How long is a Rugby match?

Surely we are no stranger to rugby. This is the most favorite sport in America. But there are many people who are wondering about somethings related to rugby such as: time of game, rules of the game, or injuries of players, …. Let’s go into detail about this issue.

How long is a rugby match?

  • Each match is 60 minutes long. Divided into 4 rounds. The time of the game is counted minus the dead time, also known as the ball out of play. Therefore, sometimes the total playing time on the field is up to 180 minutes.

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Why do Americans prefer football over all other sports?

  • Rugby is one of the most commercially valuable leagues in the world. The most popular is the National Rugby League (NFL). An NFL season runs from September of one year to February of the following year. At this time, most American families go to watch football at the stadium. If they can’t go to the stadium to watch, they will definitely watch it on TV at home. It can be said that this is an indispensable part of American life. This is also one of the reasons why Americans love football so much.
  • Among football tournaments, the Super Bowl has been the most watched football tournament in the US for many years. More than 50% of American families pay attention to this event. The Super Bowl is usually held on the last Sunday of January, or the first Sunday of February. It is also called Super Bowl Sunday. If in the competition, a team has a high ranking, that team will get huge advertising revenue. Before the opening of the Super Cup and during the break, there will be many pop singers and musicians performing, the most important thing is the presidential election and the awards ceremony of major film festivals. This tournament represents the essence and lifestyle of the American people. Therefore, on competition days, every American family considers this day as an unofficial holiday for the family to get together and watch TV together.
  • One more reason to prove that Americans love the sport of rugby. The reason is because rugby helps people feel more social and connected. This greatly affects to  international students and foreigners. Rugby will help them quickly get acquainted and make friends with Americans. American football has great appeal not only because of the game itself but also its social function. Rugby helps attract people after every game. Even if the person does not like sports, they can still attend football games to meet and socialize with friends through parties.
  • American football is a very cohesive sport. This sport at universities is invested a lot in facilities and materials. American students take Rugby very seriously. Therefore, many former students after graduation still keep in touch with the school. Besides that, many former students also want to help the old school and bring resources to that school.

Potential dangers that a rugby game brings

  • Rugby is a highly competitive sport. Because the players have to fight for every space on the field. Therefore, it is quite dangerous. The player’s uniforms include: helmets that cover their heads, armor, protective gear, etc. They look like warriors fighting on the battlefield. These are also the factors prove that danger can come to the player anytime when participating in rugby.
  • According to a statistic, players often suffer from head, shoulder blade and humerus. These collisions cause extensive and long-lasting damage to the brain region (chronic brain injury). According to reports, up to 90% of players after retirement have signs of brain damage.
  • Because of that, US President Barack Obama used to express his opinion about the level of violence in Rugby. He once said that if he had a son, he would definitely have to think long and hard to decide that should he let his son participate in this sport or not. He also has a wish that the sport should be… less violent
  • There are many unlucky people who have died from injuries while playing sports. Rugby is no exception. There are many situation that players have died when they get injuries during matches. Examples: Louis Fajfrowski (21 years old), Adrien Descrulhes (17 years old), Nicolas Chauvin (18 years old) and Nathan Soyeux (23 years old). They all died because of injuries on the field when they were too young. Because of that, about 4,000 players have filed a lawsuit against the NFL due to receiving too many injuries from Rugby.

As you can see, Rugby is a very interesting sport that is loved by many people. But if we do not learn carefully before participating, we are most likely to experience unnecessary injuries. So please do your research carefully before playing any sport.