How Long Is A Rugby Game?

Every Rugby beginner often finds it hard to follow game rules because of its complication, mainly about game duration. However, when they understand all the principles, including mechanism and time, they can comfortably play without violating Rugby rules. 

How Long Is A Rugby Game
How Long Is A Rugby Game

Therefore, before answering the question “How long is a Rugby game?” we will figure out the rules of this fantastic sport.

Rugby Rules

There are two teams on the course and each only scores when their team players place the Rugby ball in the opponent area behind a goal line. It is acceptable to count score whenever a Rugby ball in this part, and there is no other rule for scoring. 

The levels of scoring are below:

  • If your team can let the ball in the “touchdown” area and place it behind the goal line, you will get 6 points. After that, every ball kick from the distance of 3 yards will count one more point, or every touchdown more from the distance of 3 yards will be counted as 2 points.
  • There is also a penalty kick, and every successful one will help your team get 3 points when the Rugby ball flies through two vertical poles, but it needs to be higher than the crossbar. 

Every player will have a chance to attack and defend. There are four times to attack and let the ball reach a 10-yard distance. If your team cannot get any point from the attack, the opponent becomes an attacker. Every change of the attack turns, and all two teams will leave the course, and the substitution will happen. The team that loses Rugby ball will change all the players from an attacker to defender. In contrast, the team that has to defend before will use the attacker formation. 

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Time For A Game

After understanding all the rules, we should know how long a Rugby game is. 

Basically, every game lasts 60 minutes. Time is distributed to 4 rounds, except the dead time (the Rugby ball is out of the course). Therefore, sometimes the total of a Rugby game, meaning real-time players’ play, is up to 180 minutes. 


The duration of a Rugby game depends on many factors, and ball-is-out is just one of them. However, understanding the real-time will help you improve your endurance to suit Rugby requirements. Especially for any player who wants to compete officially, it is necessary to justify the game rhythm’s strength.