design
  • Patented S1ID Barrel Technology
  • Balanced swing weight
  • New ultra-light weight x-cap
  • Patented its 2-piece technology
  • IST XSTIFF Tech: siffer feel for more energy

7. Louisville Slugger 2014 Xeno FPXN14 Softball Bat (-10)

Louisville Slugger 2018 Xeno -11 Fast Pitch Bat is available in 3 sizes, including 29”/18oz; 30”/19oz; 31”/20oz.

The product features:

  • S1ID Barrel Tech: provides maximum pop on contact.
  • IST XSTIFF Tech: 2-piece construction bat with stiffer feel
  • New Ultra-lightweight X-Cap: better durability

8. Louisville Slugger Xeno Platinum LE Fastpitch Bat (-10) WTLFPXNW8A10

This is one of the nice reliable bat from Slugger softball bats. 


  • Drop weight: (-10)
  • Barrel Diameter: 1/4”
  • 2-piece construction and 100% composite design
  • Patented S1ID Barrel Tech and IST 2-piece Tech
  • Approved for play in many asocciations.

9. New Louisville Xeno WTLFPXN18A11 31/20 Fastpitch Softball Bat 2 1/4 White -11

New Louisville Xeno WTLFPXN18A11 31/20 Fastpitch Softball Bat 2 1/4 White -11 features a standard 2-1/4” barrel diameter. This bat is created with two pieces and a lightweight (-11) length to weight ratio. The bat was launched in 2018.

10. Louisville Slugger 2012 TPS FP12X (-10) Xeno Fastpitch Softball Bat



It’s a great bat for high school, college, adult senior league and minor league professional baseball players.

  • LS-2X Composite
  • Barrel diameter: 2-1/4”
  • iST Inner Socket Technology
  • Swing 1 – S1iD barrel tech
  • Synthetic grip 


Louisville Slugger ball players get the best of nearly 130-plus years of innovation in bats, gloves, and gear. Every piece of Louisville Slugger equipment is designed and crafted to help them step to the plate with confidence. Hopefully the list of the 10 best softball Xeno bats will help you.

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