DeMarini 2014 CF6 Fastpitch Softball Bat (-11) Review

This is one of best fastpitch softball bats any parent should buy their children to boost their performance and to motivate them to be a professional someday.

The DeMarini CF6 is a wonderful bat for a talented kid who is in love with softball. It’s made from composite material, which gives the bat more stability and the child more confidence.

Children usually play with aluminum common bats in the first years, to get used with the bat and the grip. They have to learn what it means to make the bat the extent of their body and they need to learn how to hit the ball with the sweet spot of the bat.

An aluminum bat can help them learn all that but the road to performance is opened by a bat like DeMarini 2014 CF6 Fastpitch Softball Bat.

Just think about this: if you choose the right fastpitch sfotball bat now, you might have a softball champion in your family someday. Even if this is not the case, you will be able to offer your child the chance to be better at a game he or she loves.

The bat takes off the need to hit the ball really hard because it has an amazing pop allowing the children to concentrate more on how they hit the ball.

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Advantages of using the DeMarini CF6

  • Perfect to boost a child’s game – if your kid is going from aluminum to composite this is the bat for the passage. It’s easy to hold in your hands and the grip is fantastic.
  • Offers more kick to the hit – composite bats usually do this. They have elastic properties more advanced than the aluminum ones and they add a big part to the kick power. If you hit that ball just right, it will fly!
  • Perfect swing – the bat is perfectly balanced which allows you to take some of your best swings. With a bat that’s heavier on top your swing will be interrupted by the uneven weight. With the DeMarini your swings will enter the history
  • Easy to hit the sweet spot – it has a large sweet spot which makes it a favorite amongst beginners. It’s hard to start with a bat that won’t give you that extra help. The DeMarini was created to help you improve your game.

Pros and cons

People that acquired this bat left their impressions and along that, pros and cons of buying this bat. Here is the list of some pro features that may convince you the bat is the best and some cons that will show you that misuse will not be tolerated by this bat.


  • Puts a good kick in the hit (the flexibility of the composite materials give it a great pop) allowing the kid to concentrate more on the game and less on the force of the swing
  • Large sweet spot (so any child could hit the ball) – helps at increasing confidence in the bat and in its own talent which leads to a better game
  • Good to improve your child’s performance – by offering a confidence boost your kid’s game will improve quickly
  • The price is great for this type of bat. The bat comes with some unique qualities which are priceless for a young softball player
  • Well balanced – the weight is evenly distributed so it doesn’t cause any swing problems


  • Not so resistant – some people complained that the bat cracked during the game. But to be fair it was used in a 14U game, where players put more force in the hit
  • Not recommended for 14U. It doesn’t resist to that much force.
  • It may lose its pop a bit faster than other bats – there were complaints that the bat doesn’t send the ball as far after a few months of usage but there might be other causes for that.

How to Use it

For a softball player it’s pretty clear how to use a softball bat so we’re not going to dive into this aspect. We are going to talk about how to use it in order to be more durable.

  • Some kids use it just on field and practice with their old bats just to save some of this bat’s life duration. This could be a great advice if you want the bat to resist longer.
  • Also it’s not advised to use this bat with children older than the 12U. Older kids have more power in the kick and they might damage the bat. It was not built to resist at this type of games.
  • The bat can be used directly from the wrapper, it doesn’t need any “get used to it” time. Just bring it home and give it to your kid. You’ll see how great it fits hid hands.
  • Also, because it’s a bat for younger players it will not be used for a very long period of time. Your kid grows up fast and in a few years the bat will be too short for him or her. When this happens do not hesitate to put the DeMarini aside and buy a new bat. A short bat will never help your kid be a champion.

Should You buy this Bat?

DeMarini CF6 Fastpitch Softball Bat ReviewThe bat is perfect for young, passionate softball players that want to improve their game. It’s perfect for kids in 10U to 12U that show talent and passion for this amazing game and want to take their game up to another level.

Any parent should know when it’s time for their kid to change the normal, aluminum bats with a composite one, like DeMarini 2014 CF6. Goes perfect on field and it will give a young player the advantage of a stronger, greater hit.


The DeMarini CF6 bat is great for a young player. If your kid is complaining about his old bat at practice then it’s time to start thinking about buying him or her a new bat. You will definitely see the advantages as soon as your kid starts playing with it. Stronger kicks, better hits than ever! This bat was created to help young players improve their game and move to the next level of softball playing.

It fits great in the hands of a small girl which makes it the ideal bat for children. It is greatly balanced and gives anyone who tries it a good chance of hitting the ball. It is forgiving due to its large sweet spot and your swing doesn’t have to be perfect in order to hit the ball. You can actually learn how to concentrate on the ball better, now that your swing force is not such a big problem anymore.

Our main conclusion is that the DeMarini 2014 CF6 Fastpitch Softball Bat is a great bat for your kids at an amazing price. It brings some amazing features in your children’s life, features that you can’t put a price on.

We recommend this bat for anyone showing talent and passion for softball from a young age. This is the time to have the bat that will stay with you for the rest of your life and be the memory of your first great hits. Even a few great players recognized that this type of bat was what helped them become who they are now.